Interactive, Free, Live Streamed Worldview Weekend Rallies Ready to Launch

Dear Worldview Weekend Foundation Friends,

On Friday September 25, 2015, some new technology arrived at our television studio that we have been waiting for since June of 2006. 

The new equipment is a special type of computer and switcher that allows us to hook all three of our television cameras into it, as well as a computer with our power-point slides. Then we can stream live television broadcasts around the world to your computer or smart phone with a universal player that is built into our website and app.

In just a few weeks, Justin Peters and Jim Osman will be back in our television studio recording 12 more television programs for WVW-TV. However, with this new studio equipment, I will be able to interview them live on one of the evenings as we sponsor our first ever, free, LIVE Worldview Weekend Online rally. You will be able to e-mail us a question or post a question on our Facebook page for the speakers to answer during the question and answer time. We will be announcing the date and time of this free, Worldview Weekend Online Rally very soon. 

We also are planning to launch a weekly Worldview Weekend Bible study later this fall on Sunday nights. Many churches no longer hold a Sunday night service as you know. In addition, many families and young people would like to attend a theologically sound Bible study but have had a difficult time finding one in their area where they live. 

We believe many families will benefit from this free Worldview Weekend Bible study that will not only involve teaching, but plenty of Q&A at the end of each teaching time through social media. Again, this will all be free as part of our broadcast ministries. This new equipment makes this possible. 

In June of 2006, when we started the media division of Worldview Weekend, we did so because we knew what technology was available, but also knew what was going to be available. We started with radio programs and over the years we have invited Mike Gendron, Justin Peters, Mike Abendroth, Usama Dakdok, Chris Pinto, Susan Heck and many others to join our radio broadcast team and radio network known as

The next phase was to add television. We invited our radio hosts to come to Memphis and to host their own television program from our television studio. Today we are pleased to produce, post-edit, and distribute the WVW-TV programs of Mike Abendroth, Tommy Ice, Justin Peters, Mike Gendron, and Usama Dakdok, as well as the Worldview Weekend Hour. 

In June of 2006, we specifically thought about the incredible opportunity of producing Biblical television we could broadcast around the world live, but the technology was not yet available. We also needed to start with radio and then move to television and then ultimately to live television that involved viewer interaction.

We desired to turn our studio into a live, Biblical worldview classroom with questions and answers from the viewers. However, we knew we had to obtain a lot of knowledge and equipment as well as allow the technology to become available. Thus, we started with radio while we worked to afford the needed television studio equipment. Over time we built and acquired the needed infrastructure that included servers, apps, broadcast quality cameras, studio lights, large computers for post-editing, software for post-editing and we had to assemble all of this into a studio. We also had to contract for high-speed business cable so we had the upload and download speeds needed for a stable and reliable, live broadcast video stream.

We are ready for the next phase that we could only dream about in June of 2006, now that the technology has been developed and perfected for live broadcast television streaming. Thus, on Friday, September 25, 2015, the equipment arrived. The equipment cost $8,000.00. While that is a one time purchase price, the bandwidth to stream the live programming is an ongoing expense we must work now to cover.

The equipment and streaming plan we have comes from a very large company that is a leader in the industry. Many fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized broadcast outlets work with this company. They have servers all over the world that will allow for a stable and reliable broadcast stream. For many months we watched and researched this company to make sure they could meet our needs.

We can stream our special live events around the world to an unlimited number of viewers for one flat fee of $10,000.00 per year. While that is a lot of money, let me put it into perspective. 

When we held our free Worldview Weekend rally in St. Paul/Minneapolis, it would cost us around $7,000 to rent the hotel ballroom for the 1,800 people to attend. That was just one city and one hotel ballroom for one evening. We rented buildings all over the country, and yet we only were reaching the people that attended that one evening. For $10,000 a year, we can stream free, online Worldview Weekend rallies numerous times throughout a twelve month period to people all around the world for just $3,000 more than it cost us to rent the ballroom in one city.

We believe that the technology now available is going to allow us to reach more people on a global scale at a fraction of the cost. 

If you appreciate and, our free app that you can download at and our free Roku channel that you can learn about at, and if you appreciate that we are going to be streaming live, interactive Worldview Weekend rallies through this new equipment, will you please consider helping us? 

With the purchase of the new equipment and the cost of the streaming bandwidth that we must purchase upfront, hearing from you now would be a real blessing.

We must also continue to raise the funds for the free Contend 2016, student Worldview Weekend that starts on December 31st, 2015 and runs till noon on January 2, 2016. Last year we had over 500 students registered for the free Contend student Worldview Weekend from 26 states.

As you can see, we have a lot of free ministry resources that we are making available, and your partnership is vital. Together we have accomplished a lot since 2006 and we are excited about this next phase of ministry. Thank you again for your support.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution now, you can do so on our secure website at

If you prefer to send a check, our address is at the top of this letter. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to announcing the date of our first, free Worldview Weekend Online Rally soon.



Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend Foundation
Worldview Weekend 


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