Is China Practicing For An Invasion of Taiwan? Worldview Report For May 13, 2022

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Good evening everyone and welcome to another edition of the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares had warned the “extreme left” against political violence in the wake of the leaked draft opinion striking down Roe v. Wade.

A few days later a bullet was fired through his office window.

According to a report in the National File, Miyares threatened stiff legal consequences against the pro-abortion radicals planning and executing attacks on churches should they follow through with attack plans in Virginia.

Operating under names like “Ruth Sent Us,” far-left, pro-abortion radicals have threatened and carried out attacks on churches and pro-life groups across the country in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s leak. In one instance, the offices of a pro-life Wisconsin nonprofit were fire bombed. Another firebombing took place in Keizer, Oregon, over the weekend.

Now we have someone firing a bullet into the Virginia Attorney General’s Office just days after AG Jason Miyares issued a public statement warning the “extreme left” of the legal consequences they could face should they choose to attack Virginia churches.

Miyares said in a statement the day before Mother’s Day that he would be monitoring the protests and would not hesitate to bring lawsuits against anyone who disrupts a religious service.

Two days later, on Monday night, a bullet was found by custodial staff at the Virginia Attorney General’s sixth floor office in Richmond’s Barbara Johns Building. Police were called to the scene and when they arrived, found a small hole in the office’s window indicating where the bullet had entered, the Washington Examiner reports.

Despite countless threats made against pro-life activists, elected officials, and Supreme Court Justices, Chief Deputy AG Chuck Slemp chose to downplay the shooting incident to the press and claimed it doesn’t appear that the office was targeted.

AG Miyares has yet to respond to the incident.

Slemp told The Examiner “There is no indication this incident was targeted at the OAG specifically or any individual employee.”

While this shooting does not appear to have been intended to hit any human target, no one can deny that the timing of it seems to send a chilling message.


It got even more expansive in April for American families to put food on their tables.

Food prices shot up 9.4 percent compared with a year earlier, according to data released by the Department of Labor on Wednesday.

This marks the highest rate of inflation for food since 1981. Grocery store prices were up by even more, 10.8 percent.  The broader Consumer Price Index rose by 8.3 percent.

As Breitbart reports, even the kitchen table itself is more expensive. Prices for the category of “living room, kitchen, and dining room” furniture are up 15 percent compared with a year ago.


Republicans in the House of Representatives overwhelmingly joined Democrats in voting for an additional $40 billion in aid to Ukraine on Tuesday with only 57 conservatives opposing the move as Americans suffer at home under crushing inflation, skyrocketing food and gas prices, an open border and other oppressive leftist policies, reports Bizpac Review.

The final vote was 368 to 57 with 149 Republicans voting in favor of the globalist give-away. Many of these same Republicans couldn’t find one penny to pay for Donald Trump’s border wall.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted the bill saying it spoke volumes that Congress can afford to send $40 billion to Ukraine when mothers can’t even find baby formula for their hungry children on store shelves in America.

The Georgia Congresswoman spoke on the House floor, stating:

“Stop funding regime change and money laundering scams! The American people do not support paying for constant U.S. involvement in foreign affairs while our own government fails our own country!”



Citing "very serious constitutional questions," Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, has launched an investigation into the CDC's actions in tracking the cellphones of millions of Americans during the pandemic.

You’ll recall that we reported a couple of days ago that the national health ministry in Canada was tracking the movement of Canadian citizens during Covid using cellphone data.

Well, now we know that our own federal bureaucracy here in the U.S. was doing the exact same thing. This was part of the international protocols that were recommended by the World Health Organization, and most Western governments follow those guidelines religiously.

Senator Johnson has written a letter to Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, warning, “It remains unclear why the CDC tracked millions of Americans during the pandemic and whether it continues to do so. In response to COVID-19, the CDC should have been prioritizing the development of treatments, effective testing, and vaccine safety rather than tracking Americans' daily lives.”

Johnson said, in a report by John Solomon at Just the News, “Just because data exists, doesn't mean that the government should be using it to track Americans; I would think that that really raises some very serious constitutional issues.”

Johnson is requesting information from the CDC on the purchase and use of cellphone location data, and whether the CDC has exploited other methods of spying on Americans.

World Net Daily reported last week that the CDC purchased the location data for tens of millions of Americans' cellphones to analyze and assess their compliance with COVID lockdowns, targeting people visiting schools, churches and other venues.

Cyber-security expert Joseph Cox wrote in an article for Vice, “Newly released documents showed the CDC planned to use phone location data to monitor schools and churches, and wanted to use the data for many non-COVID-19 purposes too.”

