The CIA and Other U.S. Intel Agencies Will Have AI Chatbots Soon

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  • New evidence emerges showing the Biden crime family worked directly with top members of the Chinese Communist Party on business deals meant to enrich the family.
  • The CIA is developing its own Chat bot. What could possibly go wrong? We’ll fill you in.
  • Iran will soon have robot mullahs to enforce Islamic laws.
  • And retail chains are closing hundreds of stores. The reason? A wave of organized theft.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We start off tonight with breaking news on the Biden crime family.

Just the News reports that Joe Biden's brother told the FBI that the first family – including Hunter Biden – tried unsuccessfully to help a Chinese company buy U.S. energy assets and did so believing the firm's leader was tied directly to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to explosive new documents made public Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Committee.

James Biden told the FBI in an interview last year about efforts by he and Hunter Biden to help the CEFC energy firm in China buy a liquid natural-gas facility on Monkey Island off the coast of Louisiana. James Biden admitted he personally met once with the company's chairman, a man named Ye, according to the FBI interview report released by the committee.

FBI agents wrote in the report:

“James B noted (Hunter) portrayed CEFC to him as Chairman Ye was a protégé of President Xi.”


T19 Exhibit 401-Memo-FINAL Memo of Interview w James B SPORTSMAN-09.29.2022_KPM Unredacted_Redacted.pdf

The bombshell revelation further contradicts Joe Biden's claim dating to the 2020 election that his family made no money from China. It was released as part of a cache of documents turned over to the committee by FBI whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

Documents previously released by federal prosecutors as part of Hunter Biden's now-rejected plea deal show Hunter Biden was paid millions from China, including from the CEFC deal.

But, as noted by Just the News, James Biden's FBI interview filled in crucial details about what the first family knew about CEFC, its leader and what it assisted with in return for payments from China.

Ways and Means Chairman James Smith staged a vote Wednesday in which his committee approved releasing confidential information from the long-running FBI and IRS probe in Hunter Biden's family. While James Biden's FBI interview was one of the most-sought after items, the committee also released several other essential documents just hours before the House convened its first hearing in its impeachment inquiry against the 46th president.


Engadget reports that the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies will soon have an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The program, revealed on Tuesday by Bloomberg, will train on publicly available data and provide sources alongside its answers so agents can confirm their validity. The aim is for U.S. spies to more easily sift through ever-growing troves of information, although the exact nature of what constitutes “public data” could spark some thorny privacy issues.

“We’ve gone from newspapers and radio, to newspapers and television, to newspapers and cable television, to basic internet, to big data, and it just keeps going,” Randy Nixon, the CIA’s director of Open Source Enterprise, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “We have to find the needles in the needle field.” Nixon’s division plans to distribute the AI tool to U.S. intelligence agencies “soon.”

Nixon says the tool will allow agents to look up information, ask follow-up questions and summarize daunting masses of data. “Then you can take it to the next level and start chatting and asking questions of the machines to give you answers, also sourced,” he said. “Our collection can just continue to grow and grow with no limitations other than how much things cost.”

The CIA hasn’t specified which AI tool it’s using as the foundation for its chatbot. Once the tool is available, the entire 18-agency U.S. intelligence community will have access to it. However, lawmakers and the public won’t be able to use it.

Nixon said the tool would follow U.S. privacy laws. However, he didn’t state how the government would safeguard it from leaking onto the internet or using information that’s acquired by questionable means but technically public. Federal agencies (including the Secret Service) and police forces have been caught bypassing warrants and using commercial marketplaces to buy troves of data. These have included cellphone locations, which the government can technically describe as open-source.

“The scale of how much we collect and what we collect on has grown astronomically over the last 80-plus years, so much so that this could be daunting and at times unusable for our consumers,” Nixon said. He envisions the tool allowing a scenario “where the machines are pushing you the right information, one where the machine can auto-summarize, group things together.”


Breitbart News reports that Amazon is reportedly investing $4 billion in the AI startup company Anthropic. This serves as Amazon’s entry into the AI arms race, a crowded field featuring Google, the partnership between ChatGPT developer OpenAI and Microsoft, and many other players.

Amazon and Anthropic revealed the deal on Monday, announcing that it is part of a broader collaboration between the two companies in order to develop foundation models that support generative AI systems, according to a report by ABC News.

Foundation models, also known as large language models, are technologies that function as platforms for AI applications. They are trained by using vast pools of online information, such as blog posts, digital books, articles, and music — to generate text, images, and video content that appears to have been created by a human.

The agreement also reportedly makes Amazon the AI startup’s primary cloud computing service. Anthropic will also be able to use the online retail giant’s custom chips in order to train and deploy its generative AI systems.

