Merging Pagan Spirituality with Christianity: Similarity Number Twelve Between the False Church of Nazi Germany and Today’s Growing False Global Church

By Brannon S. Howse

Hitler introduced what I call One World Spirituality, and it was eagerly embraced by the false church in Germany. One World Spirituality involves the merging of the worldviews of evolutionary humanism, Hindu pantheism, and occultism. 

Atheism is no longer in vogue among our “intellectual elite.” It’s being replaced by the far more insidious pantheism—insidious because it is more acceptable to the masses than outright disbelief in God. Pantheism is on track to soon become the dominant worldview in America and around the world. This pagan spirituality embraces the worship of nature along with occult practices and beliefs.

Hitler enticed thousands of pastors to promote paganism in their congregations, and now, neo-paganism is one of the fastest growing religions in America—doubling every eighteen months, according to an article in The Denver Post. Many American churchgoers practice pagan practices such as “Christian” yoga, contemplative prayer, and walking a labyrinth. As evidence that church doors continue to open further to aberrant beliefs, a 2008 survey found that 57 percent of evangelicals do not believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

Hitler was also an environmentalist and vegetarian. Marriages performed by the Nazi state frequently included blessings of “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky.” Today Americans increasingly accept radical environmentalism, pantheism, and the celebration of Earth Day. The false global church has embraced radical environmentalism as part of its acceptance of biological and spiritual evolution, pantheism, panentheism, and pagan spirituality in general. Hitler was fascinated by eastern mysticism, and today an increasing number of American pastors encourage their followers to become “mystic warriors.” 

Hitler believed in reincarnation and even convinced SS officers that by murdering millions of Jews and other “undesirables,” they were allowing them to get on with the reincarnation process and come back more quickly in an advanced status. Americans increasingly accept the idea of reincarnation, as well as good and bad karma. Erwin Lutzer describes the pagan roots of Germany’s history and observes that Germany embraced the same New Age philosophy welcomed today by not only the culture but the rising dominant church:


[quote] Germany was (and still is) the hotbed of liberal scholarship that stripped Christianity of its uniqueness. An influential theologian named Ludwig Feuerbach would have agreed with the New Agers of today that the doctrine of God should be more properly interpreted as the doctrine of man. The Incarnation, he said, teaches us that the Being who was worshiped as God is now recognized as a man. Man must no longer be second in religion; he is first. According to Feuerbach, that man is God is the highest ethic and the turning point of world history. If Christ was divine, it was only because all of us are. [end quote] 

In a way, biblical Christianity and New Spirituality both lead people to God. Millions of ways do lead there. It’s just that only one leads to God as Savior. All the others lead to Him as righteous Judge. Romans 1 reveals that one of the five signs that God is turning over a nation for judgment is when the people embrace pagan spirituality. Perhaps more than national judgment we are on the verge of seeing global judgment. 

Much of evangelicalism today is really following occultism by another name—whether it is called the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, Word of Faith theology, positive confession or law of attraction. The names are different but the source of such beliefs is occultism. In Religious Trojan Horse, an entire chapter entitled “Christian Shamanism and the Law of Attraction” demonstrates this point historically and biblically. I have also explained, in a serious of television programs available on demand at, that much of evangelicalism has wrapped Christian phrases around occult beliefs and practices, and thus they are embracing white magic. Such a practice is the epitome of merging pagan spirituality with Christianity to create a false religion. 

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