America is in Deep Peril

The following is a transcript from the docuMovie Absolute Peril

I personally believe that our nation is in deep peril. We are at a major transition point in the lifeblood of the United States of America. And that transition point is going to take us down two paths. One of those paths is going to be the path of this continuation and this experiment and democracy that we call the United States of America and a Constitutional Republic; and the other path, which is where we are being drawn toward by this current Administration. And that's the path of Marxism and socialism or communism. And we have a very small percentage of people in this country. But they are in key places in our nation today, in the lifeblood of our country. They are in places like Washington DC and the federal government and certainly in places like the white House and the Department of Justice and the intelligence community; parts of our Department of Defense and other components of our government. Certainly in the legislative branch and also even in our judiciary as I am fully aware of.

The other areas are the control and the censorship by our tech titans. I won't name the companies. Everybody knows the companies I'm talking about. But these are the kinds of things that are happening in a nation where these large tech companies have almost total control of our voices in America today by centering the political discourse and really the freedom of speech that we should have in this country, and they censor it and ban people who they don't like their political ideologies. That's the second large area. And the third is Hollywood. Hollywood's another area. And I've always said that there's really two major problems in the United States. One is Hollywood and the other is Washington DC. And they disregard the fly-over component of our nation.

Hollywood is another aspect because Hollywood is also working with our government in many cases – particularly the Left and the shoving down our throats – a whole range of ideas an ideologies and values that are not values that the mainstream of America accepts. Certainly the Judeo Christian principles and values that our nation was built upon. And then last big sort of tyrant in the room, if you will, is the mainstream media. And the mainstream media continues to parrot everything coming out of Washington DC for the Left. I mean, they disregard, really, the truth. They will name-call and call everybody a conspiracy theorist, and they'll talk about the three November 2020 Presidential election fraud is, "Oh, we're a bunch of conspiracy theorists," when we in fact know there have been a whole range of investigations and activities and discoveries of really what the truth is and without getting into a whole bunch of detail on the election and some of the things going on.

Any time an audit is requested, an audit is really to discover the truth. And we have legions of lawyers, and it's called lawfare for those that don't know. But lawfare, which is part of the warfare that we are in, they have legions of lawyers that are out trying to block and tackle some of these different investigations that are ongoing in different states to try to discover the truth. I mean, it's just that plain and simple. It's an incredible level of deceit and dishonesty to say that anybody that want sot determine whether or not our elections were free and fair is a conspiracy theorist is just a really disgusting way of saying, "You know, we stole the election and we're going to get away with it. And we don’t want anybody else to know what the truth is."

One thing I do know and I'm a perfect example of it is, the truth will eventually come out on top. It'll eventually come to light. And so, the conflict that we are in, it's been supporters of socialist and Marxism versus supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty. And I would just say, before I turn it over to General Arbuckle – Joe Arbuckle, who gained a group of admirals and generals to come together who are really concerned, as I am, in the direction that our country's taking. But we have to really think as American citizens how we are going to get involved.

Some of the things that we've learned from this election fraud, the payoffs by some governments in some cases and some people to people in our election system and our election process is just outrageous. And some of those have already been caught. Some of them will be caught. But the bottom line, the truth will eventually come out. One of the things that I like to say – and as we get in the next couple of days – we're going to have Flag Day in our country. And Flag Day is a – our flag, our American flag, is an iconic symbol of who we are not only in this country and our communities but around the world. And on Flag Day, what I like to do is I like to say, "Raise the flag, say the pledge." General Arbuckle talked about our education systems really, really eloquently.

I would recommend everybody go to and look at the one-page document that they have about the call to action and what to do. And I will tell you because I go around a country and I ask people, "how many of you, by a raise of hand, have ever attended a school board hearing?" And it's like, you know – it's crickets or no hands go up. And I do now see more and more mothers particularly who are now charging into school board hearings and demanding, demanding, that these ridiculous rules for these masks for children get removed and that they stop teaching this critical race theory; never mind it being forced down the throats of many of our military but also in our education system at the elementary and secondary level where, you know, it's not the school board that teaches our children. It's we the people who teach our children.

Thank God we have the Constitution, still, currently that we have. At some point in time, the voices of Conservatism, if you will, the voices of patriotism, the voices of Constitutionalism, are going to be shut down if we the people don't get involved in our local communities and demand from our elected officials what and how we want them to be and how we want them to act. Done are the days of complaining about politicians in Washington DC or politicians at the state capitol. We're the ones that put them there. So if you don't like who you have there, then get rid of them and get involved yourself. Or make sure that you work within your communities as General Arbuckle stated, as well.

You know, we have got to do this peacefully. We've got to do this professionally. We've got to do this – we've got to fight back, though. Because socialism is real. The rise and fall of nation states, you know, is real. And at some point in time – that's a fact. And at some point in time, you know, the American Dream will go the way of the world if we the people don't continue to fight for our Constitutional way of life, our democratic way of life and our freedoms.

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