Mike Johnson Lays Out His Key Concepts In His First Major Speech

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  • The FBI director tells Congress that Americans are under an elevated threat of a terrorist attack inside the United States, but fails to identify the face or nature of the threat.
  • Senator Josh Hawley grilled Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary over his employee’s social media posts praising Hamas’ October 7 terror attack on civilians in Israel. Did the employee get fired? We’ll share the surprising answer.
  • What do Americans fear the most? You might be surprised by the answers given in a new poll.
  • Chinese companies have removed Israel from being identified on digital maps.
  • And a former Reagan official says it’s no longer accurate to refer to America and its Western allies as “free countries.” We’ll tell you why.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Congress Tuesday that Hamas' terror attacks on Israel could motivate copycat attacks against Americans on U.S. soil, according to law enforcement assessments, but he cautioned there is no indication Hamas itself intends to or has the capacity to conduct attacks in the U.S. 

Wray told the Senate's Homeland Security Committee during a hearing on worldwide threats:

“We assess that the actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an inspiration, the likes of which we haven't seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate several years ago. In just the past few weeks, multiple foreign terrorist organizations have called for attacks against Americans and the West. The reality is that the terrorism threat has been elevated throughout 2023, but the ongoing war in the Middle East has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the United States to a whole 'nother level.”

Wray said of the threat landscape in the U.S., “It is a time to be concerned. We are in a dangerous period.” 

He said Americans should not alter their lives, but should be watchful, adding:

“This is not a time for panic. But it is a time for vigilance.”

In the wake of Hamas' attacks on Israel on October 7 and Israel's subsequent strikes against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the FBI director said the U.S. intelligence community is most concerned about lone-wolf style assailants targeting Western nations. 

He warned that:

“Here in the United States, our most immediate concern is that violent extremists — individuals or small groups — will draw inspiration from the events in the Middle East to carry out attacks against Americans going about their daily lives.”

In written remarks submitted to Congress, the FBI director clarified himself, stating: “We have no information to indicate that Hamas has the intent or capability to conduct operations inside the U.S., though we cannot, and do not, discount that possibility.”

In other words, Wray, as usual, talked out of both sides of his mouth. While he admits there’s a need to be on heightened alert, he did not say what that should look like, refraining from giving any advice to Americans on how they should prepare for such an attack.

Buy a firearm? Stock up on food and ammo? None of these things were discussed or even hinted at by the FBI director. He also failed to identify the enemy. It’s not Hamas, it’s not some vague notion of a lone wolf. It’s Islam and those who follow the Islamic scriptures to kill the infidel.


Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley grilled Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday over his employee’s social media posts praising Hamas’ October 7 terror attack on civilians in Israel.

Hawley, during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, pressed Mayorkas on why he hasn’t fired an asylum officer that posted rhetoric supporting Hamas’ attack while working at DHS. Nejwa Ali, a U.S. asylum officer, posted on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts calling for Israel’s destruction and praising Hamas’ terrorist attack, according to posts first reported by The Daily Wire.

“F*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?” she wrote on Instagram after the attacks, according to the Daily Wire.

Ali posted Oct. 9 on social media along with a video captioned “F*** Israel and any Jew that supports Israel” and a photo with the words “A nation that has nothing but Allah has everything it will ever need,” the Daily Wire reported.

Hawley grilled Mayorkas on why Ali is still employed by DHS and said the posts were “pretty extreme rhetoric.”

Mayorkas had no patience for Hawley and responded:

“Senator, I do and I think there is a distinction between espousing or endorsing terrorist ideology and speech that is odious. That does not rise to that level.”

It got worse from there.




A new poll of adults shows about 60 percent of Americans fear corrupt government officials, followed by economic or financial collapse, Russia’s nuclear weapons, and becoming involved in another World War, according to the latest “American Fears” survey by Chapman University.

The annual survey, conducted this spring, involved asking 1,014 people over age 18 across the nation about 97 different fears ranging from the environment, government, the economy, war, natural disasters, and other subjects.

This year’s results showed that Americans fear five main topics the most: government corruption, the economy, war and terror, the harming or death of loved ones, and drinking polluted water.

The results were reminiscent of last year’s, when corruption, nuclear war, and money concerns topped the list.

