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Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, August 19
Brannon Howse: August 19, 2019
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The Tavistock Method & Psychological Campaign to Convince You to Surrender (Part 3). Today Brannon shares from an article written in 1940 by John Rawlings Rees of the Tavistock Institute. Rawlings admits their goal is propaganda, deception, and to infiltrate every power center in America in Great Britain to push mental hygiene. The goal of mental hygiene is to label conservatives and Christians as having mental health issues. Rawlings admits their goal of using newspapers, magazines, novels and films to push mental health under names such as economy and efficiency. Rawlings admits that the easies groups to penetrate with their brainwashing and propaganda was the teaching profession and churches. Topic: How have the goals of the Tavistock Institute been largely accomplished in America today? Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

It is No Dream: Israel and Prophecy. We are joined by Elwood McQuaid (Author, Former Executive Director “The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry”). Topics discussed include: Why Israel is No ‘Dream’. Why Israel Confirms Plan of Redemption. Bridging the Gulf between Judaism and Christianity. Responding to Anti-Israel Congresswomen

Palestinian Media Watch, is an organization in Israel, directed by Itamar Marcus; Itamar will join Jimmy DeYoung on PTIB, at the Broadcast Table, to discuss what the Palestinian media has been talking about this week. Jimmy and Itamar will discuss that the Palestinian Authority, established by the Oslo Accords, is supposedly the government for the Palestinian people today; how the PA came into existence; are they the "peace makers" that they endeavor to present to the world; or are they another Palestinian terror group like their partners in the body politic of the Palestinians, Hamas; and does the PA want to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, as Hamas would like to see happen.

We run life’s race through a thicket of naysayers and outright enemies. In fact, Jesus said that believers would be hated by the world. How should we respond when we’re attacked for just believing in Jesus?

On Monday, Planned Parenthood announced that they were walking away from and refusing about 60 million dollars in Title X federal funding.  Why?

Joining Jim to discuss this was Brad Mattes.  Brad is the president and CEO of Life Issues Institute, the pro-life grassroots partner of the Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund headquartered in Cincinnati.  Life Issues Institute was co-founded by pro-life pioneer Dr. John Wilke and Brad in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement. Brad is also president of the International Right to Life Federation and a frequent international speaker and lecturer on abortion and related life issues.

What is Title X?  Brad described it as about 286 million dollars that’s earmarked specifically for family planning services for individuals at lower income levels.  Brad believes it’s become corrupted like many things that are federally funded, so now it’s used as a ‘slush fund’ for those agencies, entities and organizations that take part in it.

The next part in this story was the issue of the Protect Life Rule.  As Jim noted, Planned Parenthood calls the Protect Life Rule ‘an unethical gag rule’ and that the Trump administration is bullying providers into withholding abortion information from their patients.

Brad, however, has a different view.  He sees this rule as an outgrowth of the man who’s become the most pro-life president in our nation’s history.  That’s Donald Trump. President Trump and his administration proposed this rule that prohibits Title X family planning money from going to organizations that provide or refer for abortions or treat abortion as family planning.

Planned Parenthood challenged this in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that is notorious for its liberal decisions.  The 3 justices in the case, two of which were appointed by President Trump, ruled against Planned Parenthood. That is why the Protect Life Rule has continued to be enacted while it works through the courts.

Brad believes this rule will hold up and that’s why Planned Parenthood has communicated that they will forego the 60 million dollars rather than their dedication and loyalty to abortion on demand.   

Chris discusses the Marxist infiltration of our education system with its particular focus on American history, as professors and so-called historians have systematically rewritten the history of the United States.  Perhaps the most notorious of them was Howard Zinn, who’s “People’s History of the United States” has been the favorite of those on the left for many years.  But was Zinn himself really working for the Communist party?  FBI records strongly suggest that he was, and supports the belief (asserted by the Reece Committee of the 1950’s) that Marxist groups infiltrated our American education system early in the twentieth century.  

Ain't That Good News? We are joined by Keith Davidson (Pres. Seedline International) and Nathan Kistler (Hope to The Hill). Topics discussed include: Pres. Trump’s New Hampshire Rally. Sen. Lindsey Graham demands the truth about Russian collusion. Ain't That Good News? Happenings in Washington D.C. 


