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Clint Clements: November 2, 2018

Join us this week as we discuss a number of things happening here in the US that all result in the US heading into a totalitarian state if we are not careful.  The globalists, Marxists, communists, and jihadists are all working together to overthrow the peoples right to rule themselves here in America.  In just the last few weeks we have encountered the following:
1.  We are a divided nation with 50% percent of the country behind the president and 50% of the country against the president.
2.  George Soros is an enemy of the state.  Why are we allowing him to attack our country through the legal system, immigration and politics.  He needs to be shut down and sent out of America or thrown in prison for subversion against the US.
3.  13 Bombs were sent to various Democratic politicians by a so called Republican voter.  
4.  11 people were murdered in a Jewish Synagogue shooting by a crazed killer who hated Jews and Donald Trump.
5.  A human caravan is heading to the US boarder with Mexico.  There are upwards of 7,000 people coming from Honduras and other countries.  This caravan is being bankrolled by people like George Soros.  We have to defend our borders if we want to be a sovereign country.
6.  A second caravan is now forming in El Salvador.  How can this be happening organically?  It cannot and we will discuss who is behind these assaults on our borders.
Join us as we continue to discuss who and what we are facing as we confront evil in America.  As a country we have to decide which politicians we can trust and make sure that we vote for them to get them into office.  

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Clint Clements

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 Clint Clements is the Owner of The Forge Tactical, LLC, a full service personal security company specializing in training individuals, businesses, private groups, churches and schools in the specifics of security and preparedness in the event of a natural disaster or other emerging threats. The company exists to educate and train our clients in local, state and national security threats in order to prepare them to survive and prosper amid these active threats. Our training cadre is made of former Navy SEAL’s with extensive combat experience thus ensuring the highest level of training and preparedness. We offer the following training to our clients: 

1. Situational Awareness 

2. Emerging Threat Analysis and Education 

3. Emergency Preparedness 

4. Evacuation Planning 

5. First Aid/Emergency Medical Training – T/CCC 

6. Concealed Carry Mindset Training 

7. Close Quarter Battle/Room Clearing – Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action 

8. Active Shooter Decision Matrix Training 

9. Close Quarter Combat Training 

10. The purpose of Violence of Action 

11. Understanding and responding to an Asocial encounter