Pro-Palestinian Rallies Broke Out Across the Globe


  • The war against Hamas terrorists enters a new stage as Israel expands its ground operations after weeks of preparation for what’s expected to be a grueling and protracted battle of urban warfare.
  • As the Israelis cut communications to the Gaza strip, it’s Elon Musk to the rescue as he restores internet service through his Starlink satellite service.
  • Large crowds rally for a third straight weekend as cities around the world go all in for anti-Semitism and Jew hatred.
  • The one-time sanctuary city of New York is now offering free one-way airplane tickets to illegal aliens to convince them to leave the city and become somebody else’s problem. Anywhere but New York, the mayor says.
  • Mike Pence drops out of the race for president and we’ll explore the reasons why his candidacy never got off the ground.
  • And the City of Montreal is set to ban natural gas, oil and propane for heating and cooking in all newly constructed buildings by the end of 2024. 

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Israel’s defense minister announced on Saturday that the war against Hamas has entered a new stage following expanded ground operations that were launched against Gaza beginning on Friday night into Saturday.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said in televised remarks that the Israeli Defense Forces had expanded ground operations against Gaza by sending in tanks and infantry backed by large strikes from the air and sea, according to The Associated Press. However, an IDF spokesperson told ABC News on Friday that the expanded ground operations were not the anticipated full-on military invasion of Gaza.

“We moved to the next stage in the war,” Gallant said. “Last evening, the ground shook in Gaza. We attacked above ground and underground…The instructions to the forces are clear. The campaign will continue until further notice.”

Gallant said on Friday that he anticipated that a ground invasion into Gaza would be difficult, and that the ground invasion would begin soon, according to the AP. “It will take a long time” to destroy Hamas’ wide-ranging network of tunnels, Gallant said.

Gaza residents described Friday’s bombardments as the most intense of the three-week old war, according to the AP. These Israeli strikes knocked out most communications in Gaza, while also targeting several of Hamas’ tunnels and underground bunkers, according to the AP.

The IDF on Saturday released images of Israeli tanks entering open ground in Gaza, which appeared to be near the Israeli-Gaza border. “We are conducting our sweep and clear activities in order to create better conditions for optimal operation conditions on the ground,” IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner told ABC News on Friday.

The Israeli strikes on Friday knocked out internet connections in Gaza and caused the largest outage of the war so far, according to The Washington Post. 


Billionaire Elon Musk said on Saturday he will provide Starlink satellite internet service to humanitarian groups in Hamas-controlled Gaza after Israel cut communications in the Gaza strip as it ramped up attacks in response to the October 7 massacre of Israelis by Palestinians from Gaza. Musk has similarly allowed use of Starlink in Ukraine to allow non-combat communications to help the country after it was invaded by Russia in 2022.

A hashtag campaign, #starlinkforgaza trended on X Friday and Saturday. Musk owns Starlink and also owns X.

He made the commitment on X in response to a post by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was whining about Israel’s cutting of all communications to Gaza from the outside world.


Musk said to Ocasio-Cortez, “Starlink will support connectivity to internationally recognized aid organizations in Gaza.”

Musk said he will also provide Starlink to UN agencies operating in Gaza. “We will support the UN and other internationally recognized aid groups.”



Pro-Palestinian protest rallies turned ugly in London on Saturday as a police officer was hospitalized after being hit on the head with an object and hundreds held a sit-in at Waterloo.

More than 100,000 demonstrators arrived in the capital on Saturday as some let off fireworks and flares. 


Police confirmed that a man was arrested on Whitehall after an officer was struck in the head with an object. Images showed police officers clashing with protesters in the capital as the marches turned violent, including this one in London.


Marches took place in major cities across the UK on Saturday including London, Glasgow, Belfast and Bath for the third week in a row after Israel declared an expansion in its ground operations in response to the bloody attacks by Hamas on October 7.

At the city of London’s Winston Churchill statue, Muslims gathered to chant “Allahu Akbar!” or “Allah is Greatest!”


Others were more aggressive, and can be heard in this video shouting “Slaughter the Jews” in Arabic.


That is chilling to see and hear in a major Western city. They are reaping what they have sown with the millions of Muslims they allowed to emigrate to their country, much the same as the U.S. has done over the past 50 years. It’s all getting ready to blow up in our faces as the true face of Islam and its seething hatred of Jews and Christians comes to the fore.