The San Francisco-based startup was founded by former staffers of OpenAI, the company responsible for the popular leftist AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Anthropic has already come out with its own ChatGPT rival, Claude, which is currently available in the UK and United States.

The latest version of Claude is capable of “sophisticated dialogue and creative content generation to complex reasoning and detailed instruction,” Anthropic said.


The Mullahs who run the Islamic Republic of Iran are looking to modernize their dictatorship. One of the ways they will do this is by using artificial intelligence to help clerics issue fatwas, or Islamic law rulings, at lightning speed.

As the Financial Times reports, state-linked officials in the theocracy's holy city of Qom are encouraging clerics to experiment with AI in an attempt to appear more progressive as the country marks the one-year anniversary of explosive protests following the death of a young woman who was killed in police custody for not properly wearing her Islamic headscarf.

Mohammad Ghotbi, the leader of a state-affiliated tech incubator in Iran, was quoted in the Financial Times, saying:

“Robots can’t replace senior clerics, but they can be a trusted assistant that can help them issue a fatwa in five hours instead of 50 days.”

While most Shia clerics spend weeks or months poring over Islamic texts, Ghotbi and his allied ayatollahs suggest that AI could speed up both the research and the public release of fatwas, which traditionally are issued on everything from patriotism to personal hygiene — but have, over the past few decades, often been issued in protest of Western cultural subjects, such as the infamous one against the novelist Salman Rushdie.

Ayatollah Arafi, a member of Iran's powerful Guardian Council and its Assembly of Experts, told the Financial Times:

“The seminary must get involved in using modern, progressive technology and artificial intelligence. We have to enter into this field to promote Islamic civilization.”


Just the News reports that the FBI took over a 2020 probe into voter registration fraud in Michigan and has denied a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the investigation, citing an exemption in that law regarding ongoing investigations.

According to the dozens of pages of police reports from the Muskegon Police Department and Michigan State Police, a firm called GBI Strategies was under scrutiny as an organization central to alleged voter registration fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The matter was initially investigated by city and state authorities before the FBI took over. 

That’s when, to nobody’s surprise, the entire investigation got bogged down.

Contacts between local law enforcement and the FBI continued into 2022 but there is no evidence of what happened after that in the memos obtained by Just the News through requests made under Michigan's own Freedom of Information Act.

Last week, the FBI denied a Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts request from Just the News regarding records from the investigation into GBI Strategies.


President Trump on Tuesday responded to a New York judge’s decision to rescind his business licenses as punishment in Letitia James’ civil lawsuit.

A New York judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against President Trump.

Judge Arthur Engoron ruled on Tuesday that Trump and the Trump Organization are liable for fraud. A non-jury trial begins on October 2nd.

The Associated Press reported:

“Engoron ordered that some of Trump’s business licenses be rescinded as punishment, making it difficult or impossible for them to do business in New York, and said he would continue to have an independent monitor oversee Trump Organization operations. If not successfully appealed, the order would strip Trump of his authority to make strategic and financial decisions over some of his key properties in the state.”

Trump responded to the judge’s ruling on Tuesday evening, stating on his Truth Social:

“My civil rights have been violated, and some Appellate Court, whether federal or state, must reverse this horrible, un-American decision.”

Letitia James has been harassing Trump and his family…just as she promised she would.

Back in November 2018, right after her election, Letitia James immediately began cursing and threatening President Donald Trump.

WATCH VIDEO (she uses mild profanity)


CVS pharmacy chain has announced that it is closing 900 stores by the end of 2024, citing shoplifting as a major issue.

This news comes at the same time that Target has announced the closure of nine stores for similar reasons.

The Daily Mail reports:

CVS says it will close 900 stores by the end of 2024 – that’s 10% of all its locations – as it moves to an online strategy amid rampant increase in shoplifting.


The chain says it is undergoing a complete retail overhaul – as more outlets move towards online sellers amid rampant increases in crime.

The major drugstore chain is coming to the end of a policy launched in 2021 which will see 300 stores closed each year – meaning 900 will have shuttered by 2024.

In the announcement, which has hit headlines again recently amid shoplifting at the chain, bosses they said that they were undergoing a new “retail footprint strategy.”

CVS and other retailers across the U.S. continue to adjust to post-pandemic footfall, with Covid helping turbocharge the popularity of online shopping.

More shoppers are turning to buying online in the wake of the pandemic, as well as rocketing levels of shoplifting affecting sales in stores.

CVS claims that “local market dynamics, population shifts, and a community’s store density” are some of the aspects it has looked into when deciding which stores to shutter.

