A Notorious Drag Queen Is Arrested On Charges Of Rape In Philadelphia

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  • A major volcano eruption in Iceland grounds air travel and leads to forced evacuations.
  • The City of Chicago wants to shut down its most successful public schools. We’ll explain why.
  • More border chaos compliments of the Biden White House. We’ll bring you coverage from the border as well as from Texas, New York City and Chicago.
  • Donald Trump calls for arguably the most conservative member of Congress to be primaried.
  • A notorious drag queen is arrested on charges of rape in Philadelphia.
  • And deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s client list may finally be released.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday disqualified Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot.

The legal theories to block Trump from the state’s ballot are based on Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment which states public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the U.S. may be disqualified from public office.

Trump has not been charged with engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.

The state’s high court left room for an appeal. The ruling won’t go into effect until January 4, 2024.

Trump will appeal the ruling to the US Supreme Court, according to a statement released by the Trump campaign.



The non-jury trial in Colorado was decided by a far-left Democrat-appointed judge.


Earthquakes are becoming more active the world over. And one of the most imminent threats, as we’ve reported previously, is in southwestern Iceland.

British holidaymakers were anxiously waiting to see if their flights to Iceland would be cancelled or delayed after the nation's volcano erupted Monday night, with local experts warning “this is a very different creature to anything we've seen before.”

The eruption just north of the evacuated town of Grindavik began Monday night at around 10:17 p.m. after an earthquake swarm, the Icelandic Meteorological Office said, referring to a series of small quakes.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 48 seconds)


Live-streamed footage of the eruption showed molten lava spewing into the sky from fissures in the ground, surrounded by billowing clouds of red smoke.

There are fears that the eruption, which has seen 200 cubic meters of lava spewing out from the fissures every second, could cause havoc to air traffic travel after another Icelandic eruption in 2010 grounded thousands of flights across Europe and North America and saw holidaymakers stranded.

Flights from Reykjavik's international airport were delayed, with an EasyJet flight to Manchester standing on the tarmac for five hours before taking off at 1:35 a.m. due to the volcanic activity. 

The Icelandic government and airlines including EasyJet said Tuesday the airports in Iceland are “not impacted” and flights should be operating “as scheduled,” at least for now.


Constitutional lawyer and author Jonathan Turley reports that Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and the Chicago Board of Education are following the lead of other major cities and eliminating gifted-school programs in the name of achieving racial and social equity. 

Eleven “high-achieving selective-enrollment schools” will be eliminated, according to Chicago Board of Education CEO Pedro Martinez, to reduce “stratification and inequity.” 

Turley writes that cities with failing public education programs are erasing performance gaps in their schools by simply “decapitating the top performers rather than elevating the performance overall.”

Other schools have also eliminated or lowered proficiency standards to achieve higher passage rates. According to the Daily Mail, the Board will vote this week on the mayor’s plan. The Chicago Tribune blasted Johnson in an editorial for reneging on a campaign promise not to abolish the selective schools.

Some of the targeted schools are among the nation’s top performers, including Walter Payton College Prep (ranked 10th), Northside College Prep (ranked 37th), and Jones College Prep (ranked 60th). However, these schools only highlight the failure of the system overall. 

Writes Turley:

“One can imagine how thrilled countries like China must be as we decapitate our educational system to bring down both standards and schools to a low median. School boards and teacher unions have long treated parents as unwelcome interlopers in their children’s education.”

That view was captured in the comment of Iowa school board member Rachel Wall, who said: “The purpose of a public ed is to not teach kids what the parents want. It is to teach them what society needs them to know. The client is not the parent, but the community.”

State Rep. Lee Snodgrass (D-Wis.) tweeted: “If parents want to have a say in their child’s education, they should home school or pay for private school tuition out of their family budget.”

Basically, they want to close the few remaining excellent schools because they make the other schools look bad. When they’ve achieved their goal, all schools will be equally mediocre, at best.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed border-security legislation in Brownsville. #SB4 introduced by Rep. David Spiller will make entering Texas illegally a state crime enforceable by local law enforcement. The governor also signed legislation allocating more funding to build the wall in Texas and also for additional Texas state cops to enforce border security measures under Operation Lone Star. 



Unfortunately, none of this will take effect until March. That’s right. No illegals will be arrested until at least March. That’s like fighting a war and telling the enemy they can continue to advance for over three months before you will start to fight back.


Meanwhile, Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams is encouraging New Yorkers to travel to Washington, D.C., and protest the Biden regime’s open-borders immigration policy.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 22 seconds)


That is incredible. And yet he still talks about the problem as if it’s only affecting his city. 

