Top 5 Actions to Prevent War with China


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Brannon Howse: All right. Good evening. Glad you are with us. I'm going to be joined tonight by Colonel John Mills. I'm going to be joined by Tony Cardwell. That's a this is going to be a first-time guest. He's going to talk about some of the things going on related to this 30 tons of ammonium nitrate that is missing. That's a little concerning. You know, think the Oklahoma City bombing, by the way, was just the cover. That Oklahoma City truck bombing was a cover for the explosives that General Ben Parton, who was one of the leading experts on explosives for the US government as a general, said was a cover for what was really done inside that building. But what is going on when you start having that much in 30 tons of ammonium nitrate missing, What's up? We'll get into that. Also tonight, James Rogowski and Leo Holman, breaking news dealing with the World Health Organization and their desire to steal our sovereignty. And guess what? They're telling us to get ready. Get ready. Another pandemic is about to break out and it's going to be a lot deadlier. Well, we pretty much predicted that. When I say we, I meant you, me, all of us that are informed, the collective we that actually have brain cells, the collective we that's tuned in and turned up on the information happening. We knew that was going to happen. They were going this worked well for them this last pandemic, and we knew the next one would probably be deadlier because it's all about what de-population in part, right? And scaring those who haven't gotten one of their COVID death shots or vaccines into getting whatever it is they're going to come up with next.

Brannon Howse: So James Rogowski and Leo Hohmann will join us with that. Wes Peters with an economic update. And then about eight 3835 Central Time, Dr. Peter McCullough, the Doctor, Peter McCullough, internist and cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough and Doctor John Witcher medical doctor John Witcher, who announced he's running for governor in the State just a few miles away, Mississippi, my birth state of Mississippi. So we got a big, big program tonight. Hey, by the way, did you see the story? I updated it. A Do you go to Worldview Report is your daily aggregated news site where we search the very important news of the story, and news stories of the day, and then bring them to you. And last night, one of the very last things I did was post this one right here. Senators issued satellite phones, offered demonstrations on upgraded security devices, and brought us to a report by none other than CBS. They're offering all of the US senators. There are 100 of those. By the way, if you failed high school civics and 50 have picked up on their cell phone, the satellite phones, 50 senators.

Brannon Howse: So why are they concerned that the communications might go out? What what do they know that we don't know or what do they have planned? I don't think I do not think, as I said on the radio today at 1:00 Central, I do not think this is a bad idea. I think this is a very smart idea if you're going to have a contingency of government. What I want to know is, A, why did they not do this before? It should have been done a long time ago. And B, why is it being done now? And C, does it have anything to do with, well, let's say the threat from China, Iran, North Korea, Russia? I don't know. We'll get some of these issues tonight. Joining me now is none other than Colonel John Mills. He served on the national security staff for two presidents. He joins us on Tuesday nights for an update every Tuesday night, except for when he's traveling and he's back on a regular schedule tonight. Colonel, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us. Oh, here we go. Hey, Brannon, how are you doing? I'm for another chart. Time for another chart. I know. I love it. I got excited there. I'm like, well, look at that. We got a chart. Everyone loves these charts. The floor is yours, General. I always call you General, Colonel. Sorry. And.

John Mills: And I got on my substack. Colonel John on Substack. My first section is I show everyancharts that I show on Brannon Howse and War them. So. So right there. BrannonRoom I announced you right up there and so yeah, an,d then in October I'm going to boy, if you love charts, you're just going to fall out of your seat. You're going to have to have plastic surgery to remove the smile from your face. After my presentations at your Lake of the Ozarks show, along with General Flynn. That's right. General Flynn, about these We might even do some tag teaming on some of these charts here that just knock people's socks off. That'd be awesome. Awesome. Absolutely. And those phones, that's very important. We used to that was a high art form in the American government was continuity of operations. That's a good thing. Yeah. You know, and you know, the president's location has kind of been revealed. That's Mount weather. Okay. Out in Virginia, not too far away from here. You have site R, which that's not classified. The location of site R is not classified. That's just up in Pennsylvania. I've been there. I was up there and that was allowed to essentially fall apart. So when Wolfowitz was sent up by Rumsfeld right after nine by 11, he shows up at a facility that had essentially been dormant for the ten years since the end of the Cold War.