And, not to be outdone, the Arabs and Muslims in London were happily joined by liberal Jews.

Take a look.


As darkness descended, the crowds became more aggressive.


That last clip was taken outside the historic Westminster Abbey in London, as attendees chanted in Arabic about becoming Islamic martyrs for the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The translated chant is: “By soul and blood, we will sacrifice ourselves for you, oh Aqsa.”


Large crowds also rallied against Israel in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tens of thousands gathered in Istanbul on Saturday for what was touted as the “Great Palestine Meeting.” The event was aimed at condemning Israel’s recent military actions in Gaza, where the terror headquarters of Hamas is located.


As noted by the Gateway Pundit, Hamas terrorists were responsible for a deadly attack that claimed the lives of 1,400 Jews in southern Israel. One must ask the question: What did people expect Israel to do in response? Not retaliate? When an entity like Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, and Israel, engages in violent acts aimed at killing civilians, it is not only Israel’s right but also its obligation to defend its citizens.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have issued an urgent warning to the United Nations and its staff and informed Palestinians living north of Wadi Gaza to evacuate within 24 hours to the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

In a direct message to the residents of Gaza, the Prime Minister said, “Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere.”

However, Hamas terrorists urged Palestinians to ignore the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) urgent evacuation notice for civilians in northern Gaza, labeling it as fake propaganda.

These evil people really wanted the civilians to stay and die. The IDF has stated that Hamas deliberately hides military targets in residential buildings and civilian areas, even using children as human shields.

Hamas understands that it must present itself as the victor and victim in their war against Israel. They want more Palestinians to die to further their cause and their propaganda.

At the Istanbul rally, attendees expressed their outrage over Israel’s military actions but conveniently skipped over Hamas’ initial deadly assault. Nor was there concern for the 220 Jewish hostages being held by Hamas.


The Gateway Pundit reports that the supposed sanctuary city of New York is now offering free one-way airplane tickets to illegal aliens to convince them to leave the city and become somebody else’s problem.

All of that virtue signaling from Mayor Eric Adams went up in smoke pretty quickly.

Axios reported:

New York City has started offering migrants airplane tickets to destinations of their choosing in response to an increase of asylum seekers arriving in the city.

More than 130,600 illegals have arrived in New York City since 2022. Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has warned that the city is running out of space and resources to house them.

  • City officials have recently discussed giving migrants tents and creating encampments in parks, like Central Park and Prospect Park, and other outdoor spaces, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.
  • In recent weeks, the New York City Fire Department has closed multiple shelters for asylum seekers due to fire safety hazards, according to CBS News.

A spokesperson for Adams said on Friday the city has set up a reticketing center where migrants can secure a plane ticket.

Here’s a novel idea. How about flying them back to where they came from?


LifeSite News reports that the City of Montreal is set to ban natural gas, oil and propane for heating and cooking in all newly constructed buildings by the tail-end of 2024. 

On October 27th, Montreal’s executive committee approved a bylaw banning all new buildings constructed with three floors or fewer from having any gas hookups beginning in October 2024 as part of the city’s plan to make its buildings emissions free by the year 2040.  

“The bylaw on GHG emissions from new buildings represents significant progress in our community’s ecological transition,” said Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, according to CBC News.  

Under the new bylaw, gas-powered heating systems, hot water systems and items such as stoves, barbecues, pools and spas will be banned from being installed in new buildings. The bylaw takes effect for buildings up to three stories and 600 square meters in area starting October 1, 2024, and for new, larger buildings, starting April 1, 2025. 

Buildings which have not been granted a permit by the announced deadline will be required to build under the new regulations.  

The ban includes propane, natural gas and heating oil. However, it exempts buildings hooked up to existing urban heating networks as well as industrial buildings.  

The bylaw also provides exemptions to outdoor and temporary heaters for construction, generators, commercial use professional stoves, and outdoor barbecues with propane tanks. However, barbecues connected to a propane network or natural gas will be banned.  

According to Radio-Canada, those who fail to comply with the bylaw can face fines of up to $4,000 per day for repeat offences.   

The bylaw follows recommendations from earlier this year by the city’s water, environment and sustainable development commission. It is also part of Montreal’s 2020-2030 climate plan, which includes a goal of zero-emission buildings by 2040.  

The plan is reportedly inspired by Vancouver and New York City, which are set to enforce similar bans on natural resources.   


