German Federal Interior Minister Advising Citizens to Stockpile Emergency Food in Preparation for Grid-Down Scenario: Worldview Report Transcript For May 11, 2022

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Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Joe Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Board has appointed a radical George Soros operative as its co-chair.

Slay News reports that the new censorship board leader, Jennifer Daskal, is a long-time Soros operative with at least three known connections to the leftist billionaire.

Daskal has served as a fellow at Soros’ Open Society Institute where she was “working on issues related to privacy and law enforcement access to data across borders.”

Daskal also worked as senior counterterrorism counsel for the anti-Semitic Human Rights Watch.

HRW received at least $32 million from Soros between 2000 and 2014 alone.

Daskal was also the founding editor of the Soros-funded Just Security blog.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations gave $675,000 to Just Security between 2017 and 2019, according to News Busters.

Daskal should fit right in with the mission of Homeland Security’s new government censorship board.

Slay News concludes that, “Soros has been involved in funding a litany of so-called fact-checking operations, making the revelation of Daskal’s Soros-tie par for the course… The fact that Soros has one of his former fellows leading Biden’s government-sanctioned Ministry of Truth should concern every American citizen.”


The Federalist has a new article up explaining where the term “disinformation” came from.

It’s a tradecraft term of the Soviet KGB, and now a part of the official policy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The new Biden administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is a “small working group” to “address threats, the connectivity between threats and acts of violence” without “infringing on free speech” and while “protecting civil rights and civil liberties, the right to privacy.” The board has no operational authority of its own, Mayorkas said.

Mayorkas denied that the board will cause American citizens to be monitored, saying, “we, the Department of Homeland Security, don’t monitor American citizens.”

That might be true. But Mayorkas went on to say the Disinformation Governance Board is mandated to provide “best practices and communicate those best practices to the operators” in agencies that do have operational authority.

Never before has disinformation governance been part of the official U.S. government terminology for defending the internal security of the country.

Disinformation is not a word originating from the English language. The Federalist explains that this word is a direct translation of the Russian word dezinformatsiya.

Disinformation is definition 159 in the KGB’s “Lexicon of KGB Terms,” published internally by the Soviet foreign intelligence service before 1984. Here it is: “Misleading by means of false information; A form of intelligence work in the Active Measures field, which consists of the secret channeling towards an adversary of false information, especially prepared materials and fabricated documents designed to mislead him and prompt him to take decisions and measures which fit with the plans and intentions of the Intelligence Service.”


Just the News is reporting that former Senator David Perdue says his opponent in the Georgia gubernatorial primary race, incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, engaged in backroom deals and lined the pockets of liberal megadonor George Soros as part of a massive new economic development project in Georgia.

Perdue told Just the News:

"This may be the worst deal I've seen in my business career, honestly. This was just done the wrong way. And I've called the governor out on that, and we've had no response."

Just the News reports that state and local officials in Georgia inked a deal to dole out $1.5 billion of incentives to electric vehicle startup Rivian for it to build a $5 billion manufacturing plant in the Athens area east of Atlanta. The plant will reportedly employ 7,500 people.

The incentives include major tax credits, a 25-year no-cost lease, and more than $198 million in site and road improvements on nearly 2,000 acres.

The incentive package is by far the largest Georgia has ever offered to a company and, according to Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, the largest ever given by any U.S. state to an auto plant.

New questions surfaced about Kemp's deal and Rivian's economic viability on Monday, with the company stock price plunging 13% following reports that Ford will sell 8 million shares.

Perdue described Rivian, a California-based company committed to fighting climate change, as “woke,” noting Soros is a major investor. He made a similar point earlier this week.

"Think about how many small businesses in Georgia could be helped with this kind of money, instead of padding George Soros' pockets," said Perdue. "Kemp gave away the farm to a woke corporation for something the locals don't even want, and hardworking Georgians are left footing the bill.”

As an aside, and this was not included in Just the News’s article, Kemp has invited dozens of California-based liberal film studios to film movies and TV shows throughout Georgia, offering them tax credits and other incentives.  He’s also provided tax incentives to Amazon, owned by progressive globalist Jeff Bezos, for its sprawling shipping and fulfillment centers.

