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Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a special report from Dr Rob Congdon on the terrorist attack in London, plus his EU Update. Jimmy and Rob will discuss how this London terrorist attack is going to go Europe-wide and be a major problem in the near future; the Dutch elections, and in fact all the elections in the EU this year; the EU will be involved in religious wars ; and the information that there are more Muslims in Christian schools in Europe than there are Christian students.

Lost Years Of Jesus

Twelve year old Jesus did what in India?


Lies We Believe About God part 5 March 24, 2017

Today we discuss another "lie" that William Paul Young says we believe about God; specifically that Hell is separation from God. Romans 8:38-39 says that no created thing can separate us from God. William Young says that since Hell is created then that means that no one could possible be separated from God. Let's exercise some discernment and right hermeneutics to see why William Paul Young is the one who is lying.

Waiting for God - it goes against our instincts. But waiting for His timing guarantees that things happen at the right time. Waiting for God means investing time every day in prayer: seeking His face, and seeking His direction. Here’s how David learned to wait.

Bradley Pierce is a husband and father of 6 and has been an attorney in Texas for the past 10 years. He's a home school graduate and a graduate of Baylor University and Baylor Law School. He is also an abolitionist who is working alongside many Christians in his state to abolish abortion. He joined Jim to discuss HB-948 which has been introduced in that state.

Bradley believes that Roe v. Wade is not the law of the land. He believes that the Constitution is the law of the land. It states that there is equal protection for persons. This means protection should be there for those unborn as well as for those who are born. On that premise, he feels Roe v. Wade is actually contrary to the Constitution.

If that's the case, what about the idea that the U.S. Supreme Court is the law of the land? Bradley noted that this idea is nowhere in the Constitution. The Constitution has what's known as the 'supremacy clause' which says that the laws made in Pursuance thereof (from Article VI) are the supreme laws of the land, not the opinions of the Supreme Court.

The Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act (HB-948) treats unborn children equal with born children. Texas law already defines a person as including the unborn at every state of gestation from fertilization until birth. However, it's used to prosecute people who kill pregnant women (double homicide). Also, homicide laws don't apply to people such as those who administer the 'morning after pill', abortionists, the mothers, doctors who destroy embryos, etc.

HB-948 would apply to all abortions, including those that result from rape or incest and those with severe abnormalities. Bradley admitted that rape and incest are horrific but the answer to such violence is not to commit another act of violence, this time against the baby's body.

There is an exception to Texas homicide laws for those who are administering drugs with the intent on causing the death of a child. HB-948 repeals that and communicates that homicide laws apply to everyone.

HB-948 has been assigned to the State Affairs Committee in Texas that is chaired by State Representative Byron Cook. It's up to Chairman Cook to decide whether the bill gets a hearing or not. So far he has refused to do that.

As this edition of Crosstalk moved along, Jim had Bradley answer the following questions:

--What kind of support is there at the current time in Texas for HB-948?

--How would HB-948 play out with the federal government if passed?

--Why doesn't Texas just wait for the Supreme Court to eventually settle themabortion issue?

--Where does the governor or the attorney general in Texas stand on this issue?

--How can listeners get engaged on this issue?

Ken Timmerman is on the "catbird seat" in Washington and ready to talk with Jimmy DeYoung on PTIB. These two will discuss US Marines landing in Syria; Russia, Turkey and the US holding meetings by their military leaders to talk about the ME situation; IS leaders pulling out of Mosul; North Korea test firing ballistic missiles; the US deploying a missile defense system in South Korea; and a Russian elite commando unit on the Egyptian-Libyan border.

Patience is only developed when that patience is tried. Whether it’s long grocery lines or long waits for answered prayer, God uses these unplanned “waits” to mold our characters.

After reading The Benedict Option, Brannon gives a book review of this seriously troubling book that is, as of today, the number one selling book on Amazon in the Christian category. Brannon also plays 5 audio clips that he believes reveal that Rod Dreher is promoting the very thing he is critical of, which is postmodernism. Rod bemoans the collapse of the Western culture and that we are living in a post-Christian America while he praises Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict promoted globalism, a one-world government, a global political authority with teeth, a central world bank and Agenda 21. Does Rod not understand that globalism is anti-Christian and has aided in creating a post Christian America? Then why is he praising Pope Benedict and calling him the second Benedict of the Benedict Option? Rod seems to take issue with moral relativism while he promotes moral relativism. Rod seems to take issue with liberalism while he promotes theological liberalism. Brannon believes that Rod is really promoting a form of emergent church group consensus, also known as "community," wrapped in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox spirituality. Topic: We take your calls. 

