Biden Says The U.S. Is At Risk of Direct Conflict with Russia

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  • In the final hours of 2023, Russia and the United States-led NATO countries moved closer to World War III. We’ll bring you the details.
  • A veteran reporter with the mainstream corporate media with sources inside the intel agencies predicts a “Black Swan event” in 2024. Are the globalist elites trying to tell us something?
  • Muslim migrants allowed into Western Europe have raped a record-breaking number of German women. Is this a harbinger of what’s to come in America now that its border has been flung open?

All these stories and much more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Starting off tonight, Joe Biden, as reported at MSN, now says the United States is at risk of “direct conflict” with Russia “if the Kremlin succeeds in its war in Ukraine.”

All News Pipeline notes that Old Joe is: “Basically telling us that if Russia wins the war against Ukraine, which is looking more and more likely every day, it'll soon be the woke and broke U.S. military going toe to toe against the Russian military, and all of the death and destruction that would bring the world with it. Biden didn't bother to mention in those recent remarks the probability that such a conflict will end up bringing with it nuclear bombs exploding all across America.”

Does Biden think Vladimir Putin, who sits on the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, is just going to sit back and watch the U.S. invade his country?

Putin previously promised there is no such thing as the US “winning” a war against an enemy set to completely destroy Russia, even if Russia’s leadership is “all dead and gone.” He has something called Project Dead Hand in place and ready to go.

As All News Pipeline warned in a January 27th 2023 story Pandora's Box has been opened and “the Rush to Nuclear Annihilation Quickens.” Russian citizens are now calling on Putin to nuke the “Western Aggressors.” The story suggests that with Russian hypersonic missiles, it would take 75 seconds and “DC Disappears.” In fact, Russia's advanced Project Dead Hand assures the destruction of America should Biden get us into a war directly with Russia and launch a first strike against Moscow. As Wikipedia reports of Russia’s Project Dead Hand, the system remains in place to this day.

Dead Hand is a “fail-safe Russian system that will automatically launch nuclear weapons at Russia's enemies, even if the entire Russian chain of command has been incapacitated. Dead Hand is a Cold War-era automatic nuclear weapons-control system (similar in concept to the American AN/DRC-8 Emergency Rocket Communications System) that was constructed by the Soviet Union. 

This system can automatically initiate the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) by sending a pre-entered highest-authority order from the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Strategic Missile Force Management to command posts and individual silos if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity, and pressure sensors. It can do this even with the human command structure fully destroyed.

Biden appears to be ignoring the very real chance that Washington, DC and much of America might be vaporized or quite literally sent back to a new Dark Age should a direct war between the U.S. and Russia break out.

As we see in his recent remarks, reported by All News Pipeline, the Biden regime is using what it calls the “Ukraine situation” to steal more money from the American taxpayer and bring death and destruction to planet Earth, especially here in America. 

Remember the Deagel population forecast. It predicted a few years back that by the end of 2025, the U.S. would lose more than 68 percent of its population and its closest ally, the U.K., would lose more than 75 percent of its population. Russia and China were forecast to have relatively stable population numbers by the end of 2025. What does that tell you? Did the Deagel Corporation, heavily influenced by the CIA, have access to secret information regarding a future World War and which nations would fare the worst in such a war? You be the judge.


The direct confrontation hinted at by Biden, between the U.S. and Russia, appears to have already started in the closing hours of 2023.

A missile barrage into Russia was launched from Ukraine on December 30, killing upwards of 20 Russian civilians.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the official Russian news agency TASS that the United Kingdom was behind Ukraine’s attack on Belgorod, Russia. That attack killed is blamed for the civilian deaths. 

She stated:

“Great Britain is behind the terror attack, as it, in coordination with the United States, is inciting the Kiev regime to terrorist actions as it understands that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has failed. London, as the Ukrainian presidential office representatives have recently said, has banned the Kiev regime from holding talks with the Russia side, staking on a ‘victory on the battlefield.’”

She added that:

“With not a single chance to improve the Ukrainian army’s deplorable situation ‘on the ground,’ the Anglo-Saxons have taken on the tactic of terror attacks on civilians.”

She said that the attack on Belgorod will be the focus of a United Nations Security Council meeting, which has been requested by Russia, adding:

“Responsibility for the terror attack rests on EU states, which continue to supply weapons to Kiev’s terrorists who are using cluster munitions against civilians.”


As you know, we’ve been predicting for some time that 2024 would be a year of great upheaval, with the potential for civil unrest and even civil war, higher than it’s ever been since the 1860s.

Well, now even the mainstream corporate media is making similar predictions.

