Joe Biden Plans To Build A Border Wall In South Texas

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  • Joe Biden does an about-face, saying he now intends to build Donald Trump’s border wall.
  • More organized criminal theft at retail establishments, this time an entire car dealership gets cleaned out, almost before it was able to open.
  • Pope Francis announces that the world is collapsing and “may be nearing the breaking point.” You won’t believe why.
  • The fast-food industry is racing to convert its restaurants to A.I.
  • And a 75-year-old Jewish American and descendant of Holocaust victims has been denied the right to immigrate to Israel and ordered to leave the country. We’ll tell you why.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard it by now.

Joe Biden has reportedly waived 26 federal laws, rules and his own executive orders in order to build a wall in south Texas due to an “acute and immediate need” to stop the current migrant surge coming in from Mexico.

Collin Rugg of Trending Politics reports that over the summer, the Biden administration reportedly sold off $300 million worth of wall parts for just $2 million. Leading up to the 2020 election, Biden vowed to not build “another foot” of wall, mostly because Trump wanted one. 

Remember this:


Now, the Biden administration has announced they needed to build the wall and waive federal regulations to solve the migrant crisis. 

Rugg stated, “Yes: wokeism is a mind virus that takes away all common sense. Yes: the government is the most inefficient and incompetent organization in the world.”

And, I would add, no wall is actually going to be built. This is more than likely just campaign rhetoric heading into the 2024 election season.


A car dealership in Philadelphia has already lost most of its vehicles less than a week after it opened.

City Motors, located in the Mayfair neighborhood in the City of Brotherly Love, is on the brink of closing for good just days after opening. This is because thieves made off with several vehicles it was selling on the early morning of September 27, according to WPVI 6.

The local news outlet reported that a group of criminals broke into the dealership's office on Frankford Avenue during the late hours of the previous day and made off with large amounts of inventory. The thieves stole the keys to seven of the 11 cars on the lot and drove off with them – including the vehicles' titles. They also broke into an eighth car, apparently unable to find the key, and tried unsuccessfully to hot-wire it.

City Motors co-owner Nathan Kriegler told the news outlet:

“If we don't recover the cars, we probably won't survive it. It could be the start and the end [of the business] all in the same week. We called our insurance company and unfortunately, we only have liability insurance for the vehicles. So, if we don't get the cars back, we have no coverage for the vehicles whatsoever.”

WPVI 6 said police are investigating the break-in and thefts, but security camera footage was unavailable. The dealership was so new its cameras had not yet been installed. Three of the stolen vehicles were later tracked down, with investigators probing if the incident is connected to a string of looting across Philadelphia on September 25.

Madison Wittenberg, who handles social media for the company, questioned the thefts, stating: “I mean, what's the point? What is the point of this? Retaliation against something?”


Breitbart reports that Pope Francis has thrown the moral authority of the papacy behind the so-called climate crisis, insisting that the world “is collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point” because of global warming.

“Despite all attempts to deny, conceal, gloss over or relativize the issue, the signs of climate change are here and increasingly evident,” the pontiff writes in a new teaching letter titled Laudate Deum (Praise God).

“No one can ignore the fact that in recent years we have witnessed extreme weather phenomena, frequent periods of unusual heat, drought and other cries of protest on the part of the earth that are only a few palpable expressions of a silent disease that affects everyone,” he writes in the letter published Wednesday.

The pope goes on to say that “what we are presently experiencing is an unusual acceleration of warming, at such a speed that it will take only one generation – not centuries or millennia – in order to verify it.”

Despite the fact that the United States is one of the countries with the cleanest air in the world, the pope singles out America as specially to blame for the “climate emergency.”

“If we consider that emissions per individual in the United States are about two times greater than those of individuals living in China, and about seven times greater than the average of the poorest countries, we can state that a broad change in the irresponsible lifestyle connected with the Western model would have a significant long-term impact,” he declares.

The warming of the planet is provoked by a “global imbalance,” Francis states. “Droughts and floods, the dried-up lakes, communities swept away by seaquakes and flooding ultimately have the same origin.”

Moreover, he alleges, “millions of people are losing their jobs due to different effects of climate change: rising sea levels, droughts and other phenomena affecting the planet have left many people adrift.”