These sweetheart deals offered to corporate giants and Hollywood liberals go a long way toward explaining why Georgia is turning blue.


Another European soccer star has passed away suddenly and unexplainably at the age of 29.

Jody Lukoki played for several teams over the course of his pro career.


They expressed shock and mourning over the weekend on Twitter but as in the hundreds of previous cases, no cause of death was given and no information provided. Just a sudden, cryptic announcement as if this is an everyday normal occurrence: Young, super fit athletes suddenly passing away.

Well over 800 such cases have been documented of athletes either dying or suffering debilitating heart issues over the last 15 months, since the roll out of the Covid gene-therapy injections and the mandates that forced most professional athletes to get the shots.

Athletes who rejected the Covid injections, such as the NBA’s Kyrie Irving, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and tennis star Novak Djokovic, were held out of games and cast by the media as uncaring, self-centered, spoiled-rotten people who didn’t care about the health and wellbeing of their fellow teammates or opponents.

Very few young men or women are strong enough to withstand that kind of peer pressure. Kudos to those who did. It’s becoming clear that they were the smart ones.


Well, the militant pro-abortion group Ruth Sent Us made good on its promise to disrupt church services on Mother’s Day. Most of the church invasions appear to have taken place at Catholic Churches in major cities, at least these are the ones that were filmed and posted to social media.

This video was posted to Twitter by Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona.


They have said they will continue this brazen invasion of church services into next weekend as well. Hopefully the word will get out and church leaders will be better prepared to deal with them.


Project Veritas has been handing Twitter and the social media oligarchy its lunch lately, with one expose after another.

This next video is rather entertaining, as Project Veritas senior editor James O’Keefe catches up with a Twitter executive in New York City and attempts to get a comment from him.


Talk about relentless. That takes moxie. And James O’Keefe has lots of it. When he wants to get the story, he doesn’t let anything stand in his way. We need more journalists like him in America.


In an interview on CNN, FDA chief Dr. Robert Califf alleged that the leading cause of death in the United States is online misinformation.

As Zero Hedge reports, he originally made the comments last month at a health conference in Texas when he said online misinformation was “now our leading cause of death” without offering any evidence to support that claim.


After admitting that there was “no way to quantify this,” before mentioning heart disease and cancer (actual killers), Califf went on to assert the outrageous claim anyway.

Stating that there has been an erosion of life expectancy in the U.S., Califf went on to say that Americans were living an average of 5 years shorter than people in other high-income countries.

While this may be true, other countries aren’t targeted by Chinese-made fentanyl and other harmful drugs coming across their border.

But Califf made it all about vaccines.

He said that because of vaccines “almost no one in this country should be dying from COVID,” before going on to explain that there was also a “reduction in life expectancy from common diseases like heart disease. But somehow … the reliable, truthful messages are not getting across. And it’s being washed down by a lot of misinformation, which is leading people to make bad choices that are unfortunate for their health.”

Califf is right about one thing. There has been a lot of misinformation out there about vaccines, but where he misses the mark is that the worst purveyors of misinformation are his own agency, along with the CDC, HHS and NIH, all of which funneled their bad information to the public through the corrupt corporate media that’s also been paid by the government to spread the misinformation. The message they’ve blanketed the airwaves with is that the vaccines are “safe and effective” despite the reams of scientific evidence to suggest otherwise.

Here's the truth: The Covid gene-therapy injections have been killing and permanently injuring tens of thousands of Americans. The numbers are in the government’s own data and we know that data, filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, drastically undercounts the number of actual cases where people are being harmed.

We also have the Pfizer data that the FDA wanted to keep hidden from the American people for 70 years and has only started turning it over because a federal judge ordered them to. That data shows how Pfizer colluded with government regulators to lie to the American people about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines.

So, when the head of the FDA talks about misinformation, he needs to look at his own agency.


German Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is advising citizens to start stockpiling emergency food and other survival supplies in preparation for a possible grid-down scenario, according to a report by Natural News.

Faeser told a German business daily news outlet:

“Think, for example, of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. If the power goes out for a longer period of time or daily life is restricted in some other way, then it definitely makes sense to have an emergency supply at home.”

Civil protection is also a high priority, Faeser said, explaining that “the turning point is clearly showing us that we have a considerable need for improvement when it comes to civil protection.”