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson is also melting down over his party’s handling of the border while trying to blame the crisis on Texas Governor Greg Abbott.



The irony, of course, is that New York and Chicago both declared themselves as sanctuary cities for illegals. They invited the border crashers to come to their cities, and now, as they realize it’s costing them money, they try to shift the blame onto others. They’re all part of the problem, along with the Biden regime.


Independent reporter Ali Bradley found in her recent trip to the border that, in the Tucson sector, the latest convoy of illegals were coming mostly from Guinea.

She encountered a large group walking to the first camp where it’s easier to transport them. The road is extremely rough, and buses and vans have a hard time getting out to this location. She said the illegals from Guinea were happy to stop and tell her where they are from. The Tucson sector, which is where she was in Lukeville, continues to lead with apprehensions, but Eagle Pass which is in the Del Rio Sector is making a comeback. Thousands were still waiting to be processed there on the morning of December 19th.

As you will see from her video, almost all are males of military age.




Former President Donald Trump is facing a backlash after calling one of the most conservative members of Congress a RINO who should be primaried – one week after the filing deadline. Trump blasted Rep. Chip Roy, Republican of Texas and a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, on Truth Social after the congressman endorsed Trump’s rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for president.

Trump wrote:

“Has any smart and energetic Republican in the Great State of Texas decided to run in the Primary against RINO Congressman Chip Roy? For the right person, he is very beatable. If interested, let me know!!!”

Trump’s comments appeared to many to be off the mark, as Roy has a 98 percent conservative voting record according to Heritage Action, and is the only Republican who scored a “perfect zero” on voting for Biden’s 2022 legislative agenda, according to Rollcall.

Also, as one Iowa-based conservative radio host pointed out, the candidate filing deadline for the 2024 primary elections in Texas was on December 11, 2023.


A notorious member of the American LGBTQ mafia, Kendall Stephens, was arrested in Philadelphia after raping two boys under the age of 13. Stephens is a man who identifies as a woman and has worked together with DA Larry Krasner and others to craft LGBTQ-friendly policies. The charges against Stephens include rape, obscenity to minors, assault, corruption of minors, unlawful assault of minors, and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse.

Here he is speaking in a recent interview.



What you heard in that video is a perfect example of how an insane mind works. And, apparently, he’s also in possession of a criminal mind.


A federal judge has ordered Jeffrey Epstein’s client list to be made public by unsealing dozens of documents exposing the names of 180 powerful people linked to the disgraced late financier.

The documents are expected to identify the previously redacted names of more than 180 people tied to Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation in some way.

The redacted names include associates, victims, investigators, and journalists who covered the case.

Some of the names will remain under seal, however, including those belonging to minor victims who never spoke publicly about the case.

Another name to remain sealed is a person who the judge said was wrongly identified as an alleged perpetrator by a reporter.

At least one person asked the court not to release her name, arguing that it could put her at risk of physical harm.

However, those linked to Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation should finally be named in the documents.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska outlined the reasoning in a 51-page order Monday.


Slay News reports that the number of people suffering sudden cardiac deaths and dying from unexpected illnesses is continuing to soar at disturbing levels.

In the last two years, fatal cardiac arrests, cancers, blood clots, and deaths from “unknown causes” have spiked to unprecedented levels.

These sudden deaths are showing no signs of slowing down, and continue to trend upward.

The CDC hasn’t updated its data with underlying causes since 2021.

While large numbers of people are known to have died unexpectedly from cardiac arrests and cancers, the causes of many sudden deaths are never made public.

As Slay News and others have previously reported, the issue of people dying suddenly or suffering serious cardiac issues after collapsing in public has now become so frequent that many cases no longer make the news. We reported on several of them in just the last few days, including a 30-year-old Brazilian gospel singer, a 53-year-old Turkish member of Parliament, and a member of the honor guard standing guard at deceased former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s coffin.


In another sign that Americans are slowly waking up to the reality of medical tyranny, the CDC just this past Thursday put out an “emergency health advisory” claiming an “urgent need” to “Increase Immunization Coverage for Influenza, COVID-19 and RSV.”

The CDC says low vaccination rates “could lead to more severe disease and increased healthcare capacity strain in the coming weeks” as we enter the winter season.

With the CDC pressuring doctors to push their patients to get vaxxed, just as they did during the original COVID-19 plandemic,  Zero Hedge reports “the CDC is tracking increased respiratory disease activity in the United States for several respiratory pathogens.” 