John Mills: It was in pretty poor condition. And Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz said we're going to make this a first-class operation. And believe me, it is a first-class operation. Again, back at the site for the Pentagon and Joint staff now, where now, when the Greenbrier site was exposed, Greenbrier, West Virginia, was an incredible site for Congress. You know, where is that new site? Well, I happen to know where it's at and I'm not going to tell you so. But continuity of operations is very important. Again, we used to have experts in that it was a high art form and we need to get back into that because we are rapidly heading toward a showdown in conflict despite somebody in the White House we're not crazy about. Until we can get Donald J. Trump back in there, it is who it is until we can make a lawful swap out. But we got to get back into continuity of operations. Unfortunately, a lot of the old timers in Coop have retired and that art form, and there's a gap in the art form. So we got to get spinning up on that again and getting those phones back out to the Senate is a good thing. So yeah, that's good. And by the way.

Brannon Howse: I also have one at, that fits with what you're talking about tonight. And that is a Biden Greenlights training Ukrainian pilots in the West. So again, let's just keep poking a stick in Russia's eye as we fight this proxy war with Russia. And then and then we wonder why we might have blowback or a cyber attack or an EMP attack that requires passing out satellite phones to US senators. Then I got another one here. Here we go. IDF chief, the Israeli Defense Force chief, An Iran nuke advance could lead us to need to attack IDF Intel chief says next. A major war is looming. And of course, we know that the Islamists think we're the Great Satan. Israel's the little Satan. So if Israel goes and does something well, that could open up all kinds of these terror cells that are here Hamas, Hezbollah, et cetera. IDFneedA A major majority are sitting here waiting on orders. So we are in a dicey situation right now.

John Mills: And Israel had developed over several decades a very good relationship with a number of the Arab countries in an alliance against Iran. And now that Saudi has flipped into the China corner, I don't know how that's going. But that's a lot of people who don't understand the very close relationship Israel had with several whoArab countries. And Brannon just messed that up big time. And they were just rude to the Saudi's cold shoulder. It just really treated them shabbily. And, you know, it was like says, well, you know, geez, this is a no-brainer. You don't want my energy. You hate me. You hate everything about us. Well, guess we're just going to go with China. So what is that? You know, any kind of nuclear exchange, this is going to be a crazy time. And that that alliance between Israel and the Arab states has now been broken. I don't know if it's been broken, but it just it's not what it used to be. And thank you. Biden But what wanted to do tonight is three things are going on. As you know, essentially, China has established a drone blockade in many ways of Taiwan. And this is their way to essentially conduct an embargo, an encirclement, a blockade of Taiwan because they want to take Taiwan alive and unspoiled. After all, they need the chips or the actually six big TSMC plants in Taiwan Now to do that and to do that blockade and they've been doing this drone blockade as five months of intense air and naval challenges to Taiwan's sovereignty have gone on, they've taken a reset.

John Mills: We've been doing our balikbayan exercise in the Philippines, which is securing the left shoulder of Taiwan, the weak shoulder. But China has converted to continuous air patrols on the eastward side of Taiwan, facing us, facing the Pacific Ocean. Now, to do that blockade, securing there are three things that they got to do to put a blockade on the blockade to a buffer to keep us away from doing something about that blockade. And I've studied the map. I'm going, oh, my, this is what's going on. So I want to talk about this. And Biden could easily do these actions to deter conflict with China easily. Will they? Probably not or do it pretty poorly. But these are easy steps to take. So I want to talk about these three things China is likely to do and our counter actions, a scorecard of the Biden team, and also to other faction actions that we got to do to deter the blockade. But first of all, to help them blockade Taiwan, there are three things you're going to do. China sees the Panama Canal, and right now, Panama essentially, or China essentially controls the Panama Canal. There are about five Chinese companies there that control the control ports on each end they have they run the contract for the pilots. Those are the skippers that that that are the experts on the bridge of the ship as it's passing through that are the experts in it.

John Mills: And they essentially have legal control of that ship from the skipper, the actual skipper of the merchant's vessel, and that's a Chinese company that essentially controls that. They also control the water management of the Panama Canal. So if you wanted to accidentally turn on the spigots to drain the canal or there's the Madden Dam, which controls a lake, which controls the water into the canal, they could mess those up. So first, China will seize the Panama Canal and they are essentially in place ready to do that by seizing the Panama Canal. They take 50% of our Navy off the table because our Navy can't get there. I mean, they'd have to go all the way around South America. That's just not a good idea. And so right off our already weak Navy boom, 50% of it is gone. So seize the Panama Canal. That's step number one. And okay, there we go. The Suez Canal. And I'm going to be talking about this more here. We have an in Djibouti, we have camp Camp Lemonnier, and we also have the drone base out there. Okay. Coincidentally, China several years ago, without any notice, without any warning, totally surprised us, went to Djibouti and said, hey, we want to be there also, here's some money and we want to build our base camp.