This year’s top 10 list is very similar to last year’s, comprising most of the same fears in varying order, said Chapman University student Samuel Andrus, who compiled the list from the work of the university’s Wilkinson College undergraduate research, in an article describing the results. 

He stated:

“The only exception is the replacement of the fear of pollution in oceans, rivers, and lakes with the fear of cyber-terrorism, both occupying the number 9 position.”


Outkick reports that Chinese companies have removed Israel from being identified on digital maps.

Israel continues to hammer Hamas terrorists following a huge terrorist attack that left roughly 1,400 people murdered, including dozens of Americans, and hundreds more taken hostage.

The attack led to the Israelis launching a massive air campaign against Hamas in Gaza and there’s also strikes being carried out in Lebanon and Syria. There are now serious fears a regional war could break out if Iran and or its proxy forces attempt to enter the mix against Israel.

The region is on the brink of exploding, and the United States sent two carrier groups as a massive show of force. While people in the Middle East are praying the terrorists are destroyed without a much larger war unfolding, Chinese companies have already decided to delete mention of the nation of Israel from their maps.

A Wall Street Journal report claimed that Chinese companies Baidu and Alibaba no longer featured the name Israel on global maps. Yet, all the other countries in the region remain named with borders showing. Screenshots sent to OutKick confirm the WSJ’s report.

Outkick noted that Israeli cities remain, but the country’s name is nowhere to be found, concluding: “There’s little doubt the CCP’s direct influence is behind this decision. Major companies answer to the government in Beijing. Decisions like this are made from the top down and with complete uniformity.”


In his first major speech, newly appointed Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson laid out several key concepts for delivering an optimistic vision for the future of America, including drawing on the Judeo-Christian tradition that he said has helped guide the extraordinary heritage of Western civilization.

Johnson made the remarks in a virtual speech he gave on October 30 to the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship's inaugural conference in London.

“I believe God brings leaders together to address certain challenges,” he told the audience, with his remarks recalling his first speech last week as House Speaker, in which he told his fellow lawmakers in Congress he believes that “God is the one that raises up those in authority” and that “each one of us has a huge responsibility today to use the gifts God has given us to serve the extraordinary people of this great nation.”

Johnson's unapologetically Christian worldview has drawn the ire of those on the left. Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki criticized him in an episode of “Inside with Jen Psaki,” labelling him as a religious fundamentalist and “a bit of a humblebrag” for saying that he feels called by God to serve his country.

But far from backing down in the face of criticism, Johnson defended his faith and the contribution that the values that underpin it have had on Western civilization in his speech on Monday.

After expressing his belief that divine forces are at play when leaders are brought together to address challenges, he said that now is the time to “begin the challenging work of pushing back on the failed visions that currently plague the West.”

Saying that America—and the world—faces a unique opportunity to choose renewal, Johnson called for a renewed focus on greater responsibility from government to the people, and a bigger sense of individual purpose found in contributing to make the world a better place, adding:

“Finally, and most importantly, our better story says that we in the West draw on an extraordinary heritage built of the best of the classical liberal and the Judeo-Christian tradition.”


Paul Craig Roberts, chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and a former assistant secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan, penned a column recently that declared it is no longer correct to refer to the Western nations as free countries.

In his column, Roberts cited the arrest of Reiner Fuellmich as one of several examples to prove his case that the Western nations are no longer free by any clear-thinking person’s assessment.

Below is an excerpt from Roberts’ article.

“It sounds ridiculous to say, but it is a fact:  the era of freedom in the West is over.” 

He said the false flag attack, 9/11, was used to launch the neoconservatives’ wars in the Middle East. 

And, more importantly, he adds, the fear of Muslim terrorists was used to set aside constitutional protections such as habeas corpus and due process and to implement other inroads into liberty such as the Patriot Act and the mass warrantless NSA spying on U.S. citizens. Today you can be arrested in Germany, France, and the UK for waving a Palestinian flag. In the U.S., the exercise of free speech gets you cancelled and fired. Only approved opinions can be safely stated. The facts simply do not matter. Official narratives have triumphed over truth.”

This destruction of liberty began a long time ago, Roberts writes.

“I published a book 23 years ago about the transformation of law from a shield of the people into a weapon in the hands of the government, which it clearly is as witnessed by the false charges against Trump and the imprisonment of 1,000 people who used their First Amendment right to protest the theft of the 2020 election from President Trump. Hardly anyone believes the charges against Trump, not even the Democrat prosecutors, judges, Justice Department and members of Congress. The facts are of no concern. The U.S. is today experiencing Stalinist purge trials. Stalin knew that the Bolsheviks were not capitalist spies and so did the Soviet court system, but Stalin nevertheless had their Bolshevik leaders executed.”

