Officials Tried To Cover Up The Illegal Biolab Discovered in California

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  • The nation of Jordan, long thought to be one of the world’s more “moderate” Muslim states, is using advanced AI technology to crack down on what little free speech existed in the country.
  • The death toll in the Maui fires has more than tripled from original estimates.
  • The federal government pressured Fresno County, California, to bury information about that rogue biolab discovered last month.
  • Illegal border crossings for the month of July were the second highest on record.
  • And a Minneapolis art exhibit goes all-in for Satan.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Leading off tonight, we have shocking news out of Minnesota.

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has come under heavy scrutiny lately after the public venue held a “playful demon summoning session” for families and children, topped off by a performance called “Lilit the Empathic Demon.”

The description of the event reads:

“At August Free First Saturday, Brooklyn-based artist Tamar Ettun (she/they) will present Lilit the Empathic Demon. The performance is inspired by Lilit, an aerial spirit demon with origins in Sumerian, Akkadian, and Judaic mythology. Families are invited to create a vessel to trap the demon that knows them best—perhaps the ‘demon of overthinking’—and then participate in a playful ceremony to summon and befriend their demon.”

This project was organized in collaboration with Dreamsong, which also hosted a conversation between the artist and writer Elisabeth Workman on August 4th.

On a separate page Tamar Ettun shows some of her works on display at the art museum, explaining the ancient practice of creating “demon traps” – which she would later teach families and children how to do.

The description reads:

“In medical-magical traditions from the 2nd-7th century, Lilit appeared on incantation bowls, a healing technology used to protect against demons, who were thought to cause illness, pain, and loss. Just as scientific treatment is accepted today, artist-healers of the time would create spells, drawings, and talismanic objects to bind demons. Tamar Ettun revives these rituals by creating demon traps of various scales and materials — clay, iron, textiles, in performance and video — but also proposes a conceptual shift, told from Lilit’s perspective as the healer. The exhibition parts with the historical gender binarism that associates Lilith’s archetype with unchecked violence and manipulation; here, Lilit mediates the inner demons and renegade instincts that are deliberately silenced.” 

The description further states that:

“Asking us to consider whose stories, memories, and experiences are occluded in the process of demonization, How to Trap A Demon builds on the artist’s research into the insidious side of empathy, empathy fatigue, trauma-healing modalities, and astrology as storytelling.”

Ettun also has a video of her performing a ritual that portrays a worship ceremony to the demons she attempts to summon.


The nation of Jordan’s Senatorial body endorsed a proposal to pass a new cybercrime law on August 6th that criminalize certain forms of online speech. King Abdullah of Jordan then officially signed off on it the following weekend.

According to Roya News, a Jordanian news outlet, some of the details of the new cybercrime law include revisions made to existing law, calling for penalties that include imprisonment, fines, or a combination of both for anyone caught reporting “false news” online.

Article 15 of the law now reads as follows:

(A) Individuals intentionally propagating false news will face a minimum of three months’ imprisonment, a fine ranging from JD 5,000 to JD 20,000, or both penalties.

(B) Offenses outlined in Paragraph (A) will be subject to prosecution by the Public Prosecution, eliminating the necessity of filing a complaint or asserting a personal claim, especially if the false news concerns a state authority, official entity, or public administration.

Amidst these changes, Article 17 has also been ratified. Following its modification, this article now dictates that intentional utilization of the internet to disseminate content aiming to incite conflict or undermine “national unity” will incur a sentence of 1-3 years’ imprisonment, a fine ranging from JD 5,000 to JD 20,000, or both penalties.

A week later the Associated Press noted that some of these infractions include speech comments “promoting, instigating, aiding, or inciting immorality,” demonstrating “contempt for religion” or “undermining national unity.” It further chastises individuals who post names or pictures of police officers online, plus outlawing particular methods of maintaining online anonymity.


Locals estimate that the death toll from the Maui fires is at least 480, more than four times the total the media and government authorities are reporting. Why are they trying to hide this? Locals are being forced to conduct their own recovery efforts and were horrified at what they found.


Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, said in a statement on Twitter, now rebranded as X, that locals are being forced to conduct their own recovery efforts and are making horrifying discoveries, often finding charred remains of entire families huddled together. Maui resident Allisen Medina, who spoke with the Daily Mail, said the U.S. government is not doing anything to help. 

