The CDC Website Posts Eerie Warning About Anthrax

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  • The CDC puts out a bizarre warning on its website about anthrax poisoning. Does the agency know something we don’t? Oh, and there just happens to be a new anthrax vaccine ready for public intake.
  • Parts of rural Los Angeles County have been placed under an agricultural quarantine after more than 20 invasive fruit flies were detected capable of destroying fruit crops.
  • A member of Congress was hospitalized over the weekend after experiencing a sudden onset of facial numbness.
  • Another NFL football player reveals that he has been diagnosed with pericarditis, a serious heart problem that will take him out of action for the foreseeable future.
  • And Democrats, socialists and globalists all sing the praises of certain eco-friendly products like solar panels and LED lights. They’re going to save the planet, they say, by mandating the use of their favored products while banning others they consider less green. But what are the facts? Do the favored products really go easier on the environment? We’ll take a look.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website has an eerie warning regarding anthrax.

The CDC’s website warns that “If a bioterrorist attack were to happen, Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria that causes anthrax, would be one of the biological agents most likely to be used.”

The CDC’s warning continues, stating “Anthrax makes a good weapon because it can be released quietly and without anyone knowing. The microscopic spores could be put into powders, sprays, food, and water. Because they are so small, you may not be able to see, smell, or taste them.”


As The Gateway Pundit reported last week, the FDA recently approved Emergent BioSolution’s new anthrax vaccine for adults 18-65.

The FDA approved Cyfendus for use for any confirmed or suspected exposure to anthrax but it must be administered with antibacterial drugs.

Per the CDC:

If a bioterrorist attack were to happen, Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria that causes anthrax, would be one of the biological agents most likely to be used. Biological agents are germs that can sicken or kill people, livestock, or crops. Anthrax is one of the most likely agents to be used because Anthrax spores are easily found in nature, can be produced in a lab, and can last for a long time in the environment.

Anthrax makes a good weapon because it can be released quietly and without anyone knowing. The microscopic spores could be put into powders, sprays, food, and water. Because they are so small, you may not be able to see, smell, or taste them. Anthrax has been used as a weapon before.

Anthrax has been used as a weapon around the world for nearly a century. In 2001, powdered anthrax spores were deliberately put into letters that were mailed through the U.S. postal system. Twenty-two people, including 12 mail handlers, got anthrax, and five of these 22 people died.

Anthrax cases among livestock in the US have seen a spike in recent months.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health recently reported their first case of cattle being infected with anthrax in over a decade.

Back in March, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he believes the CIA was connected to the 2001 anthrax attacks.


Part of Los Angeles County has been placed under an agricultural quarantine after more than 20 invasive fruit flies were detected in the unincorporated area of Stevenson Ranch near the city of Santa Clarita.

This the first Tau fruit fly quarantine ever in the Western Hemisphere, according to California’s Department of Food and Agriculture.

The fly is native to Asia and a serious pest for agriculture and natural resources, an agency press release stated.

The invasive insect chomps on a wide range of hosts, including numerous fruits and vegetables, and a select range of plants to California, the release added.

The quarantine encompasses Stevenson Ranch near the city of Santa Clarita. The quarantine zone covers a 79-square-mile area near the city of 225,000 residents.

Agriculture officials in the Golden State speculate the fly was likely introduced by travelers bringing uninspected produce into the state. An agency spokesperson called it a common pathway for invasive species.

The movement of fruits and vegetables is now severely restricted within the affected region.

Quarantined residents may not remove any fruits or vegetables from their property, according to a KTLA report. They may safely consume or process the produce, but it must remain at the property.

On properties within 200 meters of detections, agricultural agency staff will cut host fruit and vegetables to inspect for any fruit fly larvae that may be present.

Those properties will also be treated with a naturally derived organic-approved material known as Spinosad, to help remove any live adult fruit flies and reduce the density of the population.

Fly traps using a pheromone lure and a small amount of pesticide will be used on quarantined properties further from the spots where fruit flies were detected, the press release explained.

A single female can lay more than 400 eggs during her lifetime. The eggs are laid on various host fruits, causing them to rot and rendering them unfit for human consumption or sale.


U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) was hospitalized over the weekend after experiencing a sudden onset of facial numbness, according to a statement from her which read:

“While with my family in Montgomery this past weekend, I experienced a sudden onset of numbness in my face. I was admitted to Baptist Medical Center South for evaluation. Doctors determined that my symptoms were a result of swelling of a facial nerve, most likely caused by a post-viral infection.”

Britt said a second medical opinion confirmed the diagnosis and she will now be treated on an outpatient basis.

“My condition is not life-threatening, and recovery could take several weeks,” she added. “I am grateful for the medical professionals providing excellent care, and my family and I are deeply grateful for your prayers.”

