Major Archeological Discovery in Israel Again Reveals Reliability of the Bible


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Brannon Howse: Joining us now, I think about 12 minutes before 5 a.m. in Israel right now is Dr. Rob Lindsted joins us live from Israel. I think it's like his second 72nd or 73rd trip to Israel. Dr. Lindsted, welcome back. Thank you for joining us so early on Tuesday morning in Israel.

Rob Lindsted: Yeah. Good morning. Matter of fact, I'm sitting in the beautiful Sea of Galilee. Yeah, it is. And so as we talk, the sun's going to be popping up over the top of the Golan Heights. And I'm right here, the hotel that we choose, where when I tell you we can walk out of our room, put our foot in the Sea of Galilee. That's exactly our location. So it's.

Brannon Howse: Fascinating. I want to go to a couple of headlines and get your response. Here we go. Israel says a. Iaea let Iran hoodwink it over the nuclear site. Israel is concerned by reports US Iran nuclear deal is imminent. Yeah, America is turning its back on Israel again. Here's another one I referenced a while ago. All of Israel would unite to support a strike on Israel, says Gantz. Another one says that they were practicing. They're practicing. Netanyahu All security Cabinet meets for War Drill. Netanyahu says Israel can handle any threat on its own. Here they are practicing it said a simulation of being attacked by Iran on multiple fronts. Now, A lot of this is in their own press reports over there. Are they preparing their people? Are they literally doing the programming over there with their people to get them ready for what's coming? Because it looks like they've got no choice, but soon and very soon to make a move against Israel. Excuse me, Israel makes a move against Iran. As it's reported, they have enough uranium now to enrich at least five nuclear weapons.

Rob Lindsted: Well, first of all, Israel knows they're going to have to go alone. Uh, the United States is not backing Israel any longer. The Biden administration has deserted them. It used to be we'd come here. We were a hero because our country aligned with them. They're on their own, is right. It's so sad. We lost our best friend. We lost our information source in the Middle East. But at the same time, this administration would like to say we're making peace. They're not making peace. They're making foolish decisions every day, foolish decisions. And so Israel Israel no longer counts on help from us or cooperation with us. And so that's a really sad situation.

Brannon Howse: So what are you hearing on the ground? You've been there now for about a week, right?

Rob Lindsted: Mhm. Well, think. What are you hearing? Several things. One. Yeah. One is they applaud a country that just said okay, we're going to recognize Jerusalem as the headquarters. That's what's important. That's capital. The United States is backing away from that. The United States is always trying to say, look, if you'll do this well, we'll help you. And they're sick of the United States making promises and breaking the promises. So I think that's the big thing. They they're intent on beginning sacrifices. Again, we're watching that. We're listening to that. Uh, at the same time, the country here is very secular and it's almost heartbreaking to see how secular the country's becoming. Another thing that we saw that is, is. Yeah, go ahead.

Brannon Howse: No, you go ahead.

Rob Lindsted: What are you saying? That we were able. Yeah, We went to a place called Shiloh, and I sent a clip to you. We may not have time to show it this morning, but. But on Wednesday, our Wednesday, they found the gate of the city of ancient Shiloh. That may not seem like a big deal. And then an hour later, by measuring from that gate, they found the fourth corner of where the tabernacle sat. Then they found the socket. The stone socket. These are incredible discoveries. Here's why. Because the debate has been having is this really about Shiloh, where the Jews there was Israel there? Now, why is that important? Well, the Bible claims it was the Tabernacle that rested there for 369 years before it was moved to Jerusalem. The evidence is so damaging and so important for the case of the Bible that there are actually people that are trying to pave over this mean having a picture of people trying to pave over the top of some of these discoveries. So we had Dr. Scott Stripling, who was the archaeologist in charge of this. We were there, our group.

Rob Lindsted: We were invited to go and pick up pottery out of the little pottery, uh, I'd say cemetery and. Wow. And how he's doing this is using the Bible, using great archaeology. We saw 200 people there and we saw them celebrating because can you imagine after all these years, they find the cornerstone, the fourth corner of the temple that was definitely there. What it says is, yeah, the Jews were there. The Bible is true. We're watching people reinterpret Genesis one through 11. No wonder when people say it's not important. These details are not important. No wonder our young people then are redefining marriage there. We got to go back and say, you know what? The Bible is the word of God. Genesis one through 11 is scripture. It that's the accurate account of Revelation, the whole book of Revelation. It's coming true before our eyes. I mean, we're watching the countries line up. We're watching the situation. Exactly. The Bible said. And so our church leaders got to realize we've got to take the Bible seriously. No wonder our young people are.

Brannon Howse: I want to show that footage.

Rob Lindsted: They. Yeah. Okay. Let's do it. Yeah. Did you see them?

Brannon Howse: Yeah. There are young people who are being discouraged. Beautiful. Beautiful. Logan, let's play that footage they sent you. Can we play that? Logan? Oh, you're just grabbing it now. All right. That's all right.

