Mike Lindell Warns Conservative Media: Speak Out Now or Lose America

'What we don't have right now is a big enough voice'

Mike Lindell came under fire for blasting Salem Media Group's stable of conservative radio hosts during his 96-hour Thanks-A-Thon for not reporting on the 2020 election fraud through which Joe Biden was installed as the 46th president.

Lindell agreed that he "spoke out of frustration and anger" but he's not done holding the entire conservative media's feet to the fire when it comes to their responsibility to report the facts behind the 2020 presidential election.

Lindell said he's received lots of phone calls from radio hosts at Salem Media who told him his criticism was not fair, that they did stand up for him when he was canceled. And a representative of the company itself said it was unfair to judge their hosts for not speaking on a Supreme Court complaint that was made public the week of Thanksgiving, when they were all off work for the holiday.

"I have such mixed emotions. I reacted. I reacted out of frustration. I reacted out of anger, it came across not the way I wanted it to come across," Lindell said in a Nov. 28 broadcast on Frankspeech.com and Lindell TV.

"Yesterday, it wasn't about yesterday, this was a build up," Lindell said of his criticism the previous day.

He listed the anomalies turned up by the Maricopa County, Arizona, audit that he believes went underreported, including people under whose names more than one vote was cast. This amounted to 17,126 cases of double votes, "and remember Donald Trump only lost Arizona by 10,000."

"Where was Fox, Salem Media, podcasters, why wouldn't they have jumped on that and said 'look at this?' Why were they silent?

"Do you know what I couldn't believe? That none of the people I know, my friends, that I'm sure I hurt yesterday because I was very frustrated, the media has put out there, their promo codes are gone and Mike is against Christian radio. Salem Media. This isn't about Salem Media. This is about everyone out there who has a voice, but especially the ones with the big influence. Those are the Fox hosts, your Salem hosts, the big podcasters.

"Why did they not come out and say 'here's the truth, and here's the lies that the other media put out.'"

Lindell said that when the Arizona audit was made public, most conservative media either joined the liberal media in reporting "Biden won" or stayed silent.

"Everyone was waiting for Arizona. This audit that our country depended on, so this lie comes out and all the radio hosts, and I will say Salem this time, that should have been at the top of the headlines, they could have said CNN, Fox, they're all liars. They could even say, we don't know who won but we know they could pull the electors down because there's a problem, a big problem, you can't have 17,000 people's names down twice [as voters].

"But instead all them hosts, none of them had all those people in Arizona's back and the country's back. Why? This is what I'm asking you."

"These are my friends I'm calling out," Lindell added. "And I don't feel good about it. I feel betrayed. And the country should feel betrayed, that they're sitting there in their jobs and they can't report, that the cancel culture canceled MyPillow, that Facebook took some of my followers away, and Twitter, they took my Twitter away, Vimeo and YouTube, they took them down, and they report that to an extent... and then a lot of them out of fear wouldn't talk again. It was for fear."

Lindell is moving forward on several fronts.

"We have the grassroots, we have the plan to replace the machines. We have a Supreme Court complaint. We have more votes than we ever needed, in history. But what we don't have right now is a big enough voice," Lindell said.

He said many people worked day and night trying to find the truth behind the Arizona election.

"Then I get a call from this gal, she had worked 16-18 hour days," Lindell said. "She was, just the sadness that came over her, they'd worked so hard, and the media was not only lying but she started rattling things off – they didn't tell this, or this or this. I said yeah this is the way it is right now, and we're going to get our voice, this will not be in vain. She was actually very surprised at the way the media [reported the story]. I thought the dominoes would fall and then there was nothing. One day all the media came out and said one thing."

Col. Shawn Smith, president of Cause of America, a grassroots election integrity organization, said the American people are still fighting to get to the truth of the election.

"They're still fighting for it.  Every day they are grinding, and we have some media trying to smother that with a pillow, and then we have the other media standing there watching it because they don't want to get involved," Smith said. "They're afraid. Instead of standing up for what they know is right."

That's how the cancel culture works, Lindell said, by fomenting fear, the fear of speaking the truth.

"That's their goal. What was their goal when they went to cancel me? Is it to make them lose their money? No. It's so they lose their voice."

"The goal is to cancel out all our voices, forever, and ever and ever," he continued. "That's their goal. So when you don't talk, whether you're a blogger or a podcaster, a big radio how, then I'll tell you what, you're part of it, you're an accomplice to what they are trying to do, which is to cancel our voice, it's over. This is the time when our voices have to expand, not just here at Frankspeech; I'm talking to everyone, you've got to speak now for your country. It is real."

Lindell said this past weekend's Thanks-A-Thon convinced 200,000 viewers to send emails to state attorneys general and ask them to sign on to the 85-page Supreme Court complaint drafted by a team of attorneys led by Kurt Olsen.

"Lawyers worked months on this, many of them 18 hours a day, lawyers, cyber guys, grassroots people on the ground, people who don't want to give up on their country," Lindell said.


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