James O'Keefe Is Officially Leaving His Own Company, Project Veritas


  • Another day, another explosion of a key piece of U.S. infrastructure. This time it’s a metals factory in Bedford, Ohio, about 70 miles from the site of a toxic train derailment in East Palestine.
  • The town of East Palestine was targeted for a digital ID and medical tracking pilot program just weeks before the disastrous chemical fire. Another bizarre coincidence? We’ll fill you in.
  • More sudden deaths of young healthy people to report as a large protest rally takes place over the weekend in front of the Pfizer headquarters in New York City.
  • A panel finds evidence of election fraud in Canada’s national elections in 2021, when Justin Trudeau was re-elected as prime minister.
  • James O’Keefe is out at Project Veritas.
  • And we have a tale of two cities. Joe Biden blows off the needs of desperate Americans in East Palestine, only to make a surprise appearance in Kiev, where he pledges more aid for Ukraine while his secretary of state promises more aid for Turkey. And what about East Palestine, Ohio, you ask? A big rotten goose egg.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The suffering among residents of East Palestine, Ohio, continues to get worse as some are reporting rashes and severe irritations of the skin and eyes. These reports follow others of severe headaches, sore throats and nausea.

Nadine Lucie Straile does not live in East Palestine but began to experience a horrible headache and burning of the skin after she ate dinner at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant near the site of the controlled release on February 7.

“That night my eyes started burning like never before and then a horrible headache came on,” Straile told Sputnik News. “My lips, tongue and throat, nasals were burning… a day later I started tingling all over my body.”

Her neighbors, who live some 20 miles from where the controlled burn took place, are also experiencing symptoms, possibly because the wind spread the toxic chemicals further into the region.

She added:

“This was not a neuropathy tingling. A different type. My neighbors are experiencing some of the same symptoms. My blood pressure went sky high, probably from the pain, the ER [Emergency Room] said.”

Heather Ann, who lives about four miles from East Palestine, also experienced headaches, burning skin sensation, difficulty breathing and sinus issues in the wake of the incident. She said:

“The smell is gone now but it was noticeable the week it happened and the air felt difficult to breathe. My dog was also coughing the day it happened,” she said.

Other residents said the whole experience has felt like a movie.


Meanwhile, more mysterious fires and explosions continue to occur across America.

On Monday, February 20, a major explosion rocked the town of Bedford, Ohio, where a metals factory was engulfed in flames. Multiple casualties were reported, including people with severe burns.

WATCH VIDEO (this 1-minute video is silent)


Witnesses reported hearing a loud boom shortly after 2 p.m. Monday. Crews were sent to the 22500 block on Alexander Road where I. Schumann & Co., a producer of copper alloys, is located.

Flying over the scene, a FOX 8 helicopter showed a fire and a large plume of smoke coming from the building. From the ground, debris can be seen scattered and a large chunk of the building is missing.

Billowing smoke from the site could be seen for miles. 


It’s not just Donald Trump who believes elections are rigged against conservatives.

We’ve reported on the widespread discontent in Brazil after President Bolsonaro was defeated in an election that millions turned out to protest.

Now we have reports of shenanigans in Canada’s last national election, from which the highly unpopular Justin Trudeau emerged as the victor, even after hundreds of thousands protested his draconian vaccine policies in the Trucker Freedom movement.

Becker News reports that Trudeau, the Liberal Prime Minister, finds himself up against increasingly vocal demands that he be ousted. 

Becker writes:

“Opposition to his authoritarian regime is growing amid concerns about a sham inquiry into his abuse of the Emergencies Act and revelations that Canada’s spy agency warned about Communist Chinese interference in Canadian elections, but Trudeau did nothing to stop it.”

The Globe and Mail of Toronto reported in a bombshell story that is rapidly circulating among the Canadian population that:

“Chinese diplomats quietly issued warnings to ‘friendly’ influential Canadians in early 2022, advising them to ‘reduce their contact with federal politicians to avoid being caught up in foreign-interference investigations by Canada’s spy agency.’”

According to the report, “secret and top-secret Canadian Security Intelligence Service documents viewed by The Globe and Mail reveal how China sought to protect its network of ‘Canadian friends,’ a euphemism for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assets. The Globe and Mail described the CCP ‘Friends’ circle as “a community it relies on to build relations, influence and covertly gather information from MPs and senators.”