Here is veteran corporate-media reporter Catherine Herridge, previously the chief intelligence correspondent at Fox News for 20-plus years, speaking Christmas Eve on CBS Face the Nation:


Let’s unpack that statement by Herridge because she said a lot in that 31 second clip. 

She says the U.S. may have “a national security event with high impact that's very hard to predict,” pointing to ongoing wars and U.S. division as factors creating “fertile ground for our adversaries like North Korea, China and Iran” to take advantage of.

Herridge uses different words but is predicting the same thing that myself and others in the conservative media have been predicting for many months, or in some cases years. She’s also careful to point the blame for such an attack on “our adversaries” overseas. The foreign boogeyman is already being blamed when there’s a good chance that such an attack could be launched by our own government, which is desperate for an excuse to cancel or postpone the elections in 2024, or at the very least keep people at home and force them to vote by mail. Because we all know that “Black Swan Events” make it very dangerous for people to be out and about and standing in line to vote.

So instead of warning about a false flag attack, as myself and others in the conservative media might do, she frames this future attack, whether biological, cyber, nuclear or something else, as a Black Swan event. 

And then she followed that up by noting that “we’re so divided in this country” and unable to handle such an event peacefully like we did, say, during the 9/11 attacks. That sounds like a prediction of mass civil unrest and potentially civil war coming in 2024, straight from the mouth of a corporate-media globalist puppet. Wow. All I can say is, get ready. Because 2024 is going to be unlike any other year in recent history.


Buckle up everyone, the banking crisis looks to be in the eye of the storm, so to speak.

Following the crisis that saw several banking giants fail last year, we have seen some relative calm when it comes to bank closures and forced mergers. But the worst has yet to occur, sources in the industry are warning.

According to reports, a total of 2,118 bank branches closed in 2023 alone. The total is actually higher due to the data only spanning 10 months.

Banks are closing down their local branches at alarming rates and have laid off more than 60,000 workers in 2023—does this look like healthy behavior to you?

The Biden regime and the mainstream financial media continue to ensure Americans that the worst is now over and that the U.S. economy will experience a ‘soft landing’ in 2024, but does anyone really believe this?

Banks are hemorrhaging personnel and physical locations, the country is $34 trillion in debt, and inflation has wrecked the spending power of the average American consumer. Vivek Ramaswamy recently warned of another 2008-style financial crisis:


“Bank of America is now providing *loans without down payment* for home buyers in “black & Hispanic Communities.” Mark my words: This act of “anti-racism” today will be called “systemic racism” tomorrow – when minorities end up defaulting on these loans.”

Zero Hedge reports:

Twenty of the world’s largest banks slashed 61,905 jobs in 2023, a move to protect profit margins in a period of high interest rates amid a slump in dealmaking and equity and debt sales.

This compared with the 140,000 lost during the economic meltdown of 2007-08.

A quick search online will show this isn’t simply an issue plaguing the United States. Europe is also experiencing similar problems with bank branch closures and unprecedented cashless policies.


The National Pulse reports that migrants, especially those who entered Germany illegally during Europe’s migrant crisis, have raped and sexually assaulted over 7,000 German women since 2015, according to a report in a 243-year-old German newspaper (unpronounceable name of paper is Neue Zürcher Zeitung).

The numbers are drawn from police crime statistics, which reveal more than 8,590 reported cases of rape and sexual assault by migrants. Over 90 percent of victims of sexual crimes are female.

Refugees are wildly over-represented in the rape statistics in the nation, given that they only account for 2.5 percent of the population. For example, there were almost 12,000 reported cases of rape or sexual assault in 2022, with around 10,000 identified suspects, 3,679 being non-German, and recent migrants accounting for at least 1,155 of those — an 11.5 percent rate.

Migrants from Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are named as particularly notable in these statistics. And what’s the common denominator there? Of course, it’s Islam. These are Islamic nations where respect for women is not known to be a virtue.

The United States has now surpassed Germany’s intake in 2015 through its own southern border crisis, as a percentage of total population. And they are coming from over 100 nations, including Islamic nations.


Illegal aliens who’ve unlawfully crossed the U.S.-Mexico border are being treated to unprecedented concierge services, with their luggage being safely transported into the U.S. aboard trucks and trailers.

Footage shot at a gas station in Eagle Pass, Texas, shows a truck with an overhead rack loaded to the brim with luggage and bags pulling a trailer also packed full of luggage.

“Here we are in Eagle Pass,” says the man filming. “And that guy right there, he carries all the people’s baggage across so when they get here, they don’t have to carry their bags. That’s his job.”