“It is no longer possible to doubt the human – ‘anthropic’ – origin of climate change,” the pope claims, because global warming is caused by “the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,” which is 423 parts per million as of June 2023.

The only solution to the climate crisis, the pope asserts, is multilateralism.

“For there to be solid and lasting advances, I would insist that preference should be given to multilateral agreements between States,” he writes.

Multilateralism. That’s just another term for global governance.


The Winepress News reports that as the restaurant and hospitality sector moves to integrate and replace physical workers with autonomous robotics, fast food chains, none more so than Chipotle, are embracing the elimination of physical staff with their latest introduction: a robotic assembly line that crafts their signature burrito bowls.

As noted by The WinePress, Chipotle has already trialed and integrated new technologies to speed up the food production process; namely their robotic chip maker called “Chippy,” an AI-powered guacamole machine called the “Autocado,” and has introduced specialty RFID packaging for better tracking and inventory processes. 

According to a press release published October 3rd, the company announced they have partnered with Hyphen, a company that specializes in automating kitchen services.

The company explained in their press release:

“Bowls and salads are created by an automated system that moves the entrées through the bottom makeline where ingredients for the order are dispensed automatically. In tandem, a Chipotle team member can leverage the top makeline to create burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and kid’s meals for the same digital order.”

This automated process will, the company says, “help enhance digital order accuracy, improving the guest experience.”

Chipotle says roughly 65% of their digital orders are bowls or salads, so the company believes this could “free up more time for employees to service the front makeline and deliver exceptional hospitality, while simultaneously increasing capacity for digital orders during peak periods,” they write.


All Israel News reports that a 75-year-old U.S. citizen and descendant of Holocaust victims has been denied the right to immigrate to Israel and, instead, ordered to leave the country due to his belief in Jesus.

Ron, who asked to use only his first name for security reasons, submitted his petition to make aliyah (immigration to Israel) in 2019 under the Law of Return, following his retirement.

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA) denied his application, specifically mentioning it was due to his belief in Yeshua (Jesus). PIBA also accused Ron of planning to do missionary work in Israel.

Ron said he had often dreamt of moving to Israel after his retirement and that the ongoing rise of antisemitism in the U.S. convinced him of the need to do so quickly.

According to the Law of Return, Ron is entitled to immigrate under the category of Jewish ancestry, as he is the descendant of a Jewish father.

He did not request to immigrate as a Jew, but rather as a Jewish descendant, as he is not considered Jewish under rabbinic law because his mother was a Gentile Christian.

The Law of Return, originally passed in 1950, allows any descendant of at least one Jewish grandparent to immigrate to Israel.

The law was later amended in 1970 to declare that those who voluntarily converted to another religion, including Christianity, were not eligible to immigrate.

However, the High Court, while upholding that ruling, also ruled in 2008 that descendants of Jewish fathers can immigrate to Israel, but not as Jews.

Ron, who noted his belief in Yeshua on his application, argues that he is eligible for immigration because he did not change his religion but grew up believing in Yeshua from childhood due to his mother’s faith.

“I grew up in New York,” Ron said. “As a kid, I thought everyone was either Jewish or Catholic.”

He said he grew up identifying as a member of the Jewish people due to ethnicity, not religion.

“I knew my father was Jewish, and my mother wasn’t Catholic, so I considered myself Jewish.”

As an adult, Ron moved to Florida, where he encountered several incidents of antisemitism.

Ron has been living in Israel while he awaited the results of his application

“This is the land of my forefathers. I want to live here. I feel comfortable here.”  

Ron has filed an appeal to the district court through his lawyer regarding the Ministry of Interior's refusal to give an answer to Ron's appeal within the PIBA.

The hearing is scheduled for later this month.

The issue of who is allowed to immigrate under the Law of Return has been a contentious one for some time in Israel.

As part of the coalition agreements, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party agreed to create a committee to examine modifying or removing the “grandchild clause.”

The announcement of the agreement sparked a debate in Israel, including among supporters of the coalition. In particular, Likud has many supporters who immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union through the “grandfather clause.”

So far, the coalition has not advanced plans to amend the Law of Return.


The Daily Mail reports that the majority of Americans want big businesses to stay out of politics, according to a new poll conducted by Gallup and Bentley University. 

Its survey has revealed up to 60 percent of Americans believe that companies should not take a public stance on social or political issues. 

