Christian Minister Calls Pro-Jihad Muslim Imam Mentor & Invites Him to Make Video on Islam For Christians

Worldview Radio: Christian Minister Calls Pro-Jihad Muslim Imam Mentor & Invites Him to Make Video on Islam For Christians 

James White & His Radical Muslim Imam Friend Exposed in One Hour In Their Own Words. Topic: James White says radical Memphis Imam with reported ties to Jihad proponents has been his mentor in part on Islam. Topic: James White wants radical Islamic Imam Yasir Qadhi to teach Christians about true Islam by making a video? Topic: James White says Christians and Muslims are going to need each other as secularism takes over. Topic: Yasir Qadhi says what ISIS is doing is a new thing. Wrong! Topic: James White says Yasier Qadhi has moved to the left but the evidence does not show that according to the research of Brannon and numerous Islamic experts Brannon quotes. Topic: Hear Yasir Qadhi go unchallenged by James White as Yasir gives an inaccurate view of what Islam says about Jesus, His Second Coming and Jesus being Messiah and in a church no less. Topic: Former law enforcement officials in Tennessee have talked with Brannon and Shahram to let them know the information they are presenting has also come to their attention and they are thankful for their reporting and are providing them with more reports to read. Topic: The followers of James White seem to lack enough discernment to understand the gospel issues and national security issues at stake. The followers of White seem desperate and only committed to making excuses and personal attacks on Brannon, Usama, and Shahram while ignoring all the documented facts they have presented. Guests: Shahram Hadian and Usama Dakdok. 

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