Should we be surprised? They get free cellphones, get put up in hotels, their children placed in free public schools, free food stamps, assigned a court date six to eight years in the future and they’re on their way to the American dream. That’s not exactly your grandfather’s dream. He likely worked for a living. But this is the dream of illegals pouring across an open border. Can you blame them? 

In some states they’re even getting free health insurance. Check out this report from Infowars.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:04)


North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered his military generals to speed up preparations for war against the United States.

He said preparations must be accelerated in response to what he called unprecedented confrontational moves by the U.S. This was reported by Reuters, citing the DPRK state agency KCNA.

Kim says he will launch three new spy satellites and build up his arsenal of drones and nuclear warheads while no longer seeking reconciliation with South Korea.

At a key meeting of the country's ruling party on Wednesday, Kim outlined his policy directions for the new year, announcing expanded strategic cooperation with “anti-imperialist independent” countries. In particular, the DPRK is strengthening ties with Russia, while Washington accuses Pyongyang of supplying military equipment to Moscow for use in the conflict with Ukraine, which our side denies.

KCNA reported that Kim Jong Un has set tasks for the People's Army ammunition, nuclear weapons and civil defense sectors to speed up preparations for war. This indicates increasing tension in the region just as China-U.S. relations are souring over the future of Taiwan.

In response, South Korea’s president visited a front-line military unit in the east of the country to inspect its defense capabilities. He called for immediate retribution in the event of any provocations by North Korea.

North Korea operates as a vassal state totally under the control of China.

At the party plenum, Kim Jong Un also outlined North Korea's economic goals for the new year, calling the coming period a “decisive year” for the implementation of the country's five-year development plan in both the economic and military spheres. 


States across the country rang in the new year with laws set to take effect throughout 2024 about issues like gun control and gender-neutral toy sections. Yes, you heard that right, gender-neutral toy sections in retail stores. This will be required of all major retailers in California in 2024.

A growing number of states will require financial literacy courses in high schools, while several others will expand access to contraceptives by eliminating the need for a doctor’s prescription. Yes, over-the-counter birth-control pills are now a thing, according to a report by NBC News.

As for the gender-neutral toy sections in California, the new sections won't be allowed to be marketed to just boys or girls but rather must include a “reasonable selection” of toys that could be marketed to children of either sex.

The law, passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021, is aimed at retailers with at least 500 employees across the state. Retailers will be fined $250 for not following the law, followed by $500 fines for repeat offenses.

Assembly member Evan Low, a sponsor of the bill, said in a statement that the measure would make “it easier to compare similar items for sale at large retailers without reinforcing gender stereotypes that harm vulnerable children.”

In Michigan, the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed a package of new gun-control bills set to become law early this year. The package includes red-flag laws, stricter background checks, gun-storage requirements that, if followed, would render your firearm useless at the critical moment you would need it to defend your family against, say, a home invasion. 

Monisha Henley, the senior vice president of government affairs at Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun lobbying group Everytown for Gun Safety, said Democrats were able to “act swiftly” to get the package passed and signed after they secured the majority in the Michigan Legislature in the 2022 midterm elections. The Democrats and their friends in the corporate media used the mass shootings at Oxford High School in November 2021 and at Michigan State University in February to create an emotion-based mass propaganda campaign around “gun violence” and quickly pass the legislation.

Henley said she believes Michigan's new laws can serve as an example for other states, given that the state has “everything from a large city to a rural population to high gun ownership.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

2024 may be the year that businesses and governments around the world turn over their operations fully to artificial intelligence.

Be careful when you’re driving on modern American roads. Driving through even small-town America can now land you an expensive speeding ticket, no police officer required. A modern speed trap consists solely of a camera connected to the internet, powered by AI and ready to snap a high-resolution picture of your license plate as you speed through a school zone or don’t come to a full stop at a stop sign.

How are you going to contest such a ticket in court when there’s no human being to confront, just a machine and its all-seeing eyes?

That’s just one of the many applications for which AI can be deployed. We’ve reported on how a new AI-only news channel is starting up in California complete with fake reporters—avatars who look real but aren’t.

Google has released its new Gemini program, which is much more powerful than ChatGPT. And tech gurus are saying AI will increase the amount of information it can process every year, essentially doubling the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Check out this report from the mainstream corporate media:

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:35)

You heard what he said there at the end. They want to mimic what takes place in biology, meaning they are trying to get AI to be creative. They want it to be like God. Of course, they will never succeed but they will try. Even by their own words, the best they can do is mimic what is authentic. Using what’s fake to deceive people into thinking it’s real. This, folks, is the modern Tower of Babel. 

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…


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