Food prices in Germany, just like in the U.S., are soaring to record levels. And government officials are pressing Germans to get prepared before it is too late.


Faeser said collecting food, medicines and medical supplies would be of critical importance, stating:

“We have to get up to speed here in order to be able to cope with the various crises – pandemics, the consequences of climate change, the dangers of war.”

Climate change. Interesting how they continue to put that front and center, on the same level as World War III, famine and plagues.

Remember, not too long ago, whenever someone brought up the importance of emergency preparedness, they were mocked as conspiracy theorists.


Woke corporations in collusion with the Biden administration continue to push a trans agenda.

Ahead of Pride month, The Gateway Pundit reports that Minneapolis-based Target Stores is launching a line of “gender-affirming” products including “compression tops” and “chest binders, undergarments that conceal breasts, and “packing underwear” that conceal male genitals.

The superstore has partnered with TomboyX and Humankind — “two queer owned, female-female founded brands — to create these much-needed lines,” Bustle reports.

The publication notes:

“Target reps have confirmed that this collection marks the first time the retailer has stocked compression tops in stores — a huge move for queer youth who don’t have access to gender-affirming products.”


The latest to speak out against the proposed amendments to the governing rules of the World Health Organization is Christine Anderson, the German MP and member of the EU Parliament.

This is an issue we’ve been reporting on for the last week.

Anderson is now adding her voice of warning to the others that include such notable Americans such as former U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Steve Bannon and others, warning that if these amendments get adopted at the annual WHO World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, later this month then all 194 member nations will hand over their national sovereignty on matters of “health emergencies” to the United Nations World Health Organization and its director general, Dr. Tedros.

That global assembly is taking place May 22-28 in Geneva and the devastating changes to the WHO charter rules that have been proposed by the Biden administration will be voted on.

If these amendments get passed by a majority of the 194 member nations gathered in Geneva, then Dr. Tedros will be empowered to unilaterally declare a “public health emergency of international concern,” without the agreement of the nation in question.

Take a listen to what Anderson has to say on this important matter.

WATCH VIDEO (emailed video mpv file from Leo)

This is something we will keep you up to date as the date of that Assembly gets closer.


Is the Islamic Republic of Iran preparing to launch a blackout punch on the U.S. electric grid?

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, Iran is preparing to engage in a “blackout war” with the U.S., hardening its own grid while working to explode a small nuclear device in the upper atmosphere over the U.S. in an attempt to destroy large portions of the vulnerable U.S. electric grid.

According to the Examiner:

“While some in the Biden administration have said Iran does not yet have a traditional nuclear-tipped missile that can strike the U.S., others are now citing evidence that the terrorist nation is stepping up its efforts to explode a small nuclear weapon delivered on a satellite in the skies over key electric grids, creating a blackout knockout for the U.S. The new evidence, in a report shared with Secrets, includes moves by Iran to harden its own grid and other infrastructure and military documents endorsing a so-called high-altitude electromagnetic pulse strategy.”

Author Peter Vincent Pry, the executive director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, added, “An official Iranian military textbook endorses nuclear HEMP attack against the United States, as well as deception measures to conceal nuclear weapons in violation of international agreements.”

The report comes as talks move toward some restoration of former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran that was scuttled by former President Donald Trump.


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

We reported last night on the three-way race shaping up in Pennsylvania for U.S. Senate in the GOP primary.

All we can say now is, watch out Dr. Oz, because the relatively unknown and underfunded conservative candidate for that U.S. Senate seat, Kathy Barnette, is surging in the polls.

Barnette has surged past establishment candidate Dave McCormick and is gaining on Trump-supported Dr. Oz. In fact, she is only one percentage point behind Oz in this new poll by Trafalgar Group.


This poll shows that Kathy Barnette has been surging in the polls since the public debate a couple of weeks ago. When Pennsylvanians got to see all of the candidates on the same stage answering questions and interacting with each other, they clearly saw Barnette as the real deal, the most genuinely pro life and the most genuinely America-first. We hope she pulls it off, because if we’ve learned anything from past races in recent years, Rino Republicans don’t fare well against progressive Democrats in the general elections.

That wraps up this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in. Good night and God bless.


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