One of the CCP’s most highly valued ‘Friends’ is none other than Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Globe reported on Friday how China employed “a sophisticated strategy to seek the return of a minority Liberal government and to defeat Conservative politicians considered to be unfriendly to Beijing in the 2021 federal election.”

The tactics, outlined in secret CSIS reports, included “disinformation campaigns, undeclared cash donations and the use of international Chinese students, studying in Canada, as campaign volunteers to support preferred Liberal candidates.”

The classified documents show that, according to the Globe and Mail, “Chinese influence operations went beyond election interference, employing tactics to target Canadian legislators and sway public opinion through proxies in the business and academic communities.”

In response to The Globe’s story, Trudeau told reporters at a Friday news conference that he “expects CSIS to find out who is leaking the secret reports, and stuck to his long-held view that Chinese interference operations did not affect the overall results of the 2019 and 2021 elections.”


James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of the investigative journalism organization Project Veritas is leaving the company he founded in 2011 amid lame accusations that he was difficult to work with. 

Reportedly, 16 disgruntled staffers gained enough support from the board to oust O’Keefe from the leadership of his own company, claiming, among other things, that he was difficult to work with.

Neil McCabe of OAN broke the story on Twitter, saying O'Keefe delivered his resignation in person to his staff at their New York office.

But Project Veritas' R.C. Maxwell stated that McCabe’s report was not entirely accurate and that O'Keefe was in fact forced out by the board, according to the Post Millennial.

After the 16 staffers sent the letter to the Project Veritas board of directors in early February, “James O'Keefe IS Project Veritas” started trending on Twitter. 

Many supporters and donors recoiled at the idea that Veritas could continue without O'Keefe at the helm and prominent conservatives broadcasted their support for O'Keefe

Issues cited by the 16 staffers included lack of transparency in decision-making, as well as O'Keefe being difficult to work with, belligerent, and mean, with "bullying" listed as a concern.

O’Keefe gave an emotional 40-minute goodbye speech to his followers following the announcement of his departure, vowing to keep up his work.

Project Veritas hemorrhaged followers in the wake of the news.


A man who lives 9 miles away from where the Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in eastern Ohio reached out to Alicia Powe, a reporter for The Gateway Pundit, to sound the alarm on the bizarre coincidences that continue to pile up surrounding the incident.

Bob Moore, a 70-year-old farmer and longtime resident of East Palestine, initially ignored local news reports urging residents to sign up for “MyID” to receive a new biometric tracking device that provides first responders updates about an individual’s health conditions amid an emergency or “major disaster.”

But the suspicious timing of the government’s distribution of this health-monitoring digital ID, exactly a week before the disaster, warrants answers, Moore told Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

It was exactly a week before the derailment happened, Moore explained, when “The people were asked to go to the local fire department in downtown East Palestine to get that MyID. They began monitoring your physical activity, your heart rate, your respiration, anything you might be exposed to. I see this as the kind of censor you would put on an astronaut or on an athlete that you wanted to track to see how he’d react to stress or being winded, or in this instance chemical exposure. It’s a monitoring device.”

On January 26, Ohio local affiliate WKBN announced East Palestine would begin making “an important medical device available to all 4,700 residents” starting January 29, adding that:

“The MyID program is ready to roll out in East Palestine. It’s a medical information system that helps first responders provide care. MyID provides wearable devices or key FOBs that have QR codes. Emergency responders use a camera phone to access important medical information.”



That is stunning. Just another coincidence, I’m sure. 


A family in Newark, New Jersey, is left with questions after their 12-year-old son collapsed and died suddenly during football practice at a local field.

The boy, Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, was reportedly performing drills along with his team, the Essex County Predators, at the West Side Park football field when he collapsed.

Team officials say that Brown-Garcia was not engaged in any heavy activity at the time, according to News 12.

“No contact. It was just drills running back and forth. He didn’t get hit,” said his mother, Raven Brown. “He was a healthy kid…I don’t know why Friday night was his day.”

“He was so happy to be there. He didn’t know that it was going to be his last day,” Brown added.

A spokesman for the Big 21 league said that they didn’t have enough information about the incident to make any statements.

His parents are bewildered. The team is bewildered. The league is bewildered. The media is bewildered.

The family’s GoFundMe page states, “At a young tender age of 12, Elijah passed away playing football, doing what he loved.”

We seem all too willing to accept the fact that children and young adults are dying of mysterious unknown causes. Dying in numbers never before seen. We just throw up our hands and say, oh, how sad. We will miss him. That’s reflective of just how lost America has become.