She said, “The Government, relief organizations, they're not doing anything. We have the right to know what's going on. FEMA came here to help with the recovery [process] but we don't see them. We're only 100 miles from Oahu which has several military bases. Why is the response so lacking? Why are they doing so little? Why is nothing else being done? Why didn't they turn on the sirens?”

And Biden doesn’t seem to believe he needs to address any of these questions as he continued to enjoy his lavish beach vacations all weekend long.


Officials with Fresno County revealed that the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) told them to keep quiet about the secret illegal biolab discovered in Reedley last March.

A mysterious unsanctioned biolab operating in a warehouse in the city of Reedley, California, was discovered by local authorities in March, but the news didn’t break until last month.

But Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) assistant director Joe Prado says his department was told to keep the bombshell revelation from the public. Remember, these discoveries were made during the spring but we weren’t told anything until July.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:45)

 You heard it. The local officials “wanted to be transparent but their hands were tied.”

And who tied them? The corrupt federal alphabet agencies, the FBI, the CDC, working in cooperation with the corrupt California Department of Public Health.

Instead of being transparent with the public, Fresno County was told to put out the following statement while an investigation was underway.

“CDPH is working with local, state and federal partners, as well as law enforcement authorities, to assess the situation at the warehouse and the department’s food and drug branch has launched an investigation into the manufacturing practices of the unlicensed company that was doing business from that location. This is an ongoing investigation that will take time to resolve and we are therefore unable to share additional details.”

They basically told us nothing about what was going on in that lab, who was doing it, and who, if anyone, would be held accountable.

Remarkably, the California Department of Public Health said in a May 1 email it had instructed Fresno County to revise its statement by not mentioning the address where the biolab was found as well as the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), law enforcement involvement, and specifically assuring residents that no hazardous materials posed a threat to the public.

The warehouse was discovered to have an “unlicensed laboratory full of lab mice, medical waste and hazardous materials,” including samples of dangerous pathogens such as coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, chlamydia, malaria and E. Coli.

The discovery of biological and viral agents at the warehouse led to a multi-agency investigation which included the CDC, the FBI, the State Department of Toxic Substances Control, the State Department of Health and the California Department of Public Health.

Prado said he’d not seen anything like this in his 26 years on the job.

In sum, not only was this illegal lab allowed to operate without any regulatory oversight, but the California Department of Public Health covered up the disturbing find for nearly five months.


In a decision which is expected to radically change the course of the Ukrainian war, War News 24/7 reports that the Russian military is preparing an army of drone operators which will number in the hundreds of thousands.

The Russian military leadership is now preparing the first Army of 25,000 drone operators. By 2030 this number will jump to 180,000 and with them hundreds of thousands of drones of all categories will be produced.

According to the Russians the Geran-2, Lancet and FPV have changed the course of the Ukrainian war. Special mention was made of the Russian Lancet drones which have proven to be extremely effective.

Russian military sources told RIA Novosti, “The Lancets have emerged as a leading anti-aircraft system.”

According to a high-ranking Ukrainian officer, at night, the flight of Russian drones is detected exclusively by a characteristic sound, without visual contact, which makes it extremely difficult to destroy them.

After the start of the Russian invasion, there was a severe shortage of human operators in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in Russia.

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science told RIA Novosti that this issue will be resolved thanks to the training of specialists at various higher educational institutions.

Students will be taught not only to pilot and control drones, but they will train designers, engineers and production personnel.

The department specified that tens of thousands of Russians will receive the required training in this field.


The Biden administration has been hawking sections of Donald Trump's border wall on a government military surplus website called GovPlanet – where they've auctioned off 81 batches of square structural tubing and steel columns since April, the Daily Mail reports.

They’re practically giving it away.

On Sunday, Maria Bartiromo revealed that the administration sold parts of the Trump border wall for only $2 million – an outrageous sum compared to the $300 million it cost to purchase.

This is yet another example of how the current leadership in the White House has failed to deliver on their campaign promises and instead chosen to sell off a highly effective tool used to protect American citizens.

The Biden regime opened the U.S. southern border on day one of the administration. They also ended all construction of the Trump border wall.

As The Gateway Pundit reported in June – the total number of ILLEGAL aliens who entered the U.S. under Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas’s watch is over 7 million.