The 41-year-old senator’s recovery may span several weeks, but she has been released from the hospital and is recuperating at home, The Hill reports.

The incident has unfolded during the Senate’s August recess, and it remains to be seen how this might impact Britt’s responsibilities.

Known for her low-profile approach, she serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee and recently became part of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s leadership team.

The committee is set to address government funding and avoidance of a shutdown for Fiscal 2024.

The Alabama senator is serving in her first term in office after winning her election in November.

Britt is the first woman to be elected to represent Alabama in the Senate and the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the upper chamber, according to Fox News.


More than a year after most of the COVID-19 mandates have been dropped, there are over 100 colleges across the United States that are still enforcing vaccine mandates for students and staff.

A report from No College Mandates lists 104 colleges and universities that still require COVID vaccinations—some even for participation in online learning programs.


The list of schools requiring the toxic COVID jabs and boosters include Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers University, DePauw University, Sarah Lawrence College, University of Pittsburgh, Oberlin, Swarthmore, Julliard, Furman, and San Diego State University, among others.

The Daily Wire reported that student Diamond Ellie Puentes, who was expelled from Union College last spring for refusing a “COVID booster shot because she became ill after taking the second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, is now suing Union College over her treatment and expulsion.”

Schools that advocate vaccine mandates point to current FDA and CDC recommendations. However, public trust in those institutions is waning and many are encouraging schools to revise their admissions and “guidance” policies.


Denver Broncos wide receiver KJ Hamler revealed on Tuesday, August 1, that he has been diagnosed with pericarditis.

The news comes after Hamler experienced chest pains during a workout before the start of the training camp.

Hamler wrote on Instagram:

“After feeling some chest pains while working out on the break before camp started, I got everything checked out and was diagnosed with mild heart irritation, called pericarditis. I’ve got a great treatment plan with medicine and am taking a quick break to get this all taken care of so I can get back to doing what I love.”

Hamler expressed his frustration at the diagnosis, especially as he was prepared for a breakout season, but affirmed his determination to overcome the setback. He assured fans that this is not a farewell but rather a temporary break for his health.

Hamler’s teammates, coaches, and fans have rallied around him, showing an outpouring of support. The Broncos organization has not released specific details about the cause of Hamler’s condition. 

Of course, they would not. Because they know that Hamler was healthy before he was vaxxed, and they also know that it was their own heavy handed team policy that encouraged players to get jabbed with an unproven, experimental, toxic gene therapy treatment disguised as a “vaccine.”

We should say that we don’t know for certain that Hamler took the Covid vaccine. But the odds are heavily weighted that he did because in July 2021, the Denver Broncos reported that 95 percent of their team roster had received at least one Covid shot.


The CEO of Moderna says that in 2019 he told his team that the company was going to make a billion dollars “next year” because “there’s going to be a pandemic.” Which makes his interview with Maria Bartiromo even more interesting than we originally thought.

Bartiromo asked Stephane Bancel about Moderna’s 2017 patent matching a C-19 genetic sequence.



The Missouri Democrat Party openly called to burn down the homes of Trump supporters.

Jon Cooper, a Biden/Obama lackey, tweeted a photo Monday of a home decorated with pro-Trump signs.


“What would you do if this was your next-door neighbor?” he asked in the caption.

The Missouri Democrat Party responded by calling for the home to be burned down.


“The roof, the roof is on [fire emoji] we don’t need no water, let the ‘insert your word’ burn!” the official account of the Missouri Democrat party said in a since-deleted tweet in response to Jon Cooper.

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the Missouri Democrat Party’s terroristic threat.

“No big deal, just the official account of the Missouri Democrat Party openly calling to burn down the homes of Trump supporters.” Don Jr. said.


Michael Shellenberger, a best-selling author of several books about the environment, including “Apocalypse Never” and “San Fransicko,” recently weighed in with his opinion of solar panels, the chief component of solar energy, which so many liberals say are necessary to “save the planet.” Solar panels are anything but earth-friendly, nor are they safe to dispose of after their shelf-life runs out.


Shellenberger stated in his tweet: “People think solar panels are good for the environment but they’re not. They’re made with toxic heavy metals and aren’t recycled. Most are made with coal in China and produce 3x more CO2 than IPCC thought. And they require 300-600x more land than other energy sources.”

That tweeted video with comment from Shellenberger received 3.5 million views as of Tuesday afternoon, August. 1.


As we reported last night, Joe Biden and his environmental tyrants are coming for your light bulbs.

They say it’s yet another way to save the planet, by replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

Again, that’s a lie. These new bulbs that our illegitimate president wants us to use are actually more harmful to the environment and much more harmful to the human eye. This is one reason why President Trump canceled Obama’s ban on incandescent bulbs.