Jackson State football player Kaseem Vauls was resuscitated last week after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports. Vauls, a 21-year-old defensive lineman, reportedly went into cardiac arrest Wednesday morning after enduring stomach pains the day prior, and underwent a procedure Thursday at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Vauls, according to his father, was reportedly participating in activities with the football team in recent weeks despite feeling ill as he had not disclosed stomach pains to the coaching staff. 

“What the doctors think happened, that when Kaseem’s heart was failing, that’s what was giving him the stomach pains,” Vauls' father, William, told The Jackson Clarion-Ledger. “His liver was suffering as fluid build-up with toxins in his liver, kidneys, and blood. All those toxins built up in his bloodstream and his heart could not operate properly and the machine is being used to clean out the blood and toxins.”

Another cardiac arrest. Another smokescreen excuse from the doctors.


Pierre Lipton, a 26-year-old athlete and businessman who was featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, passed away suddenly after collapsing at the Mesa Marathon earlier this month.

Lipton, a Brown University graduate, was about to finish the marathon in 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 5 seconds, setting a personal best.

After crossing the finish line, he suddenly collapsed near the paramedics, Boston.com reported.

He was rushed to the hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Though there is still no official cause of death, Lipton’s dad, Dr. Jordan Lipton told the Boston Globe, “the working diagnosis is he might have had some sudden electrolyte imbalance that caused arrhythmia.”


A teenage boy who attends Heartland Arrowhead High School collapsed in the stands during the basketball game last Friday night, February 17th, against Catholic Memorial.

The Arrowhead game manager rushed into the stands and revived the boy. An ambulance later took the child to a local hospital.



As the Gateway Pundit sarcastically reported, “this is totally normal.”

Do not question it. Anyone who does is an enemy of the state.

Sarcasm aside, high schools across the country had better start investing in external defibrillators.


Thousands of protesters descended on Pfizer headquarters in New York City over the weekend to protest that company’s killer vaccines, but you won’t hear anything about it in the corporate mainstream media. They demanded the company’s top executives be arrested on charges of crimes against humanity.

Take a look.



The demonstrators later headed to the UN headquarters chanting “Nuremberg!”, referring to the Nuremberg trials which held Nazi Germany accountable for its atrocities committed during WWII. Some carried placards reading “It’s a parent’s right to choose,” which is a slap at the CDC’s recent decision to recommend that the toxic mRNA injections be placed on the childhood schedule of vaccines.

One woman carried a sign that read “Clot shot! Arrest Fauci!” 



Some people are slowly waking up to what’s being done to them and to their children in the name of “safe and effective.” It’s just a matter of time before it becomes a critical mass.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Breitbart News quoted a long list of Republicans in Congress who criticized Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday. Andy Biggs, Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, and even the RINO House Majority Whip Tom Emmer weighed in with harsh rebukes of Biden’s visit to Ukraine.

They took issue with a sitting president appearing to place the Ukraine-Russia conflict ahead of Americans’ worries about the recent toxic train derailment in Ohio and the surge in illegal migration at the southern border.

Emmer said in a statement to Breitbart:

“Joe Biden prioritizing a visit to Ukraine before East Palestine, Ohio, is the perfect example of his administration putting America last.”

And it doesn’t stop with Ukraine. 

Biden’s secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, quickly announced another $100 million for earthquake relief in Turkey. We’re not saying the people of Turkey don’t deserve aid. But if you’re keeping score, that’s a total now of $185 million for Turkey. Zero to East Palestine.



Billions to Ukraine. Millions to Turkey. Not even a visit to East Palestine, Ohio.

Ohio’s Democrat and Republican U.S. senators have called on the Environmental Protection Agency to immediately provide evidence of testing and monitoring on behalf of the area’s residents as concerns about the safety of the area remain high.

But Joe Biden remains aloof from the situation, galivanting off to theaters he sees as more pressing for causes he feels are closer to his heart. His loyalties lie in Ukraine, where old Joe traveled no less than 13 times during his final year as vice president under Barack Obama. 

What was he doing there? Why does he have such an attachment to that country, which is not a NATO ally and which has been engaged in a bitter ethnic feud with neighboring Russia for more than 500 years? Biden and his insane band of globalist advisers apparently believe Ukraine is worth risking World War III over, and a potential nuclear holocaust. If and when that happens, we can expect the Biden regime to give us the same lackadaisical treatment that we see them giving the good people of East Palestine.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and as always, we appreciate your support for this viewer-supported broadcast…

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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