On Saturday the Daily Caller reported that the Biden regime was selling off Trump border wall materials.  The left hates walls – unless they are protecting their own property.

The Biden administration has literally given permission for illegal border crossings by ignoring a makeshift bridge.

Last month Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice was at the southern border in Yuma, Arizona, to report on the invasion by illegals and drugs supplied by the cartel. He showed a makeshift wooden bridge that was being used by illegals in a video that went viral.

But this is a regime that’s incapable of being embarrassed, no matter how embarrassing the revelation.


The Center Square reports that encounters at the southern border in July, including those who arrived at ports of entry with or without an appointment set by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol app, totaled 183,503 but the actual number is more than 200,000. This is the second-highest level on record.

The official data excludes over 27,000 known, recorded gotaways reported last month by Border Patrol agents. Gotaways is the official term used by CBP to describe those who illegally enter between ports of entry and don’t return back to Mexico or Canada. They seek to avoid getting caught, and don’t make asylum or any other immigration-related claims. Many have criminal records.

When including the preliminary gotaway data, total people encountered, apprehended or reported evading capture last month after illegally crossing the southwest border totaled more than 200,000

As The Center Square has previously reported, the Biden administration has shifted movement of people from illegal entry between ports of entry to encouraging them to arrive at ports of entry using the CBP One app. Last month, encounters at ports of entry accounted for 28% of all Southwest Border encounters, nearly three times what it was in July 2022 of 9%.

Since fiscal 2020, apprehensions at ports of entry are up 300%. Office of Field Operations apprehensions are on track to reach a record of more than 1 million this fiscal year alone.

Last month, CBP processed more than 44,700 people who used the CBP One app at ports of entry. Since the app was introduced in January, and through July, more than 188,500 people have used it to schedule appointments to arrive at ports of entry, CBP says.

The agency has been sued over the app, and a federal judge in California ruled its use is illegal. However, the app is still being used and the administration is fighting the ruling.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

YouTube has recently updated their Covid-19 Medical Misinformation to now include anything that the leading authorities, health bodies, and mainstream media reports. Anything that does not conform will be deleted, including videos that have existed for years.

Dr. Garth Graham and Matt Halprin explained this is in a blog post for YouTube, describing what types of information the platform will start scrubbing. They wrote:

“Moving forward, YouTube will streamline dozens of our existing medical misinformation guidelines to fall under three categories – Prevention, Treatment, and Denial. These policies will apply to specific health conditions, treatments, and substances where content contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization. To determine if a condition, treatment or substance is in scope of our medical misinformation policies, we’ll evaluate whether it’s associated with a high public health risk, publicly available guidance from health authorities around the world, and whether it’s generally prone to misinformation.

Here’s what the framework will look like, in YouTube’s own words:

  • Prevention misinformation: We will remove content that contradicts health authority guidance on the prevention and transmission of specific health conditions, and on the safety and efficacy of approved vaccines. 
  • Treatment misinformation: We will remove content that contradicts health authority guidance on treatments for specific health conditions, including promoting specific harmful substances or practices. Examples include content that encourages unproven remedies in place of seeking medical attention for specific conditions.
  • Denial misinformation: We will remove content that disputes the existence of specific health conditions. This covers content that denies people have died from COVID-19.

The new “updated approach” will not just apply to Covid but to cancer and other diseases. Users will only be allowed to spout the official establishment line on all health issues as defined by YouTube. Otherwise, it’s labeled “misinformation.”

YouTube’s agreement further states:

“In applying our updated approach, cancer treatment misinformation fits the framework – the public health risk is high as cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, there is stable consensus about safe cancer treatments from local and global health authorities, and it’s a topic that’s prone to misinformation.”

Of course, this word “misinformation” is the globalists’ new word for truth. The truth that the self-appointed “authorities,” who believe they have the right to rule over us, don’t want us to see or hear.

The Google-owned company goes on to state:

“Starting today and ramping up in the coming weeks, we will begin removing content that promotes cancer treatments proven to be harmful or ineffective, or content that discourages viewers from seeking professional medical treatment. This includes content that promotes unproven treatments in place of approved care or as a guaranteed cure, and treatments that have been specifically deemed harmful by health authorities.”

Who are these “authorities” anyway? They are quack doctors and profit-motivated hirelings who caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands from Covid.

Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reminding us what these demonic globalists did to us during Covid.


That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, …


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