Blackrock Has Agreed to Promote "Gender Lens Investing" : September 13, 2022

INTRO: The pre-election purge is underway as Joe Biden’s Justice Department goes after its political enemies with house raids and subpoenas.

Another sting operation in Florida nets dozens of suspects engaged in sexual abuse of under-age children, including two who work at Disney and several others who work in either law enforcement or the teaching profession.

We’ve got several more cases to report of young healthy people dying suddenly under mysterious circumstances.

And is the CDC cooking the books to cover up data that shows the Covid vaccines are causing heart ailments? The shocking evidence is in.

We’ve also got some disturbing quotes from the new King of England.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Queen Elizabeth III has passed away after 70 years on the British throne, making her the longest-reigning monarch in the nation’s history.

Her son, Prince Charles, is now King.

This is significant because when the Covid bioweapon was released on the world, Charles was one of the first world leaders to jump at the chance to support the World Economic Forum’s so-called Great Reset, which seeks to transition the world into a digitalized one-world system based on the elimination of fossil fuels, forced vaccines for all and new restrictions on the lives of people everywhere.

Here is Prince Charles speaking in 2020 after the onslaught of Covid.


That video speaks for itself. He refers to a military operation to transition the world into an entirely new way of living. And what’s he referring to when he says he wants “trillions at his disposal?” Who is the male pronoun he refers to there? Some have speculated it appears to be a reference to some kind of antichrist figure who will be given a position of power over all nations. Yes, Prince, now King Charles, is a man who bears watching


The Biden Justice Department has launched a pre-election purge against Trump supporters and for the most part, the media is silent.

One exception is Tucker Carlson, who interviewed attorney Harmeet Dillon, three of whose clients were among the approximately 50 Trump supporters who either had their houses raided or received subpoenas to turn over documents.

Take a listen to his interview from September 9 with Dillon.

WATCH VIDEO (start this video at the 7-second mark)

So if nothing else, this seems to be an attempt at intimidation. Just like they threaten lawyers who defend Trump with disbarment, now they’re threatening election integrity activists by bashing down their front doors in the middle of the night.

Is there any question left that America has become an authoritarian society?

And as Tucker said, the liberals who scream the loudest about “democracy, democracy!” are totally fine with this transition into a dictatorship.


Journalist J.D. Rucker at the Liberty Daily reports that another major sex-trafficking sting has gone down in Florida, revealing Disney has “a penchant for hiring creeps, groomers, and rapists.” The latest bust found two more Disney employees among the alleged abusers.

According to Fox News, a sex sting operation in Florida led to 160 arrests of sex workers and those who solicit their services, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.

Among those arrested in the week-long Operation Fall Haul II were two Disney employees, a state corrections officer, several teachers and a deputy police chief from Georgia.

Rucker notes that some may point out that two Disney employees out of 160 perverts isn’t that many. After all, Florida is among states with the highest number employed by the company. But two out of 160 is 1.25% and it seems every new sting nabs at least one or two and often more from Disney.

There have been excuses made that since Disney works with children, predators are drawn to the company. But Rucker asks, what if it’s the other way around? What if Disney does what it can to attract groomers because that’s EXACTLY who they want to hire?


And now for the latest sad stories of a young people dying suddenly of unexplained causes. This time it’s out of Baltimore. They’re basically saying they don’t know what killed a 16-year-old athlete but it definitely wasn’t the jabs so don’t ask. According to the Baltimore Sun:

A Randallstown High School student died Tuesday after “experiencing a medical emergency” at a school sports practice.

The student, a junior whom Baltimore County Public Schools officials declined to identify, was at practice Tuesday afternoon when he experienced the medical emergency.

Baltimore County Police officers responded at approximately 6 p.m. to the school. Medics transported the victim to an area hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. Autopsy results are pending.

Jack Davis at the Western Journal didn’t mention the jabs but offered a subtle knock against the official narrative, saying “Officials did explain the nature of the emergency. The high temperature in Randallstown that day was 82 degrees.”

It’s not comfortable playing football in 82-degree heat, but high school athletes have played and practiced in much higher temperatures for decades.

The preponderance of cases in which young, fit athletes have been dying suddenly of “unknown” causes correlates perfectly with the rollout of the experimental Covid vaccines. Correlation is not causation, but there comes a point when there are just too many coincidences to not start asking questions and getting to the root cause of the phenomenon.