After failing to gain momentum in polls and fundraising, former Vice President Mike Pence suspended his long-shot 2024 presidential campaign.

Pence told audience members at an event hosted by The Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on Saturday:

“Traveling across the country over the past six months, I came here to say it’s become clear to me, this is not my time. So after much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to suspend my campaign for president effective today.”


It’s unclear as to why it took Pence six months to figure out that he is extremely unpopular within his own party. Pence never had much of a following and was never seen as very much of a fighter on the issues that matter most to America-first conservatives. He back-stabbed President Trump on January 6 and testified against him before grand juries. He’s spoken in favor of endless aid for Ukraine, stating at a townhall last month that Joe Biden hadn’t sent enough aid or acted timely enough on behalf of that corrupt regime. That placed him firmly in the camp of the neocon globalist warmongers like Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. 


Greg Reese has published a report showing how pediatricians earn $400 for every vaccine injected into children under the age of 2, and the average pediatrician in the United States can earn over $300,000 per year, which is usually more than their salary.

Insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children.

This perverse incentive program for vaccinating babies can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor incentives booklet. It specifies that every patient under the age of 2 who receives the prescribed 24 inoculations is worth a $400 payout to that doctor.

But here’s the catch. Under Blue Cross Blue Shield’s rules, pediatricians lose the whole bonus if they don’t fully vaccinate at least 63 percent of their patients.

The average American pediatrician has about 1,500 patients and would have to vaccinate 945 of them to get paid. At $40,000 for every 100 patients vaccinated, this works out to $360,000 a year.

This is why most pediatricians won’t provide care for families who don’t completely submit to the latest childhood vaccine schedule protocol issued by the CDC. 

Not only is this an incentive for pediatricians to kick families out of their practice who do not agree to the full CDC childhood vaccination schedule, it is a major incentive to inject babies and toddlers with as many vaccines as possible during an office visit, which greatly increases their risk of death and injuries. 

Reese also posted a video showing how doctors and nurses in Brazil have started using virtual reality head gear to reduce fear and anxiety in children as they are injected with these toxic shots.

Here’s how it works.


I have two words for that, my friends: pure evil. 


Breitbart News reports that a rarely-seen exploding “devil comet” over three times the size of Mount Everest will light up Earth’s skies come April, but scientists are saying not to worry.


The comet, known as 12P/Pons-Brooks in the scientific community, is one of only a few in orbit with an active ice volcano, Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association said. The devil nickname was coined in July, when astronomers spotted “horns” around its nucleus.

Miles told astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips at Space Weather:

“The two horns may be caused by a peculiarly-shaped cryovolcanic vent with some sort of blockage causing material to be expelled with a weird flow pattern.” 

Others compared 12P to the Millennium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars. 

The comet, which had an eruption in July for the first time in 69 years, has been measured at 18.6 miles in diameter, the size of a small city. For reference, Mount Everest is about five and a half miles tall.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

With war drums beating for World War III in Ukraine and the Middle East, China threatening to attack Taiwan, and Joe Biden talking tough in the White House as though the U.S. has the capability to fight a multi-front war, a new syndrome is sweeping America.

It’s called draft phobia.

And at the top of the list of those who are affected by this syndrome is Generation Z.

Take a look at this young man. He’s not necessarily against any of the causes being fought for, he’s just plain unfit for duty and he knows it.

WATCH VIDEO (beware one cuss word, “shit”)

TikTok is full of those types of monologues pushing back against any draft dreams that Biden and his handlers might be entertaining.

Gen Z’rs have taken to social media in droves to proclaim they are not capable of fighting in a war and simply will not comply with any draft notices the Washington swamp sends their way. It’s quite entertaining to view some of the videos they’re making, most of which we cannot play here due to the language used. They’re not particularly polite towards the powers that be. 

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, notes: “Remember when these same young people demanded more gay and trans representation in the military? Well, now they’ve changed their minds – they are far too gay and weak to go into combat and want 2nd Amendment conservatives to fight instead.”

And that would be a most convenient and expedient way to change America forever, wouldn’t it? 

Just ship all the conservative, patriotic men to the front lines of World War III, leaving nothing here to protect America but the weak, the gay, the illegal aliens and the unpatriotic.

Please pray for our country. Unless there’s divine intervention, America is in big trouble.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…


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