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Hayley Tschetter: August 12, 2019

Hayley tackles the hard issue of mass shootings and gun control in light of the recent incidents in Ohio and Texas. She explains why more guns in society actually makes people safer and the harm that more government intervention could bring. 


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Hayley Tschetter

Hayley Tschetter is 19 and lives in the Twin Cities. She is passionately pro-life and hopes to call more of her generation and beyond to stand for Christian, Conservative beliefs. Hayley attends the University of Northwestern - St. Paul where she is majoring in Communication and Politics. She also is a Student Journalist for the national Students for Life of America organization. In the rest of her time, she works at her local Chick-fil-a as a public relations intern, volunteers at a pregnancy clinic and is interning on the campaign of a candidate for the MN Senate.