In the U.S. it is not only Democrats calling for more censorship and suppression of the First Amendment. He says the Democrat Left and Republican Right now agree that free speech needs to be reined in, that it can make people uncomfortable, feel threatened, and spread misinformation by departing from official explanations. 

“Left and Right differ on what they want suppressed, but they are both willing to suppress free speech in the interest of their agendas.”


Yahoo Finance reports that central banks have loaded up on more gold than previously thought this year, offering crucial support to prices that have faced pressure from global monetary tightening.

Countries expanded bullion reserves by 337 tons in the three months through September, the World Gold Council said in a report Tuesday. That follows an increase of 175 tons in the second quarter, which was bigger than the council’s previous estimate of 103 tons.

Central bank purchases for the first nine months of the year now total 800 tons, driven mainly by China, Poland and Singapore, as well as unreported buying. The pace has exceeded the amount for the same period of last year, which ended with record demand.

The buying spree has provided a key counterweight to investor sales over the past year, underpinning prices that last week topped $2,000 an ounce for the first time since May. The robustness of the market has left gold increasingly disconnected from inflation-adjusted Treasury yields, which are normally a key driver of non-interest-bearing bullion.

Bullion surged this month following Hamas’s attack on Israel, which inflamed tensions in a region that’s crucial to global energy supplies and boosted demand for a haven. The advance has pushed gold prices closer to a record of about $2,075 set in 2020.


Military.com reports that the Pentagon has spent $15 million in the past five years to treat 1,892 transgender soldiers, sailors and airmen, including $11.5 million for psychotherapy and $3.1 million for surgeries, according to Defense Department data provided to Military.com.

That’s $14.6 million of your tax dollars spent on sex-change surgeries performed on military personnel.

Of the 243 gender-reassignment surgeries performed on military personnel since 2016, 50 took place between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2017, and 193 occurred from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2019 — the two years after President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would bar transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military.

According to the Defense Health Agency, the surgeries were performed in military health facilities and included removal of breasts or testicles, hysterectomies and other creative, elective surgeries.

The total number of transgender persons serving in the armed forces across all three components — active-duty, Reserve and National Guard — is not known as not all likely have sought treatment.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Protesters drenched in fake blood caused chaos in Congress on Tuesday by interrupting Antony Blinken's testimony on Israel to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and call for the U.S. to stop “supporting genocide.”

Demonstrators called the Secretary of State a murderer who has blood on his hands during mayhem at the start of the hearing on Middle East and Ukraine aid in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

A dozen protesters were arrested for disrupting the hearing. 

Blinken's comments were cut off multiple times by members of the audience waving signs calling for an end to the siege of Gaza.

He and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were forced to sit in silence as protesters chanted “ceasefire now” and held up their hands covered in red paint.

Capitol Police were seen dragging at least five demonstrators out as the disarray led to the suspension of the hearing, before officers could restore order.

One woman called the officers terrorists and demanded to know why they weren't being handcuffed. 

The latest stunt follows a string of similar demonstrations on Capitol Hill over the Israel-Hamas war and comes less than 24 hours after Republicans announced a plan to send $14.3billion to Israel.

“Stop the brutal, brutal massacre in Gaza…Ceasefire now! Ceasefire now,” one heckler shouted.

They also held signs saying: “All the walls have got to go” and “Free Gaza.”

Another shouted: “Blinken, you have blood on your hands! Murderer.”

Blinken restarted his testimony when order was restored inside the hearing room. He referenced the demonstrators by saying the U.S. is committed to “protecting civilian life. I also hear very much the passions expressed in this room and outside this room. All of us are committed to the protection of civilian life.”

It’s interesting to witness the difference in reactions from the government when leftists disrupt a government proceeding compared to when such official meetings get disrupted by right-leaning Americans. 

The right-leaning patriots get arrested, charged and convicted, then thrown into the DC gulag for long sentences.

The leftists get a pat on the back and a comment like we heard from Blinken, stating how much he hears their words and feels their passions.

This is the two-tiered justice system in action.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and thanks for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time …

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