John Mills: And they built an incredible base camp and they keep essentially what we would call a battalion, maybe a battalion plus of armored and mechanized forces. We don't have any armored mechanized forces. And our Camp Lemonnier, we have logistics, we have humanitarian, and we have special operators who are chasing terrorists into Somalia now, into Ethiopia. What's going on? Also into Nigeria, also in. To the war that's winding down just across the straits in Yemen, a very bad area. So we don't have any armor, or artillery there. The Chinese do. They could easily do an I've done it. I've measured the time from the time. And the Chinese have been practicing. Armored thunder runs out the gates and everybody's going, oh, what is it? Because you got to remember, our Desert Storm in 1991 is their model of the perfect military event. And they want to they could hardly wait to do their thunder run. And they've been passing thunder runs. They could be at our gates within seven minutes, seven minutes. They can be surrounding our camp Lemonnier with an armored force and just leveling our place. And we have ships potentially tied up in the harbor ship. You know, it's and people say the Navy guys will go, oh, it's an Arleigh Burke, You know, that's a big ship. It's very vulnerable when it's tied up. Pierside They could have a number of that could have a tank platoon down there within five minutes and just decimate any of our ships that are tied up.

John Mills: So seize the Panama Canal, Seize the Suez Canal, because once they have Djibouti, they just tell Egypt, hey, you get 10 billion a year from user fees from the canal. We'll pay you that for a couple of years. Don't worry about it. Third is China's cyber blitz on our domestic critical infrastructure. And in the National Defense Authorization Act, it's Section 1088. And there's a mandated cyber tabletop to gauge and understand the effect on our defense-related critical infrastructure stateside and how China can degrade it in case of a conflict with China. So it's very and it's all about power. It's about ports. Our shipping ports. China makes 75% of the cranes in our ports are made in China. And with a flip of a switch, they could turn them off or they could topple them over. Okay. All those big container cranes easily trick the container crane into thinking it's in balance. Move the weights out and boom, it topples over. It's just catastrophic. And it's also about plants. So power plants, power ports, and plants, plants being our defense industrial base. So these are the likely three actions by China, Panama, seizing, Panama, seizing the Suez. Now, we need Panama. We need Panama. World trade needs Panama. 6% of the entire world trade passes through Panama. It's a pretty high percentage.

John Mills: But we have to have it. It's our lifeblood. Suez. We don't it doesn't affect us a whole lot when it comes to trade or the sustainment of our nation. Europe needs it. Europe can't live without the Suez Canal. So they asphyxiate us as fixate Europe. And then also a China cyber blitz would these three actions would tie us down and prevent us once they start conducting their blockade. The two other key things are also China, the Pacific Republics, and the island republics. Biden made a horrible decision to bypass all the China and all the Pacific republics. They want us so badly. They want to be on our side so badly. And they were going to go to Papua New Guinea right above Australia. And Biden said I'm too busy for you peons. I have to do an Excel spreadsheet for Congress. You know, come on, give me a break. Huge. And also Diego Garcia, we're about to lose Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean because of the incompetence and incompetence of the Biden team and also nuclear recapitalization. So essentially, these are the different Biden entities. So you got Jake Sullivan, who we know is a total snake at the National Security Council, Blinken at State, Austin at Defense, somebody at the DNI, uh, Merrick Garland, at Justice Mayorkas at home. You know, just, a rogues gallery of incompetent rogues, a gallery of incompetence. To make a long story short, a lot of easy actions they could do.

John Mills: Let's take Panama, for example. Um, BLINKEN Tell the new ambassador, Ambassador Ponti, you get with Panama and you say, what's it going to take? How much is it going to cost to eject those five Chinese companies? You tell us. We'll write you a check out of the unspent COVID funds and build back better funds. You just tell us and we'll write you a check right now. Throw them out. We're back. Now, what is a pant Ambassador Ponte doing? She's lecturing Panama about transgenderism insanity. Absolute insanity. So bottom line, failing scorecard across the board for the Biden team, three things that China is likely going to do to support their blockade of Taiwan. These are. Easily, easily. We can counter these very easily. If Biden had the resolve, had the will, and wasn't bought off and paid for, we could easily resolve these. And also we can't let Diego Garcia fall into Chinese hands, which is what's going on in these island republics in the Pacific. They're wonderful countries, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and Vanuatu. They want us. They want us desperately. And Biden blows them off. And of course, we've talked at length about the nuclear recap that is still got to get going but wrote all these easy actions. I'll post it on Colonel John on my Substack account. But ladies and gentlemen, Panama, Suez. And they're going to do a cyber blitz on us to support. Wow. Other than that, everything's going great.

Brannon Howse: Other than that, sleep well, Americans. And so now you know why. In 2013, I ordered up enough freeze-dried food for my family for some time. In 2016, we started offering these supplies to our audience. Pretty clear why now, isn't it?

