A coven of British witches and pagans pledge their allegiance to King Charles, claiming he is ‘very pagan’ and ‘supportive’ of their beliefs

I posted an important article last week detailing how King Charles III is the leader of the global Sustainable Development movement being implemented through United Nations Agenda 2030 with help from the World Economic Forum. I noted in that article his near religious fervor in supporting the so-called “green agenda,” complete with its insane plan for total decarbonization that, if successful, would lead to mass starvation and depopulation of the planet. Taken to its extreme, this is a form of “earth worship,” I reported.

And let’s not forget what took place at last year’s United Nations COP 27 Climate Conference in Egypt, when blatant pagan earth worship was on full display.

For more on this, see my Oct. 25 article in which climate activist Dennis Meadows clearly explains in a video that the climate “crisis” can never be solved without drastic population reduction.

Now comes this bombshell from the U.K. tabloid The Sun, which reports that witches and pagans from across the United Kingdom gathered to cast spells in support of King Charles during a special coronation ritual ceremony.


The spells involved lighting blue, red and white candles, burning incense, scattering rose petals and giving “magical gifts to each other on Coronation Day.”

The witches began casting spells several days ahead of the May 6 coronation of King Charles.

Julie Aspinall, a 58-year-old self-described pagan, witch and the main organizer of the event, spoke in depth with The Sun.

She said the witches’ coronation ritual took place at the Festival of Witches and Pagans, being held in Coventry over the coronation weekend.

More than 2,000 people were expected to attend the festival, which featured a range of workshops from wand-making and spell-casting to crystal skull healing. A series of “night rituals” were also planned, according to the official website description of the event, which stated:

“We have been tasked by the Great Mother to teach the ways of the witch and pagan to those that need it. We work hard to develop young curious minds, draw out and nurture natural talents.”

The event was organized by Aspinall and her coven, the Coven of Gaia. She told The Sun that King Charles has always been “very supportive of the pagan community.”

In her interview with The Sun, Aspinall stated:

“We know King Charles is the head of the Church of England but to us he’s very Pagan in his beliefs too. His invitation featured the Green Man and lots of other Pagan symbolism.”

“His mother the Queen was adopted as a druid in Wales when she was young,” Aspinall told The Sun. “The royal family has always been supportive of Pagan beliefs. King Charles is very much into saving the family, saving the trees, nature — and that’s how we live so we wanted to include him in the ceremony.”

The Coven of Gaia’s special coronation ritual took place on Sunday, May 7, and involved the witches and pagans gathering in a circle and chanting their allegiance to Charles.

This all lines up with the excellent report posted May 7 by journalist Naomi Wolf to her Substack titled: Weird things about King Charles’ Coronation: As symbols are twisted, is Britain being de-consecrated?

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