Despite the increasing trend of corporate activism, Americans appear to be growing weary of business injecting politics into their messaging, particularly when it is regarding divisive issues. 

While some business leaders have openly embraced woke ideologies, this poll suggests this approach may negatively impact public approval of the company. 

Americans are more inclined to support businesses taking a stance on issues like climate change (55 percent), mental health (52 percent), free speech (49 percent) and healthcare (48 percent). 

Conversely, they are least likely to support corporate involvement in areas like abortion (26 percent), political candidates (19 percent) and religion (15 percent).

When it comes to specific issues, only 37 percent of Americans believe businesses should take a stance on LGBTQ+ issues, 45 percent on racial issues and 39 percent on gun laws.

Just 34 percent believe businesses should be involved with issues like immigration policy and a mere 27 percent on international conflicts.

Several major U.S. corporations, including Target, Adidas and Bud Light, face significant backlash to woke advertising campaigns. 


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took to platform X to point out what he says is the “Orwellian world” the European Union is creating, including promoting war via a facility meant for peace and attempting to censor media as a form of freedom.


Orban wrote: “Brussels is creating an Orwellian world in front of our eyes. They buy and supply weapons through the #EuropeanPeaceFacility. They want to control the media through the #MediaFreedomAct. We didn’t fight the communists to end up in 1984!”

Orbán is referring to the European Peace Facility, which is responsible for transferring billions in weapons to Ukrainian forces, a move that Orbán argues has only prolonged the war and sent tens of thousands of Ukrainians to their graves. They are doing this by funding a war against a superior fighting force, Russia, that they know cannot be defeated by the Ukrainians.

Orbán is referring to specific terms developed by Orwell in his most famous novel, “1984,” which describes how a fictional dystopian regime uses words to mislead the people into accepting the power of the party.

Orwell wrote in 1984: “The Ministry of Truth… was startlingly different from any other object in sight. It was an enormous pyramidal structure of glittering white concrete, soaring up, terrace after terrace, 300 meters into the air. From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

Orbán also referenced to the Media Freedom Act, which was just passed last week in Brussels. The law is expected to directly take on Hungary and Poland’s media markets. Orbán wrote on X that the act is “another anti-freedom proposal from Brussels: establishing total control over the media.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

A new poll finds the majority of Americans are rapidly losing faith in their country’s leaders. More than 7 in 10 people say there’s no one they trust to save them from an end-of-the-world event. Such problems only push the so-called “Doomsday Clock” to tick closer to end times.

Established in 1947 by a group of atomic scientists, including the revered Albert Einstein, the Doomsday Clock serves as a barometer for humanity’s proximity to global annihilation. It is a metaphorical measure of humanity’s vulnerability to cataclysmic events. The closer the clock ticks toward midnight, the closer we presumably are to a doomsday scenario.

According to a survey of 6,200 Americans conducted by, 71.2 percent of Americans say they no longer have any faith in the U.S. government to save them or prevent a doomsday event. Many respondents said they believe Doomsday could come within the next year.

That gave me hope that at least we have so many Americans who no longer trust the lies coming daily from our government.

But then came the shocking part. What did the Americans surveyed in this poll fear the most?

More than half of the respondents (55.8%) think Doomsday will come in the form of a climate change-related catastrophe.

In a distant second place with 33 percent were those who believe another virus will sweep the globe, followed by 25 percent who fear the start of World War III. Another 7 percent are betting on an alien invasion, while the same number believe 2024 will finally be the year zombies walk the Earth.

That tells you just how divorced from reality most Americans have become. Only 25 percent feared the most probable doomsday event, which if you were paying attention even a little bit you would know is World War III.

That’s why we do what we do. We’re trying to wake up more Americans to reality. In a world of social media and virtual reality, that’s a tall task. But we are making a difference. It may not be happening as quickly as we want, but it is happening. And with each new American who sees the world through a biblical worldview, and no longer through the distorted prism of the globalists seeking to build a global slave state, well, that’s a testament to our success.

So, if you’d like to help us in our mission, please consider a donation, big or small or anywhere in between, whatever you can afford, and we’ll continue this fight together. Because in the end, it’s a fight for truth and against the lies coming out of the mainstream corporate media and their tyrannical globalist bosses.

Until next time…

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