Dave Dolan comes to the PTIB Broadcast Table with his Middle East News Up-date, to give it to Jimmy DeYoung and the entire PTIB listening audience so that they can compare these current events in that region of the world with the Prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible. Jimmy and Dave will discuss the two members of the United States Congress that Israel banned from entering the Jewish State; how the Muslim Brotherhood, joined with the PA , to start riots on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; how Hamas has promised to continue to rain rockets on Israel; and how the up-coming elections are key to the future of the Jewish State of Israel.

Close friendship is a great blessing. You feel safe, knowing that what you say will be kept in confidence. In this message, we learn from the Upper Room on being such a friend, and, on finding such a friend in Jesus.

Social Media is technology that so many of us use. Maybe to connect with family or friends who are far away. Maybe to find a recipe, share a photo or to get news updates. It can be such a powerful tool. But, what about it’s overall use? Should Christians participate? What are some of the positives? The negatives? Jim begins today asking such questions, sharing relatable stories and balancing it all with Scripture.  

Through the years, it is no secret that many can present themselves so “piously” on Sunday yet, can be a completely different person on Monday. Social media now elevates this hypocrisy to a much higher degree. Vulgarity, risqué photos, innuendos, all of these things coming from a professing Christian, leaves one wandering, how are these things compatible with Christian living? But beware! If you dare call anyone on this, you are being “judgmental” or acting “holier than thou.” 

Despite the obvious “age old” problem, as more and more Christians become engaged in digital formats, the risk of internet pitfalls is increasing. In fact, today, internet addiction has become especially problematic. Again, the internet in and of itself is not the problem but, the problem is found in how one chooses to use the internet and all that comes with it. A Christian knows they are not supposed to become so involved in this world that they lose track of God and the world (age) to come. Unfortunately, many are finding themselves more invested in their “virtual” lives than their real lives; hence becoming irritable, depressed, restless and anxious. Saddest of all, those closest to us (God, spouse, family, church,) all become neglected.  

SO, Crosstalk does share warning & challenge today but also, steps that can be taken to safeguard all that we as Christians hold dear both “on & off” social media. In addition, the following 5 Truths for Christians:  

  1. You are a representative of Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:20)
  2. You are interacting with real people. (Colossians 4:6)
  3. You are putting thoughts in your mind. (Philippians 4:8)
  4. Social Media is not real life.
  5. Likes/Shares cannot replace tangible personal interaction (James 2:15)

Today on PTIB, Ken Timmerman comes to the Broadcast Table to make us aware of all the details behind a number of current events, events that line up with the prophetic scenario for the end times, found in the Bible. Ken will join Jimmy DeYoung to discuss Iran and US tensions are being ratcheted up in the Persian Gulf; the potential war between the Turks and the Kurds; and all other geo-political events around the world that may well be setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. Stay tuned.

Perhaps you’ve made many friends along life’s road. Jesus told us how true love is manifested—that a man lay down his life for his friends. Is this the kind of love manifested in our lives?


After mass shootings, the liberal media asks for what they call, ‘common sense gun control.’  While this may seem like a reasonable solution to end gun violence, the problem is, where does that logic end?  Shouldn’t we then ask for common sense knife, sword, hammer, baseball bat and car control also?

The reason why ‘common sense gun control’ won’t ultimately solve the problem is because when you probe the issue of America’s recent shootings at a deeper level, there’s a common trait.  It shows that many of the shooters were fatherless.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Mark Hancock.  Mark is the chief executive officer of Trail Life USA.  It’s the mission of Trail Life USA to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.

What’s led us to this point?  Mark believes that because of economic development around the world, there isn’t the need for that extra ‘bread-winner’ in the household.  Combined with the changing definition and fraying of the family, fathers have come to be almost not necessary to some. The result is that boys are paying a price.

This situation extends to the prison population as well.  While you can look at statistics for race and other categories, the sad reality is that 97% of our prison population is made up of individuals who were fatherless.

This shift in our society is why Mark believes Trail Life USA has seen the kind of growth that they have.  They are unapologetically Christian and also boy-focused. Boys need a program specifically aimed at them (as girls do as well) but this is very important for boys due to the effect cultural influences have had on the  idea of the male role model.