As the Zero Hedge story also reported, the CDC made no mention of what's now happening in China and the rise of “mysterious pediatric pneumonia,” nor have they yet mentioned the astounding number of Americans, and people all across the planet, who've died suddenly and mysteriously following their own COVID mRNA injections, far too often young, healthy athletes in the prime of their lives

That same CDC emergency alert reported that “In the past 4 weeks, hospitalizations among all age groups increased by 200 percent for influenza51 percent for COVID-19, and 60 percent for RSV,” while also claiming healthcare providers should inject their patients with flu, Covid, and RSV immunizations.

But they never addressed the fact that maybe Americans are rejecting the advice of the CDC and their doctors because Americans have realized it was a load of horse manure the last time around.

They also never once mentioned in their emergency alert that Americans are suffering from vaccination fatigue, with one recent survey from the health policy research group KFF finding 3 out of 4 respondents said they weren't concerned about getting COVID-19.

And as the Zero Hedge story also pointed out, earlier this month, another CDC study found that children who reported to pediatric center emergency departments with respiratory illness and were hospitalized were more likely to have taken COVID-19 vaccines.


Joe Biden has just been hit with a lawsuit over his administration’s nonsensical and dictatorial crackdown on gas-powered furnaces in American homes.

The natural gas industry has filed a lawsuit against the Biden regime over its regulations targeting traditional gas-powered residential appliances.

Rulemaking energy groups say the new regulations will impact more than half of all U.S. households.

The legal challenge was filed late Monday and is led by the American Gas Association (AGA).

The AGA’s members provide natural gas to more than 74 million customers nationwide.

In the legal challenge, the AGA is joined by several trade associations and one manufacturer.

Biden’s Department of Energy finalized the regulations in late September.

The groups argued the agency’s action effectively bans the sale of a long list of furnaces enjoyed by consumers.

AGA President and CEO Karen Harbert said in a statement:

“AGA has attempted to work with the Department of Energy to address the rule’s profound impacts on consumers and homeowners with a solutions-oriented approach to energy conservation that protects consumers and ensures the continued availability of low-cost, low-emission natural gas furnaces. Unfortunately, our 114 pages of comments have been summarily ignored.”

She further stated:

“This ruling from DOE will push American families with natural gas heat into a corner — when their furnace goes out, they’ll be forced to choose between retrofitting for electric with the increased month-to-month utility bills that entails or engaging in a costly and time-consuming renovation to retrofit their home for a completely different type of furnace.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

It’s more of a story tonight than a traditional commentary. 

As part of a Freedom of Information Act request that was tied up in court for more than a decade, AmmoLand.com has obtained details of the defensive shooting of a grizzly bear in Wyoming. 

On September 2, 2010, an archery hunter and his guide were hunting elk from a camp at the end of Henry’s Mill Road in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, about 20 miles northeast of Cody. The hunter and guide left the camp at about 6:30 in the evening. The hunter had a Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum revolver in a hip holster. 

At 7 p.m., about an hour before sunset, the guide first noticed the bear. He said the bear had taken an aggressive posture, approaching the hunter with its head low to the ground. It all happened very quickly.

The hunter heard sticks breaking above him, uphill on a steep slope. Looking above him, he saw a grizzly bear about 15 yards away, starting toward him rapidly. He drew and attempted to fire in under two seconds as the bear closed to within 5 yards. The hammer fell on an empty chamber as the hunter had forgotten that he always leaves the first shot in his revolver empty, just as a safety precaution in case the gun should go off accidentally. 

He lurched and pivoted to his left to avoid the bear, rapidly cocked the hammer, and fired one-handed from a sitting position at the junction of neck and shoulder. He fired the shot from a distance of about 12 inches as the bear passed him. The bear immediately veered and spun in circles, and then ran straight downhill into the woods. 

Then the hunter saw a second bear, slightly smaller, about 15 yards away, and not aggressive. He assumed the second bear was a cub. He watched the second bear for about 5 minutes before he and the guide returned to camp. The hunter had a couple of minor scratches above his right knee, which did not require medical attention.

The hunter and the guide returned to the scene the next morning and followed a blood trail for about half a mile. The bear was never located.

On April 14, 2011, the Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Wyoming sent a letter to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Office of Law Enforcement in Lander, Wyoming, officially declining prosecution in the Paint Creek grizzly bear shooting.

Thank God for .44 magnums. They pack a big punch and saved this man’s life. As the saying goes, never send a boy to do a man’s job.

Aside from that, what’s the moral of this story? Thankfully, this happened in Wyoming, a conservative state. Because any government operating outside its constitutional boundaries can and will prosecute you for shooting an aggressive grizzly bear just as easily as it will prosecute you for using a firearm to stop a dangerous threat of the two-legged variety.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and thanks for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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