And of course, it’s not just athletes who are dying.

This past week a reporter for Global News Regina died suddenly in his home. He was only 24 years old.

Kimberley Fowler, a morning anchor for Canada’s Global Regina television network, shared the shocking and tragic news of the death of her colleague during a live telecast on September 9.


Also this week, the quarterback at Wake Forest University, Sam Hartman, was reportedly re-activated after being treated for a severe blood clot.


This has now passed the point at which any reasonable person can’t deny that something isn’t right about all these deaths and injuries. We have a problem. A global problem with teens and young healthy adults suddenly and mysteriously passing away, others suffering blood clots and debilitating heart attacks. We will continue to highlight each and every one of these cases as we hear about them, and, as Dr. Peter McCollough suggested in an interview I conducted last week, we will from this point forward assume that they are vaccine-related unless the families come forward and show us otherwise.


Now, some damning new evidence that the CDC has been covering up data that showed the Covid vaccines were causing significant numbers of severe heart conditions in young males.

The corporate media’s corrupt fact checkers have relied on the CDC as the gold standard for all Covid-related information, and these fact checkers have repeatedly slapped a "misinformation" label on any report that suggests the COVID vaccines are associated with a significantly higher rate of myocarditis, potentially causing blood clots, heart attack or stroke.

But the CDC's recently released analysis of its own Vaccine Safety Datalink data shows the incidence of myocarditis in vaccinated young men is three to five times higher than what the agency was reporting at this time last year, reports The Federalist.

In August last year, for example, the CDC reported 42.6 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis per million males ages 12-15 after vaccination. Now, the CDC says the rate is actually 150.5 per million, which aligns with information from health experts the media has maligned as purveyors of misinformation.

Data from a study conducted by medical scientist Tracy Hoeg and others in 2021 aligns with the latest CDC numbers, The Federalist points out.


BlackRock, the world’s largest investment portfolio manager, announced at the World Economic Forum summit in May 2022 that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations to promote the growth of “gender lens investing,” whatever that means.

The term is described by one multi-national accounting firm as “investing in organizations that promote workplace equity … or in organizations that offer products or services that improve the lives of women in a sustainable manner.”

In short, it’s part of the United Nations Agenda 2030 goals for so-called sustainable development, which is a euphemism used to describe a one-world control grid, a surveillance state, based on technocracy.

The CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, also sits on the board of the World Economic Forum, which is the world’s largest promoter of public-private partnerships. Perhaps the biggest PPP is between the WEF and the UN, which together are engaged in trying to bring about what they call the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a restructuring of the world’s economic and social standards in line with technocracy, transhumanism and the digitization of everything in a one-world system.

With annual revenue of $19.3 billion, BlackRock was accused in 2021 media stories of flexing its economic might by demanding “corporate polluters” to explain how they meet BlackRock’s goal of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 or risk BlackRock divesting from those companies with its managed funds, according to The Center Square.

At least two states are now starting to respond and push back.

State of Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar published a list of 10 financial companies that boycott energy companies. BlackRock was on his list.

Hegar said in a statement:

“The environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) movement has produced an opaque and perverse system in which some financial companies no longer make decisions in the best interest of their shareholders or their clients, but instead use their financial clout to push a social and political agenda shrouded in secrecy.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stated in a letter that BlackRock’s energy agenda may violate state laws across the country that are “requiring a sole focus on financial return.”

“Our states will not idly stand for our pensioners’ retirements to be sacrificed for BlackRock’s climate agenda,” Paxton’s letter stated, which was signed by a total of 19 GOP state attorneys general.

In August, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the State Board of Administration passed a resolution that removed ESG from consideration when it comes to investing state funds.

DeSantis said in a statement:

“Corporate power has increasingly been utilized to impose an ideological agenda on the American people through the perversion of financial investment priorities under the euphemistic banners of environmental, social, and corporate governance and diversity, inclusion, and equity.”


According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, Republican and Independent voters overwhelmingly agree that Biden should be impeached, along with a third of Democrats. 

Overall, 52 percent of likely U.S. voters say they would support the impeachment of Biden, with 38 percent saying they would strongly support it. 

The poll margin includes 77 percent of Republicans, 50 percent of Independents and 32 percent of Democrats who would like to see the current president get booted from his position. 

