• The 2020 Election Fraud is Not Just About a Coup 
But The Treason of Surrendering America 
To Our National Enemies of Russia, China, & Iran

    Brannon: Welcome. Glad you're with us again. Mary Fanning and Alan Jones join me today to cover new material. Folks, this is not just about election fraud. It is about election fraud for the purpose of carrying out and completing not only a coup – literally, folks. This is what the three-star general retired McInerney has used. He's not a man given to hyperbole. This is not only about carrying out a coup on America, folks, but it is to surrender the homeland – the lower 48 if you will – to the enemy; make sure they're inside the wire, and we are toast. Without firing a shot, they have us over a barrel if they've gotten inside. Joining me again is Mary Fanning and Alan Jones. I would urge you to tell your friends to tune into a VCY America radio station in their market; if not, They're listed each and every day at 1:00 PM Central Time on this stream if they don't have a VC-wide station in their market. Folks, welcome back to the. Broadcast. Thanks for joining us.