This is yet another anti-American activity that our government engaged in under the pretext of protecting us from a virus. When does it end? Where does it end? Where is the line over which the government can’t cross, regardless of any emergency, real or manufactured?

These are questions that everyone in America, the supposed land of the free, deserves answers to. It’s long overdue. We need to have that debate, and soon. Because as we’ve seen, medical tyranny can quickly turn into generalized, permanent tyranny over all aspects of life.


Another brave member of Congress that we’d like to highlight tonight is Rep. Lauren Boebert, Republican of Colorado. She is the congresswoman, you will recall, who stood down Nancy Pelosi for her right to carry a pistol in the Capitol. She is rock solid on the Second Amendment but now we find out she’s willing to go to bat for Americans on the First Amendment as well.

Take a look at this impassioned speech she gave on the House floor earlier this week in which she called for defunding Biden’s newly created Disinformation Governance Board, which critics have mockingly referred to as the Ministry of Truth.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 3:23)

That’s what being America-first looks like. Boebert, by the way, was one of the 57 members of Congress who voted against the $40 billion Ukrainian giveaway. We need many more Republicans like her in Congress. As we’ve seen from the Ukraine vote, roughly two-thirds of the Republicans in the U.S. House are globalist, not America-first. Their first inclination is to help other countries, sending Americans’ blood and treasure out of the country in defense of other regimes in other countries where there is no fundamental American national security interest at stake.


The Chinese military deployed forces all around the island of Taiwan over the weekend, staging massive military drills that one Chinese military analyst called a “rehearsal of possible real action.”

American Military News reported that on Monday, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced its Eastern Theater Command organized maritime, aerial, conventional missile and other forces around Taiwan and carried out drills around the island from Friday to Sunday.

China considers the independent, autonomous island of Taiwan as part of its territory and Chinese officials have repeatedly discussed reunification with the island. This, by Chinese definition, implies the use of military force against Taiwan.

The Chinese state-run Global Times publication reported maritime, aerial, and conventional missiles and “other forces” participated in the provocative exercises around Taiwan.

During the drills, American Military News reports that China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier deployed east of the island while a large number of Chinese aircraft and warships carried out drills to the island’s west.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense documented multiple instances of Chinese military aircraft entering its airspace over the course of the three-day exercise. 12 Chinese fighter jets, two bombers and four other Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s airspace on Friday. And repeated encroachments were made by China into Taiwanese airspace on Saturday and Sunday.

Song Zhongping, a Chinese mainland military analyst, told the Chinese state publication that the PLA’s drills were “like a rehearsal of possible real action.” Song noted the participation of air and naval forces, but noted the seeming lack of amphibious landings and actions by ground forces during the drills.

According to the Global Times, Song stated that:

“In preparation of and a possible real action of military conflict in the Taiwan Straits, all PLA forces will play their roles, as they will surround the entire island, seal it off and launch effective strikes.”


More evidence that a Chinese move for Taiwan is nearing came on Tuesday, May 10, two days after the weekend military exercises concluded.

A Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter reportedly violated Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, or ADIZ. And we are getting reports that, for the first time, one of these attack helicopters crossed the so-called median line, an informal boundary running down the center of the Taiwan Strait, according to a report by Thomas Newdick, who operates a blog on military issues called The Warzone.

The appearance of the attack helicopter, which is operated by both the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force and the Air Force Airborne Corps, marks the latest new Chinese incursion to this sensitive part of the ADIZ. It also points to the growing importance of rotary forces around the Taiwan Strait, including the massive Chinese helicopter base that’s strategically positioned to support future operations in the Strait or even a potential invasion of Taiwan.

You can see the Z-10 in action in this August 2020 training video from the People’s Liberation Army.

Although operated by the Army, the Z-10s have been used in amphibious exercises since at least 2014, including flying from larger assault ships. Indeed, as part of a wider People’s Liberation Army campaign against Taiwan, it’s likely that Z-10s would be expected to operate from mainland bases, dispersed sites, warships, captured islands, as well as rapidly established forward locations. 


As we reported earlier in this newscast, the CDC is using Covid to spy on Americans and track their movement.

But the federal government has myriad ways of surveilling Americans, not just through the CDC.

There is of course the NSA.

But what about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE?

This agency has done a poor job over the years of keeping track of illegal immigrants crossing the border, which it is not allowed to do under the Biden regime.

But, according to an article in Yahoo News, they do a pretty good job of surveilling American citizens and they get lots of money from Congress to do this.