Does the role of being a dad go beyond being a bread-winner?  Mark noted that there are certain things a dad brings to the parenting model because as politically incorrect as it may be to say it, men and women are different.  Even in the womb, boys and girls react differently to outside stimuli. The two sexes are not a social construct and we’re seeing that this idea of treating each as the same is hurting both boys and girls.

Mark sees a war on boyhood today whereby it’s being treated like a social disease that needs to be eradicated.  Running, jumping and climbing when they’re not supposed to and talking out-of-turn may be viewed as boyhood ADHD symptoms, but they’re also characteristics of just being a boy.  What we need to do is channel those things indicative of a desire for risk and competition; those things that characterize winning men.  

On the other hand, if we tell boys there’s nothing special about them and we try to tone down the risk/competition aspects of their lives and give trophies to every boy that shows up, we’re stifling the idea of the winning and focused man who goes out and protects the family.  Strip that away and it’s no wonder you end up with men who feel they have no purpose in society.

Learn more about this growing organization, how it’s working to reverse these unbiblical trends and how listeners responded when you review this edition of Crosstalk.



"Two Members of the US Congress - Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib - are banned from Israel.  Why? Because they are sharia-adherent JIHADIS.  Here in the US why are they not indicted for sedition, treason, material support for terrorism?  Also, if CAIR is a Hamas/terrorist organization, why are they still operating?  That an much more, including a discussion on developing real men to lead America and win this war.  Join us as UTT takes the fight to the enemy and puts freedom back on the offensive where it belongs."

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has Dave James, with Bible in hand, come to the Broadcast Table to talk about the reactions from across America to the horrific "mass shootings" in Texas and Ohio, and the terrible tragedy that took place in the last week. Jimmy and Dave will discuss how the political arena went totally off the chart on their biased approach to this human disaster; how the national media is using these events to push their own agenda; how the Christian community responded; and then how we as Christians need to face the evil of this world and how Christians must step up to help others to understand how to deal with suffering; and finally, what is the blessed "hope" that we can receive from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Acts chapter 3 gives the account of a mighty miracle performed by the Apostle Peter, with the Apostle John by his side. Yet the biggest lessons we learn from this passage do not relate to our performing of sign miracles—but rather to very practical matters of ministry in the midst of tremendous spiritual opportunity, blended with opposition and the threat of persecution. Furthermore, it’s against this backdrop that the apostles actually offer the nation of Israel an opportunity to receive Christ as king—and to enter His earthly kingdom—one more time following the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, and His ascension back to heaven. This week on “Encounter God’s Truth,” author and theologian Dr. John Whitcomb shows us how this context has much to teach us about the “unconditional covenant commitment” that God made with Abraham and his descendants, the nation of Israel. He brings Part One of a new message on “The Re-offer of the Kingdom,” as we continue in Volume One of our series titled “Acts: Witness of the Early Church.” Whitcomb Ministries thanks Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, Connecticut, for permission to broadcast this audio, which reinforces the fact that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end. With host Wayne Shepherd, we thank you for listening.

Much news happening around the world so we will skip the boralogue and jump right in with our first guest, author and journalist James Gorrie (  He and John discuss the economic realities in China, including the effect of U.S. tariffs and the likelihood that China will collapse just as the Soviet Union did.


We should also look at our economy, especially in light of recent recession warning signs.  Jason Pye (, Vice President for Legislative Affairs at FreedomWorks, analyzes our out of control spending and national debt, as well as the endgame of our currency.  If we don't have a serious conversation and take steps to regain economic control, we may not recover from the next crash.


After John covers healthcare and climate change issues, we welcome to the program Brian Wang (, Chief Blogger at Next Big Future, who examines upper atmosphere high resolution surveillance, its constant tracking of every person, and the possible future implications of that technology.


John’s quote of the week:    

"Currencies which are not backed by anything tend to have a 200 to 250 year life cycle because governments and central banks cannot resist inflating them.  Once the politicos run out of available taxation, they invisibly begin picking our pockets by inflating the currency.  And of course that just destroys it."


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