Take a look.


There you go. “Earth friendly,” even though they contain mercury and lead. It’s all a scam, folks.


Canada’s Liberal government is losing the fealty of its Muslims.

For years, Muslims could be counted on to vote Liberal. That trend could be about to reverse itself due to the radical policies of Justin Trudeau’s government related to the sexualization of school children.

Ottawa businessman and Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh is organizing a Million Person March to protest gender ideology and “Pride” month in schools. 

He told The Post Millennial that his goal is to bring together a million Canadians of all faiths from coast to coast on September 20th.

Although he has rarely been in the media spotlight as a businessman, El-Cheikh has become a prominent protest organizer in the last months as he has led groups of Muslims and Christians in Ottawa who are opposed to children being told they can change their gender without telling their parents while being exposed to pornographic literature in schools. 

He told the Post Millennial:

“I am optimistic – absolutely. You know, if [there's] one thing that's going to inspire Canadians from coast to coast to go down and protest it's the kids and their innocence and it's families.”

El-Cheikh says LGBTQ ideology is being preached to children and he shared photographs with The Post Millennial of school pamphlets that specifically target Muslim children. One such form asks the question, “Can I still be Muslim if I am queer?”

The literature assures the reader that there is no conflict between Islam and homosexuality, a contention that El-Cheikh called blasphemy. He said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's insistence that Muslims accept his views on LGBTQ ideology amounts to a fatwa, or an edict on faith and morals.

Even though the material is presented by imans who have apparently bought into gender ideology, El-Cheikh said the kids rejected his words. 

“The kids called them out on it and they told them, ‘Excuse me sir, you're a liar.’ These are 14-year-old kids and they walked out of class anyway.”

El-Cheikh spoke to a group of protesters on June 13. He said that speech urged Muslims, Christians and people of all faiths to band together to protect their children from the state.


When the June jobs report came out, President Joe Biden crowed that it was “Bidenomics in action.”

But behind the happy talk of the White House statement, buried in the depths of a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is the revelation that more than five million Americans who are not working were not counted in the unemployment rate, which stands at 3.6 percent.

Every American willing to work hard should be able to get a job no matter where they live – in the heartland, in small towns, in big cities – to raise their kids on a good paycheck and keep their roots where they grew up.

That’s the American dream.

The number of persons not in the labor force who currently want a job was 5.4 million in June, little changed from the prior month, the report said.

“These individuals were not counted as unemployed because they were not actively looking for work during the four weeks preceding the survey or were unavailable to take a job.”

Unemployment for purposes of the unemployment rate requires an individual to have made “specific active efforts to find employment.” The means, for example, being involved in some government-linked activity to find work.

The report noted that 1.1 million people are counted as long-term unemployed, meaning they have been out of work for 27 weeks or more. The long-term unemployed amount to 18.5 percent of the overall population of unemployed people.

The report noted that many Americans are stuck in part-time jobs. It stated:

“The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons increased by 452,000 to 4.2 million in June, partially reflecting an increase in the number of persons whose hours were cut due to slack work or business conditions. Persons employed part time for economic reasons are individuals who would have preferred full-time employment but were working part time because their hours had been reduced or they were unable to find full-time jobs.”

The report noted that while some Americans struggle, the government sector grows.

Government jobs rose by 60,000 in June, having added an average of 63,000 jobs per month this year, after adding 23,000 jobs a month in 2022.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Are young people getting more liberal? What about high school boys in particular?

Most would say yes. And there seems to be plenty of examples of teens running amok.

But are the experts and the cultural reflections coming from Hollywood really giving us an accurate view of the field? There is actually some evidence that the tide may be about to swing in the other direction.

According to a new study, boys in grade 12 are nearly twice as likely to identify as conservative versus liberal, according to a respected federal survey of American youth. “On Balance” host Leland Vittert says it seems like Republicans are telling men to be what they want to be and Democrats are telling men to be ashamed of what they are.

In annual surveys over the last three years, roughly one-quarter of high school seniors self-identified as conservative or “very conservative” on the Monitoring the Future survey, a scholarly endeavor that dates to the 1970s. Only 13 percent of boys identified as liberal or very liberal in those years. 


News Nation notes that the figures represent a striking shift in the political views of boys. As recently as the late 2000s, liberal boys occasionally outnumbered conservatives. Back in the Carter era, both boys and girls leaned liberal. 


Let’s hope this trend continues. In the meantime, we can help it along by raising our boys not as the world would have us do, with cellphones and video games at the ready, but by instilling family values, actual human engagement with family members, and solid examples of Christian living from parents and grandparents. That’s the only way to reverse the trend of “garbage in, garbage out” and put our country back on the right track. It starts with the youth. We can do it, with God as our focus.

On that note, we wrap up another edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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