Dr. Scott Stripling (In video): I'm a trained theologian. I also have a Ph.D. Evangelical Christian. And that means that I take the Bible as a serious historical source. An Israeli newspaper recently wrote an article that while doing brilliant archaeology, Stripling lies outside the mainstream of Israel of Israeli archaeology. And I thought, well if that means that I don't take the Oh no, they continue. They said this because he takes the Bible as a historical document. I thought, well, if that's it, then I plead guilty. Okay. Because we have pushed back against the idea that the Bible is mythology. Well, this data is emerging. The past is now coming into the present, but it's mute when it comes out of the ground. It must be interpreted. And this is where the paradigm or the worldview of the archaeologist comes into play. If there's a presupposition that the Bible is not a reliable source, then then you can miss a lot of information. For example, in our Bone Deposit, our faves on the eastern side of the site, we were excavating tens of thousands of bones there, all from the biblical sacrificial system full of late Bronze Age pottery from the time of Joshua. Now I'm a ceramicist. That means I'm an expert in ancient pottery, or as my wife would say, boring. I mean, who does this, right? Why would you study pottery for hours a day? It's because of the language. It's talking to me. The stones are talking to me. I'm hearing all kinds of voices, okay? And they're all telling me the same thing, that I'm finding consistency. Now I have to scientifically document this and publish this, but I refuse to bifurcate my faith from my experience in the field. And so I think that's a good thing. The project has yielded a lot. When I came here in 2016, I came up this pathway way and Lane Ritmeyer was with me. Susan Latimer was with me. We had just finished our excavations at Khirbet Al McAteer after 21 years. Okay, so archaeology is a slow process. It's not like you you see an Indiana Jones. I don't swoop in and get the girl in the artifact and off I go. Okay. It's a little more complicated than that. So after 21 years, we come here, I walk up the path to drive the first stake in the ground, and I walk through what we now know as the gate of the city. That's right. We have excavated the gate of Shiloh. Now, the head of the Antiquities Authority was here last week, and he just kept saying, you've got the gate, you've got the gate, you've got the gate. He couldn't believe it because everyone thought it was on the south side of the site because it was a more gradual approach. But there was no evidence of that. You see how ideas get entrenched. Circular reasoning gets entrenched. It must be on the south side of the site because so-and-so said it must be on the south side of the site. I never bought into that because the water is one kilometer this way. So why would you carry water all the way around the side, all the way through the gate, and then all the way back to the north? And so lo and behold, long story short, we we have now uncovered the gate complex. Very exciting. I walked up through, of course, all of this was way underground, massively underground. And I walked up to the middle of the northern slope to a building that we now believe is the Tabernacle platform. I drove this first stake there, of course, not knowing these things, but providentially I think that's where we were supposed to be. I had published an article before the dig ever started saying I thought the Tabernacle was on the top. And so this caught me by surprise. I wish I could tell you it was brilliant archaeological acumen that I deduced this, but that was not the case. So I'm more surprised than anyone. Just this morning we have the fourth corner of this building. It's the exact dimensions given in the Bible for the Mishkan. It orients east, west, perfectly east-west. It's surrounded by cultic material like a demolished four-horned altar, ceramic palm granites, and storage rooms. This bone deposit is due east of it. As I was mentioning about an hour ago, we have the socket stone at the right where I projected on our plans that it should be the entrance. There's the socket stone right there. And so it just couldn't be any better in mine.

Brannon Howse: Well, you know, they say archaeologists used to dig to disprove the Bible. Dr. Raab, Now they read the Bible to find out what to dig. How much longer are you over there? Can you come back for another report?

Rob Lindsted: Well, we're going to be here another week because we stay in Israel for a while. Then we're going to go to Jordan and Petra. We're going to go to Egypt. And so, yes, we'll be happy to do another report, but can't guarantee I can show you a scene like this with the sun coming up. And but I'm anxious to take I'm anxious.

Brannon Howse: And the American flag behind you. Right. And the American flag behind you. Is that the American flag? Yeah.

Rob Lindsted: Yeah, it is gorgeous.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely gorgeous. Right there on. You're on, you're on. Did you say you're on the Sea of Galilee?

Rob Lindsted: Yeah, Sea of Galilee. Yesterday we took a boat ride out there and did our devotions out in the middle of the sea. What a way to learn and study the Bible. I'm anxious to take people from the truth. From. Yeah. Worldview Weekend. Let's. Let's do a report.

Brannon Howse: And we're trying to get that all nailed down and start promoting that for next May. And Doctor Robin I've talked about that off the air. So real soon, real soon, folks, we'll be announcing how you can go with Doctor Rob Linstead on a Worldview weekend-led tour. I'm not going, but I'm going to promote it and be a part of it. And we're going to get live reports from you and Doctor Rob, folks when you're over there. And he's going to lead that for us. We'll be opening that up, I think, for next May. We'll be talking about that real soon. Let me know how you can get on board for that. In the meantime, check out Bible tip stands for Bible Truth and Prophecy. Doctor Rob Lindsted at 5:01 a.m. Israel time Tuesday morning on the Sea of Galilee. Have a beautiful and great day. Doctor Linstead, thanks for being with us.

Rob Lindsted: My pleasure. See ya. Bye bye.

Brannon Howse: Dr. Lindsted, checking in. And as we sign off, folks, remember you. We're brought to you by you. Sheets, towels, blankets, pet beds, slippers, sandals, mattresses, mattress toppers, robes, and much more. And use that promo code B66 Big Giza dream sheets sale going on. We also have to go on slipper slides and sandals and six piece metal set. Great for Father's Day gifts graduation gifts, wedding gifts, and more. Promo code B66. Thanks for watching. The next time I'm Brannon Howse. Take care.

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