John Mills: And the pills. The pills are anti-radiation too.

Brannon Howse: Counteract the anti-radiation tablets to protect your thyroid. The potassium tablets. Potassium iodide? Yes.

John Mills: Yeah. Yes. Wise idea. Stock up. Have some of those for the family. Seriously? I'm not kidding.

Brannon Howse: Look at this headline that just came out while you were talking. I found it. Nuclear apocalypse. More likely if the West continues to supply Ukraine with increasingly powerful weapons, so says Putin, a crony. Again, this is, of course, the former Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, saying this. And of course, we found out tonight reported on our Worldview report, a news broadcast that Biden's given the green light to train Ukrainian pilots here in the West. Before we go, I got a full lineup tonight. Wow. Before we go, are you saying that China could manipulate our cranes to load and offload containers here?

John Mills: In the US? It's very yeah, it's just I'm not saying this had anything to do with the 737 aircraft and the four centers of gravity there on that. It's a very simple technical arrangement to come in because they have remote maintenance and this is what gave federal testimony in support of Kari Lake that I gave the history of remote access operations. All these Chinese cranes in our ports have backdoors for remote maintenance monitoring so they could shut.

Brannon Howse: Down all our cranes, shut down all our cranes in the US at our ports, and stop us from unloading ships and getting off supplies.

John Mills: They could turn them off. Or even worse, they could trick the trick. These large, if you've ever been down to a port, these super large container cranes that, you know, they as they're lifting these, you know, 60-ton containers, these 4852 well, they could drop them or, you know, as those heavy, heavy containers are coming up and moving out, there are huge counterweights in the back that are moving to adjust for those weights. Well, you trick the container. So as that container is going out over the ship to load down that counterweight is going back to counter that weight. Well, you trick the container into the container crane into thinking, oh, just bring the weight forward, bring the weight forward. But you override all the alerts, all the alarms. And so the operators up there thinking, hey, everything's good. Next thing you know, that man or woman starts to topple over forward on top of that ship. So you wiped out the crane, you wiped out the ship. You've just shut down that key and that berth position for weeks and then as the mess is undone.

Brannon Howse: And then what did you which is of course an issue with our just just in time inventory and what did you say about the chips and a 747 or some kind of plane and gravity?

John Mills: That's the 737 Max where they're forcing the center of gravity. Now, the official party line and the investigation was, you know, Boeing engineers were, you know, essentially not telling the truth on the immature level of the technology. But it's a very similar concept where you're tricking the airplane into thinking it has a different center of gravity. The center of gravity is all-important in a moving object like that, whether it be cranes, whether it be airplanes, you've got to keep that maintained. But if you trick it, that could be a good thing because you can increase efficiencies as the transition on takeoff and landing. But if that trickery fails the aircraft immediately booms down because it's being tricked into a false center of gravity and technology and engineering-wise, that can work and create efficiencies. But if it goes wrong, it's catastrophic.

Brannon Howse: Wow. The nation will an incredible presentation, folks. You will find the chart that he's got there on his TV monitor. Where will they find that, Colonel?

John Mills: So, Colonel Rhett. John Colonel John on Substack. That's where I post all these beautiful charts that show to Brannon, Colonel Rhett, John on Substack, and Colonel Rhett, John on Gettr and Truth. But all these visuals because I get, I get, I get hounded for them. I put them on substack and we'll have a and an October at Lake of the Ozarks. I'm looking forward to that. We will have. It'll just blow people away. People are gonna have to take, you know, sick leave, annual leave after the event to recover from these charts.

Brannon Howse: I love it, love it, love it, love it. The nation will The nation will Thank you, Colonel.

John Mills: And book and book too. It'll be Skyhorse publishing with Steve Bannon. It'll be the war against the deep state and that plan is to have that ready and roll it out at your October Lake of the Ozarks gathering.

Brannon Howse: I like that idea. And people can get a signed personal copy right there for their friends. Just in time for the holidays. Excellent idea. Thank you, Colonel.

John Mills: Granted. Always an honor to be with you. Thank you. You too.

Brannon Howse: Colonel John Mills checking in. Check out his site. and you can get your tickets for this conference. The Ozarks conference, Our 20th Annual Ozarks Worldview weekend. I've been holding these Worldview weekends for 33 years now, and I'm getting old. But this will be our 20th year in the Ozarks and the tickets are flying out the door with Colonel John Mills, Mike Lindell, General Michael Flynn, Todd Bensman, Alex Newman, uh, Dr. Peter McCullough. Rebecca Walser. I mean, it's an incredible lineup. Full details. They're selling fast. Make sure you also check out the number on that site and the code to make your resort reservations that are right there on the water. Right there on the water on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.

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