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Worldview Weekend

The World's Premier Biblical Worldview, Web-Based, Radio, and Television Network.
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7-Hour Television Special: Exposing The Marxist & Muslim Coalition Working To Bring Down America

Exposing The Marxist & Muslim Coalition Working To Bring Down America 

Seven, One-Hour Programs of the Worldview Weekend Hour with Brannon Howse.

This series would take 4 DVDs and and have a normal retail price of $60.00.  

Since all 7 programs will fit on one thumb drive the cost is only $19.99
For a savings of $40.00 

Every computer today has a slot for plugging in a thumb drive. You can also hook your computer to your TV and watch these presentations on your flat screen television through your computer. DVDs are going out and the cost for production is not consumer friendly in pricing. We can offer you more presentations and extra presentations for free when programs are sold on a thumb drive. You can also play the thumb drive more readily on computers and even big screen computer monitors. 

Click here to order now:


Television Program #1:

How the globalists are letting the marxists & muslims off the leash To further their agenda of global transformation through conflict 


Television Program #2:

Black Lives Matter: muslims & marxists agitating for a civil war & revolution? 


Television Program #3:

Chrislam, Sharia Finance & How Americans Are Supporting Terrorism & The Destruction of America Through Their Churches & Finances
Guest: Usama Dakdok 


Television Program #4:

Former muslim now pastor says high ranking government officials want Islamic chaos to further their agenda

Guest: Shahram Hadian


Television Program #5:

Former Iranian muslim, now Christian pastor, warns America about the goal & threat of Islam & jihad. Brannon interviews 

Guest: Shahram Hadian 


Television Program #6:

The socialist worldview agenda behind white privilege curriculum 


Television Program #7:

How the Marxist, muslims, & neo-evangelicals are destroying America through government funded immigration.
Guest: James Simpson. 


Click here to order now:


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