The 2020 Election Fraud is Not Just About a Coup 
But The Treason of Surrendering America 
To Our National Enemies of Russia, China, & Iran

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Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 10th, 2020


Brannon: Welcome. Glad you're with us again. Mary Fanning and Alan Jones join me today to cover new material. Folks, this is not just about election fraud. It is about election fraud for the purpose of carrying out and completing not only a coup – literally, folks. This is what the three-star general retired McInerney has used. He's not a man given to hyperbole. This is not only about carrying out a coup on America, folks, but it is to surrender the homeland – the lower 48 if you will – to the enemy; make sure they're inside the wire, and we are toast. Without firing a shot, they have us over a barrel if they've gotten inside. Joining me again is Mary Fanning and Alan Jones. I would urge you to tell your friends to tune into a VCY America radio station in their market; if not, They're listed each and every day at 1:00 PM Central Time on this stream if they don't have a VC-wide station in their market. Folks, welcome back to the. Broadcast. Thanks for joining us. 

Alan: Thank you for inviting us on again. 

Brannon: Thank you. All right. Would you guys agree – Alan, we'll go to you first. We didn't hear from you as much yesterday as I wanted to. So I'll go to you first today. Do you agree with the statement I just made? This isn't just about an election fraud. Election fraud is the means by which to finish the coup. And then, the coup involves surrendering the homeland to America's enemies.

Alan: Yes. I'll agree. And I'll tell you why. Because what we're dealing with here below the surface, below the details of election fraud or detailed national security risks is a long-range plan for a Communist takeover of the United States that's really been in place since about 1917 – the year of the Russian Revolution. And we've been fighting this off ever since. We fought a hard battle in the 1950's, and then McCarthy was considered a bad word all-of-a-sudden—‘McCarthyism’—when, in fact he was actually on track. And that's what we're looking at right now.

Brannon: And, Mary, would you comment on this please?

Mary: We're looking at Joe Biden, and he is a national security threat; not just - it's not just with the TIGER grants, and how he's put the enemy inside the wires. The enemy has gone into joint ventures with Russia for the exporting of the Club-K cargo container. But the missile launching system...the idea that that was brought into our Port Canaveral where air, sea and space commanded beyond that – they tried to access ports of Jackson, which is a hop, skip and a jump to King's Bay, where our Trident Naval Base is. That is the third leg and the third and most important leg of our nuclear triad. You can't even make up this level of corruption. It's not just corruption. This is treason. The Rosenbergs were pikers compared to Joe Biden. 

Brannon: The Rosenbergs were pikers compared to Joe Biden! And, folks, the new folks, the younger folks in the audience – go look up the Rosenbergs. I think they finally met their just reward and were executed. Were they not, Mary?

Mary: Yes, they were executed; as they well deserved. And let me tell you something. The things that they were executed for, if you understand the VENONA papers, that was just a scintilla of the treason that they committed. And the airplanes, all the...Alan, is it the B-29? The information that they gave to Russia…

Alan: Yes. The B-29 long-ranger bomber. 

Mary: Yeah. It's the same thing that Russia was using to take out our men in Vietnam and giving to the Vietnamese. Russia was behind what was happening in Vietnam. 

Brannon: Of course they were. And, folks, if you watched my documentary Siege, eight-and-a-half hours in total and you can watch one hour for free at then you know that Lenin said in 1924, before he died, that “we will take Eastern Europe, Asia, surround the United States and collapse it from within.” We're living in a post-Communist America. I've said it a million times. I'll say it again. Because the Communists never dreamed they could accomplish as much as they have with our own people. They never dreamed that the American people would sit by, sit still, sit idle and allow them to destroy our institutions—‘the long march through the institutions,’ as Herbert Marcuse called it. They would never have dreamed we would tolerate as an American people what we have. 

And now, it looks like maybe the American people are going to tolerate a complete theft of the election. But again, folks, this is not just about the election. This is about – I'm going to repeat it – election fraud to put people into power who are compromised with America's enemies as we'll hear today…who have set up companies that are really, I believe, front groups for America's adversaries right on our shores, literally in the ports, tied right next to military installations that are indeed involved with our nuclear triad – of which we will explain. So this is far beyond what you can imagine. And it's hard to wrap your mind around, I know. But you guys can do it. I know you can. Now, before we continue this conversation, I think it's very important that we stop and hear some shocking audio that was put out on Sunday by Maria Bartiromo. So she's interviewing Powell, Sidney Powell. Mary, would you care to tell us who this lady is?

Mary: Sidney Powell is a great American. And Sidney Powell is an attorney who is representing General Mike Flynn who was set up, who was framed, by the DOJ, the FBI, all the Obama Administration, the cabal, because they couldn’t stand to have General Flynn free to speak. So they lied. The corruption was deep. It was wide, and it went directly to Barack Obama's Oval Office along with Joe Biden, John Brennan, and James Clapper. And they set up General Flynn because they couldn't afford to have him tell the truth. They presented falsified documents and everything they could to keep him muzzled; to keep him entangled. They had people lying about violations only to find out that, "Well, the firm and the specialist that was representing...and General Flynn was, in fact, Eric Holder's firm. And they said that this is the man that they had to go to, as he was the top FARA Attorney, was all mentioned.

Brannon: So they set him up with bogus attorneys tied back to Eric Holder? Is that what you just said? Mary?

Mary: That's exactly right. It was Eric Holder's law firm.

Brannon: …that they set Flynn up with so he got bad counsel so they could get to Sidney Powell.

Mary: So he had to leave after spending $6 million as they tried to blackmail him by claiming they were going to put his son in prison. And they told him to sign a document saying that he was guilty of lying— though he was not guilty of even a small lie, much less a big lie. He was not guilty of Logan violations. He was not guilty of all of the smudge that they threw at General Flynn. And why? Because General Flynn had come out and said that Obama was arming the enemy. They were shipping weapons from Benghazi into the Port of Bar, Islam. And there are two ports that were in Syria where they were arming Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Okay?

Brannon: Yes.

Mary: General Flynn came out and made those statements. He called them out for what they were doing. So they needed to make sure that a man who knew his way around the intelligence community was entrapped in this nightmare. He finally left, and he got an honorable attorney. And that's Sidney. And Sidney Powell has pursued this for some time. While he is being – you've never seen the judge, Judge Emmett Sullivan, look into his background, look into his son's entanglement, look into who was helping his son's entanglement. But I'll tell you, Judge Emmet Sullivan has appointed himself judge, jury and prosecutor. So when the DOJ dropped the prosecution of General Flynn, Emmet Sullivan refused to drop the prosecution of General Flynn. Why? Because he was told to make sure that he kept him on ice. A judge is not allowed, after a case is dropped, to decide that he's going to become the prosecutor as well as the judge and the jury, as I said.

Brannon: And if they steal this election, all that goes away. All that corruption. All these crimes—all these crimes, misdemeanors, high crimes in treason of funneling weapons to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. All of that goes away if they can steal the election.

Mary: That's exactly right. But beyond that, General Flynn – as we said along with Donald Trump in 2010...since they illegally commandeered the HAMMER in February of 2009, one of the main targets was not just General Flynn, but his entire extended family; also, Donald Trump, his 17 businesses, and his family. If they had anything – if they had anything on either man with that false impeachment, with everything else that they've thrown at him, with the Russia collusion delusion, they would've brought it out. They don't have anything on General Flynn, and they do not have anything on Donald Trump. What they do have is proof that they stole – they illegally commandeered – a powerful foreign surveillance system owned by the US government, and they took it for themselves. And as I've said in the book, they stole the keys to the kingdom. That's just the start. 

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