Once again, criminals are making life worse for other people.


And it’s not just CVS scrambling to deal with the dramatic rise in organized theft at retail stores.

Here is a clip of an Apple store being raided in a post to X. I’m not sure of the location, but clearly it’s organized and clearly there is no police effort to stop it.


This is the new normal in Joe Biden’s America. Brace yourselves, folks, because I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


Target announced plans to close another nine stores in four states, including one in East Harlem, New York, three in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as three in Portland, Oregon, and two in Seattle, Washington.

Target, like CVS, also cited theft and organized retail crime that have threatened the safety of its workers and customers.

The closings will be effective October 21. Target said it still will have a combined 150 stores open in the markets where the closures are taking place. Target will offer affected workers the opportunity to transfer to other stores.

In a statement, Target described the decision as “difficult,” adding:

“We know that our stores serve an important role in their communities, but we can only be successful if the working and shopping environment is safe for all.”

Before making the decision, Target said it had invested heavily in strategies to prevent and stop theft such as adding more security team workers, using third-party guard services and installing theft deterrent tools like locking up merchandise. It also has trained store leaders and security team members to protect themselves and de-escalate potential safety issues. But Target noted that despite those efforts, it continues to face “fundamental challenges” to operate the stores safely - and the business performance at these locations was not sustainable.

Target CEO Brian Cornell has been highlighting the problem of rising theft for over a year. Cornell had maintained until now that he didn't want to close any stores despite the mounting losses. Target said in May that theft was cutting into its bottom line and it expected related losses could be $500 million more than last year, when losses from theft were estimated at between $700 million to $800 million. Losses could top $1.2 billion this fiscal year.

This is likely just the beginning of Target’s demise. And I get the feeling Mr. Cornell will be announcing a lot more store closures in the months ahead. Not only is Target being hit by thieves, it’s also the target of a nationwide boycott by those Americans who aren’t fond of the company’s staunch support for drag queens and perverted ideologies that prey upon children.


In our Worldview Report commentary tonight, we take a look at the invasion of the drones. Police drones, that is.

Wired Magazine reports that nearly 1,500 US police departments operate drones but only about a dozen routinely dispatch them in response to 911 calls, according to ACLU research.

Drone maker Skydio aims to see that change, with a new model launched last week called the X10 that will be marketed almost exclusively to police departments. The goal, CEO Adam Bry said during a launch event last week, is to “get drones everywhere they can be useful in public safety.”

That’s like giving a kid access to a candy jar without any rules or restrictions.

The new drone is capable of flying at speeds of 45 miles per hour and is small enough to fit into the trunk of a police car. It has infrared sensors that can be used to track people and fly autonomously, even in the dark. Four payload bays on the X10 can carry accessories like a speaker, spotlight, or a parachute for emergency landings. A 65X zoom camera can read a license plate from 800 feet away and follow a vehicle from a distance of 3 miles.

Bry says, “I think mitigating or eliminating high-speed chases will be one of the major applications that we'll see with customers, largely based on that zoom camera.”

Civil liberties advocates told Wired that there is a lack of rules to limit drone use in sensitive contexts like public protests or in concert with other forms of surveillance technology.

Wired reports that Skydio was chosen in 2020 as one of a handful of companies approved for use by branches of the U.S. military, meaning these drones can be outfitted with weapons as well as surveillance tools.

Some of Skydio’s customers include BNSF Railway, utility companies in California and Illinois, and multiple law enforcement agencies that include the NYPD.

At a press conference in July, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced that his police department would begin controlling drone flight licenses for the city. While holding a Skydio remote control as a prop, he voiced support for using drones for all sorts of policing options.

At the Skydio press conference and product launch last week, New York Police Department Chief of Patrols John Chell said in the near future he envisions the city police academy training recruits in how to pilot drones, placing at least one drone at each of the more than 70 precincts across New York.

The NYPD’s new interest in drones has drawn criticism from civil liberties groups, but also from less expected voices.

Curtis Sliwa founded the New York neighborhood-watch group Guardian Angels in 1979 to patrol city streets. Last month, Sliwa stated on his radio show that NYPD and Adams used drones to intimidate the crowd while Sliwa spoke at a recent anti-immigration protest. Here is Sliwa addressing the situation:

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:28)

There you have what is likely the real reason for the increase in drone usage by police departments nationwide. Tracking, spying on political enemies and government intimidation of dissidents. We are entering an Orwellian phase here in America. And very few politicians at the national or state levels are talking about this abuse of police powers. We must make our voices heard against this militarization of police at the local level, or it will boomerang into a full-blown police state.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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