However, less than half of voters believe that Republicans will actually take action to impeach Biden. 

47 percent believe it is likely the GOP will attempt to impeach the Biden, while 43 percent don’t see it happening in his first term. 

“Support for impeaching Biden is highest among voters 40-64, who are also most likely to think that if Republicans win in the midterms, they actually will impeach the president. Retirees are least supportive of impeaching Biden,” the poll concluded. 


The CDC violated three federal laws in order to commit criminal data fraud and willful misconduct during the Covid scare of 2020, according to a member of America’s Frontline Doctors.

The Administrative Procedures Act requires every federal agency making changes to data to open public comments and to inform the Office of Management and Budget of any agency changes, notifying them of the required internal oversight. This involves filing the changes in the Federal Registry under the Paperwork Reduction Act. One of the laws that was broken, says Dr. Henry Ealy, was the Information Quality Act, which says an agency cannot use data from an outside source like the CDC used with its faulty projection models from Imperial College of London and University of Washington.

Ealy said in an interview with the Gateway Pundit that the CDC violated these laws by changing how death certificates must be reported, but only for Covid, making it possible for Covid to be put in place of the pre-existing conditions on the death certificates. This “allowed them to cook the books” and trigger the declaration of a national emergency, says Dr. Ealy in this interview with Alicia Powe of The Gateway Pundit.

Dr. Ealy has joined with two state senators to file a petition asking for a grand jury to look at these violations.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 2:27 mark to 5:49 mark)

Thank you to The Gateway Pundit for that important interview.


India has banned the export of broken rice and imposed a 20% duty on outbound shipments of other various grades, Reuters has reported. The South Asian nation cited food security concerns in making the move, which was announced on Thursday, as below-average monsoon rainfall had curtailed planting. India exports rice to more than 150 countries.

China’s rice crops are being devastated by flooding in some areas and drought in others.

And it’s not just rice. Wheat and corn crops, as well as potatoes, are all producing well below average harvests this year.

Michael Snyder, in a September 9 article at his Economic Collapse blog, says we’re about to enter the worst period of famine and hunger since the Great Depression.

He writes:

“We are in the beginning stages of the worst global food crisis that any of us have ever seen. Right now, crops are being devastated by endless drought all over the globe. China is currently experiencing the worst drought that it has witnessed in recorded history, the western half of the U.S. is in the midst of the worst multi-year megadrought in 1,200 years, and Europe is enduring the worst drought that it has been through in at least 500 years.”

He further explains that agricultural production is going to be way down all over Europe in 2022, “and now the energy crisis is threatening crops that have actually been grown successfully. That is because putting harvested vegetables in cold storage is no longer profitable because of how insanely high energy prices have become.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

MSNBC broadcaster Joe Scarborough told his audience on September 9 that Jesus deliberately avoided saying anything about the sanctity of unborn life.

Despite being what he said is a “backsliding” Southern Baptist, Scarborough said he still knows the Bible and that the most central figure of the New Testament, Jesus, never once asked His followers to protect life in the womb.


The Federalist cited multiple Christian theologians and pastors who debunked this popular pro-abortion talking point that blatantly ignores the obvious – that Jesus didn’t need to explicitly restate what the Bible, God’s Word, already says about the existence and sanctity of preborn human life.

Both the Old and New Testaments frequently acknowledge and refer to life in the womb as sacred. That’s why harm to an unborn Hebrew child was met with swift financial punishment as described in Exodus 21:22-25. It’s also why Deuteronomy 24:16 forbids children from being put to death for the sins of their parents.

Scarborough continued his twisted diatribe by claiming that “people perverting the gospel of Jesus Christ down to one issue,” saving preborn lives, are guilty of “heresy.” But it’s really Scarborough who is guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit – which the Bible calls the one unpardonable sin. Why? Because the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit is committed when you assign to God evil motives. In this case, Scarborough is telling people that God is OK with killing unborn babies, He must condone it because he never mentioned it in the New Testament.

That’s not only outrageous and despicable on its face, just in purely moral terms regardless of whether you’re Christian or not, but it puts his soul in grave danger. Pray for Joe Scarborough that he would be struck by the fear of God and seek repentance.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and for sharing this newscast with your friends and family. That’s the best way to support it, along with donating to the Worldview Weekend Foundation.

Thank you and God bless, and may God save America.

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