Chris discusses the concept of "loving your enemies" in contrast to the rebuke against those who "help the ungodly."  What is the difference, according to Scripture?  We consider the example in the Old Testament of the alliance between Jehoshaphat and Ahab.  Among modern churches in America, there appears to be an epidemic of professing Christian groups who feel compelled to help Muslims coming into the United States, often going so far as to assist in the building of mosques.  Should Christians be helping the Islamic community set up houses of worship where the Gospel will be openly denounced?

2 Timothy (Part 2)

Mike continues his series on Paul’s final epistle, which is filled with solemnity and urgency. Leader and lay people beware!

Lies We Believe About God part 4 March 23, 2017

Today we examine more "lies" that William Paul Young says we believe about God. The big lie we shall discuss today is that people need to get saved. Yes, you heard that correctly. According to Young it is a lie that we need to get saved. Is he correct? Does 1 Timothy 4:10 teach that all people are saved?

Brad Mattes is the president and CEO of Life Issues Institute headquartered in Cincinnati. Their mission is that of assuring through education, equal protection under the law for all living humans from the beginning of their biological life at fertilization until natural death.

Hearings are underway concerning Judge Neil Gorsuch, nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Democrats vowed to block his nomination before any questions or answers were brought forth, even before any papers were submitted. In fact, according to Brad, they vowed to block the nomination before they even knew who it was. What they didn't count on was that the nominee would be such a spectacular candidate with astounding credentials and the temperment necessary for this court position.

Gorsuch won't legislate from the bench and that seems to be a big issue surrounding him during the hearings. There's also been mention of his 'originalist' judicial philosophy. 2 Democrats told him that it's not a good thing for a Supreme Court justice to interpret the Constitution based upon the original intent of the founders. One communicated that he's worried this goes beyond being a philosophy and it becomes an agenda.

Brad then commented on Senator Dianne Feinstein of California who was very concerned about Gorsuch's belief that human life should be held in high value and it would be wrong to take life. Feinstein found that very disturbing which Brad mentioned should tell us a lot about some of the people that have been elected to high office.

Brad believes pro-abortion forces should be in full-panic mode because indications are that Gorsuch doesn't support the abortion of babies throughout pregnancy for virtually any reason. In his book on end of life issues and euthanasia, Gorsuch indicated that he respects life and that the court has legislated from the bench. Brad also noted how Gorsuch appears to support religious freedom and that religion is under an all-out assault by the courts.

Brad encouraged listeners to pray about this situation and to contact their senators to let them know what we expect concerning their support of this nomination.

The next major topic dealt with a nationwide campaign plan that Brad has to 'sock-it' to Planned Parenthood. Life Issues Institute has joined with Students for Life, the organization that is the 'brainchild' of this idea.

Last year Planned Parenthood performed over 324,000 abortions. As Congress considers defunding them, Life Issues Institute and Students for Life want Congress to realize these aren't just numbers, these are human beings that were brutally and violently snuffed out through abortion.

In response, they are collecting a baby sock to represent each of those lives. In other words, they are looking to collect 324,000 baby socks. These will be stitched to a huge canvas that measures 50 feet by 100 feet and put up at the Capitol building. All who send in a sock will be represented at a media event in late April.

Keep in mind that when you go to purchase your socks (or you have a pair from years gone by) Brad wants you to send them only one sock. You are to keep the other one to attach to an article of your clothing, a purse or briefcase or give it to a student to attach to their coat or backpack. This makes it a great conversation starter at which point you can tell people that the sock represents a life that was snuffed out by abortion.


Guest: Rocket scientist Jason Pratt. Topic: A high school student from Washington State that listens to our program e-mailed and wanted us to discuss what scientific evidence he could use to prove that Darwinian evolution and natural selection is false. Topic: Apparently former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal believes that the earth is flat. This story was in the secular press this week and we quickly over this topic again. Topic: Hear audio clips from a wonderful message by Leonardo De Chirico on the Jesuits, the Church of Rome, The Pope, and how they use Biblical terms to seduce evangelicals back to Rome. 

Abner Chou: Lesson #11, Verse by Verse on 2 Timothy 

Lies We Believe About God part 3 March 22, 2017

Today we discuss more "lies" that William Paul Young says we believe about God. According to Young, the beliefs that God is in control, that God does not submit, and that God is more "he" than "she" are all - lies. Is God in control? Does God ever submit? Is God really male? We will discuss.

Chris discusses the recent "apology" given by Pope Francis to Rwandan President Paul Kagame on behalf of the role played by the Roman Catholic Church in the Rwanda Genocide of 1994. The European Institute of Protestant Studies reported on how the media "strangely omitted the role of the institution largely responsible for the genocide" during the 10 year anniversary of the event in 2004.  Late last year, the Catholic Bishops gave an apology, one that has now been reinforced by the pope himself -- though critics argue that Francis did not truly apologize.  The Guardian reports that even after the genocide "a Catholic network helped priests and nuns" who took part in the murders escape to Europe in order to help them "evade justice."