General Flynn

  • America is in Deep Peril

    I personally believe that our nation is in deep peril. We are at a major transition point in the lifeblood of the United States of America. And that transition point is going to take us down two paths. One of those paths is going to be the path of this continuation and this experiment and democracy that we call the United States of America and a Constitutional Republic; and the other path, which is where we are being drawn toward by this current Administration. And that's the path of Marxism and socialism or communism. And we have a very small percentage of people in this country. But they are in key places in our nation today, in the lifeblood of our country.
  • Transcript of Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First & Exclusive Interview with WVW-TV Since His Presidential Pardon

    Brannon Howse:  Tonight, a WVW Broadcast Network exclusive. My guest, Lt. General Michael Flynn, his long-time friend, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, and National Intelligence researcher and author, Mary Fanning. Yes, General Flynn joins us tonight—his first interview since his pardon from General Trump. He speaks for 30 minutes directly to the American people on what he sees coming and what we need to do and what has happened. And then, General McInerney comes in with breaking news about the ‘Kraken,’ what it really is. You're going to be shocked.