According to the article, ICE:

“Has crafted a sophisticated surveillance dragnet designed to spy on most people living in the United States, without the need for warrants and many times circumventing state privacy laws.”

The article is based upon the findings of a two-year investigation released Tuesday by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology.

The Georgetown report concludes that the agency has gone well beyond its immigration enforcement mandate, “instead evolving into something of a broader domestic surveillance agency.”

While these surveillance activities would be justified if limited to illegal aliens, the report says that legal immigrants and even long-time citizens are often caught up in the dragnet.

The agency skirts privacy laws by hiring third-party outfits — utility companies, private databases and even the department of motor vehicles in some states — to amass a trove of information from hundreds of thousands of Americans and legal immigrants.

ICE spent an estimated $2.8 billion between 2008 and 2021 on surveillance, data collection and data-sharing initiatives, according to the Georgetown report.

Nina Wang, a policy associate at the Center on Privacy & Technology and a co-author of the study, said:

“I was alarmed to discover that ICE has built up a sweeping surveillance infrastructure capable of tracking almost anyone, seemingly at any time. ICE has ramped up its surveillance capacities in near-complete secrecy and impunity, sidestepping limitations and flying under the radar of lawmakers.”

This is just another case of mission creep, where a federal agency gradually expands beyond its original mission. It’s happened with the CDC, the NSA, the CIA, the EPA, the IRS, the Department of Education, Department of Energy, the FBI and now ICE.


In a newly released video clip, Biden’s new disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz, demands that “trustworthy verified people” like her be given the power to edit other people’s tweets, making Twitter more like Wikipedia.

Yes, you heard that right.

She wants to edit your social media posts.

Jankowicz is whining about the fact there are people on Twitter with different opinions from her who also have the blue check-mark but “shouldn’t be verified” because they’re “not trustworthy.”

Here she is explaining her ideas on how to improve Twitter.


You truly could not make this stuff up. If this were placed in a novel it would be a dismal failure. Nobody would believe the enemies within, people like Nina Jankowicz who are clearly communist revolutionaries, would be appointed to such high positions of power and turned against the people in such bold in-your-face fashion.


California plans to hire water cops to monitor people and businesses wasting water as statewide usage soared in March despite Gov. Gavin Newsom declaring a drought emergency last July and parts of Southern California under water restrictions, according to The Mercury News

The Santa Clara Valley Water District, south of the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes 15 cities and 2 million residents, is considering hiring water cops to police neighborhoods and business districts for water wasters. Violators could be fined up to $500. 

Water cops may slap citations on people for watering their yards for long periods of time and washing cars in the driveway, Zero Hedge reports.

Aaron Baker, the COO of Valley Water, told CBS News that water cops are "needed because of the unprecedented times we're in, and because we aren't making enough progress on our water savings." 

The idea of water cops monitoring people’s usage comes as California's total water usage in March was the most since 2015 despite calls for conservation amid a megadrought

California Water Resources Control Board said water usage jumped 19% compared to March 2020. 


Brace yourselves for more supply chain disruptions. These new warnings from the trucking industry are nothing short of alarming.

Major trucking fleets across the eastern half of the U.S. are preparing for an imminent diesel shortage, according to logistics firm FreightWaves

Founder and CEO of FreightWaves Craig Fuller said three very large fleets are preparing for diesel pumps at fuel stations to run dry. Drivers of these fleets received notifications about fuel shortages that could materialize in the coming weeks across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.


Fuller tweeted several messages that drivers received from fleet operators.


The Northeast could run low on diesel fuel within the next week or two, according to the reports, followed by other regions of the country.


Time now for our nightly commentary.

We all know that China and Australia have been the models for the Great Reset, evident by the way both nations went about zealously enforcing lockdowns and other draconian measures in response to the Covid pandemic.

Now, some disturbing news out of Australia, which, if you recall, was a free country before the onset of Covid.

The nation’s Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill of 2022 has had its second reading in parliament. Biosecurity is stated as the reason for the changes. It would reportedly prevent Australians from growing their own food on their own private property.


This is straight out of the playbook of the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset.

Remember the slogan of the Great Reset is that “you will own nothing and be happy.”

I guess that means you must not only be compliant but also dependent.

Dependent on the government for everything, including your food, which will be supplied by Bill Gates in the form of lab-grown meat and genetically modified foods of every kind. That’s not going to fly in many places. They can keep it in Australia and China.

That’s our newscast for tonight. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll be back with another edition of the Worldview Report tomorrow evening. Until then, good night and God bless.


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