New Version of the Pandemic Treaty is Very Different From Previous Versions


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James Roguski: Well, thank you for having me. Appreciate it.

Brannon Howse: Running a little behind tonight. Sorry about that. So you sent a text out saying, hey, I need to brief you guys because I think the left is going to try to use some information we've been putting out to set us up and accuse us of disinformation, discredit us, and we need to get ahead of that. So tell me what's going on, James.

James Roguski: Well, kind of. It was triggered by the simple fact that I obtained the latest version of what many people call the pandemic treaty. I think people should be calling it a framework convention. Now, that may, you know, confuse a lot of people even more. But the reality of it is in 2003, the W.H.O. did a very similar thing. Most people are unaware and they adopted a framework convention for the control of tobacco products. And I downloaded that months ago. And I looked at it and it's nearly identical, just the layout and the font and everything. You know, they kind of cut and pasted it to get to where they are now with the proposed treaty. And then, you know, they changed the terminology. And this is all about the pandemic, you know, issues and the proposal. But people need to understand very clearly what a framework convention is. Okay. I'll use an analogy. If somebody came to you and said, hey, let's put a tree in the house in December, let's have a Christmas tree. And you said, okay, that's great. You know, would be a great frame to hang a bunch of ornaments. But then since you had agreed to have the tree in the house, they came in and they started hanging all kinds of really strange ornaments on your tree. Right. Take that analogy. And this is the part that I want people to pay attention to.

James Roguski: There's a new document. It's referred to as the bureau's text. It's essentially the latest version of the pandemic treaty that's being negotiated. And at the back end of it, from page 31 to page 42 is where they define not all of the stuff about, you know, pandemics and surveillance and laboratories or any of that sort of thing. It's where they define how they're going to create a brand new bureaucracy. They want to create what they call a conference of the parties. It's an abbreviated cop. You may recognize that from Cop 27 last year and Cop 28 coming up this year, the Conference of the Parties for the Climate Accords. And so what happens here and this is how right in front of your face, you lose your authority, you lose your sovereignty by agreeing to the way they structure who would be implementing and overseeing whatever might be agreed to in the treaty. Now, what's in the treaty is very important. What I want people to focus on the bureaucratic levels that they're building into this with the conference of the parties, they would also invite all of the relevant stakeholder organizations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Organization, and even Rotary International, and all of the 400 or so relevant stakeholders to be observers who would be part of the conference of the parties.

James Roguski: They would create a bureaucracy with three committees and a panel of experts. And the biggest problem is that in Article 34, after the adoption and down the road, you know, maybe months, maybe years from now, they would have the authority without any view by the people, nothing to be said by Congress or the Senate or parliaments and other nations to adopt protocols that they hang on this framework. So the analogy is, you know, somebody comes into your house at Christmas time and they put all kinds of awful ornaments on your tree. Well, you agreed to have the tree and you agreed to let them decorate it. If we agree to this framework convention agreement, the words that are in the body of it, you know, that is what you think you're agreeing to is far less important than the fact that you're letting them add protocols down the road. And it says in there that they can be adopted, you know, by the conference of the parties, but there's no way to reject them. And so by giving authority to someone to change the laws in the future, you're sealing your doom. You're giving away your sovereignty. Now, the Who keeps saying, Oh, we're not taking away your sovereignty, we're not taking away your sovereignty. If you read the second paragraph and a couple of other areas, you know, they talk about how important sovereignty is.

James Roguski: They're not taking it away. They're hypnotizing nations and their delegates to give away their sovereignty. If you agree to allow someone else to make decisions for you in the future. You're handing over your sovereignty. So I'm not claiming that the W.H.O. is attempting to take it away. I'm saying that our delegates are handing it over, and I encourage people to go to my Substack and read the article about the pandemic treaty update. And when you download the document, you can certainly read the whole thing. I encourage you to do that. I've analyzed it. I have a six-minute summary of it. But the thing to pay attention to is the bureaucracy that they're going to bury in this document and give them authority to have an oligarchic set of bureaucrats that you don't get to elect. They're not accountable to you, and you probably won't ever even know who they are. I would challenge anybody to name any of the people who are at the conference of the parties and represent them regarding climate change. And so if you can see how all of that has been implemented slowly over time, that's what they're attempting to do with this new framework convention that they call the bureau's text of the.

Brannon Howse: All right. Thank you for that. Thank you, James, so much. People can follow you at Correct.

James Roguski: and I give everybody my phone number. You're more than welcome to call me. It's (310) 619-3055. If you want to help push back against what they are doing I'd be happy to talk to you anytime.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Thank you so much, James. James Roguski checking in.

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