Great-grandson of Fabian Socialist and Father of Social Gospel Movement Pushing LGBTQ Agenda on American Churches


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Brannon Howse: Joining me quickly now is Leo Hohmann. Leo, I called him today to check in as a producer with us. As you guys know, he wrote he's written a brand new article. Check this out. Before we get to David Pine Church is taking up the interfaith pride mantle with Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, all striving to virtue signal to the advancing one world system. And he started telling me about this guy. What's involved in this group, is this interfaith alliance. And he told me the name of the guy, Paul Rosenbush. And I said, wait a minute, I wonder if he's any relation to Walter Rauschenbusch, who I write about in my book Grave Influence, who's the father of the social gospel movement? Walter Rauschenbusch, started the Federal Council of Churches which became the National Council of Churches. And Walter Rauschenbusch did this with his friend Harry the Ward, Harry Ward, who was known as Harry the Red Ward because he was a Marxist, but he would hang out with the Fabian Socialist Fabian Socialists wanted socialism evolution, not revolution over time. Slow like a turtle. And he knew he couldn't come out as an outright Marxist. So he said, Well, I'll work with the Fabians and do it slowly. But he was known as Harry the Red Ward. Well, he worked with Walter Rauschenbusch, the father of the social gospel movement, who started the Federal Council of Churches. As I said, that became the National Council of Churches. And I said, Leo, I wonder if he's related to Walter. Well, let's see what Leo found out. Leo's got a brand new article tonight at Leo Leo, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Leo Hohmann: Thanks for having me, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: We're a little behind tonight with all the breaking news about Trump being indicted. We weren't planning on putting in a panel. We weren't planning on it. And, you know, a lot is going on tonight. So the Interfaith Alliance, Paul Rosenbush, is related to Walter the Fabian Socialist who used religion to bring the social gospel to America, to do away with the biblical gospel and push socialism under the guise of Christianity, i.e. messianism. This dude related to him.

Leo Hohmann: He is. He changed the spelling slightly of his last name, but he is the great-grandson of this man. You're talking about Walter Rauschenbusch, the father of the social gospel. And it gets even deeper. This man comes by it honestly. He's not only the great-grandson of this Fabian, Socialist Baptist Minister Walter Rauschenbusch. He's also the great-grandson of Louis Brandeis, who was the first Jewish member of the United States Supreme Court and a notorious liberal member of that court. And so he comes from a lineage of some very, very famous socialists. Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: And what is their goal here? What is their whole goal with this interfaith movement?

Leo Hohmann: Well, I think it's spelled out in this quote I have in the article. It says, quote, The majority of faith groups and congregations across the country are inspired by their traditions to celebrate the inherent dignity and worth of all people, including the many beloved LGBTQ plus members of their communities. And here's the kicker. But an extremist minority is working to distort the meaning of religious freedom to discriminate against those who identify or believe differently than they do. And we, as people of faith, it's vital that we fight back against these heinous efforts and voice our support for our Lgbtq+ sibling's rights to live with full dignity and safety. Join us in celebrating, quote, faith for pride. And that's the name of this initiative, the Faith for Pride Initiative. And what they're doing here, Brandon, with Reverend Paul Rosenbush as their spokesman. He's the president of this outfit. It's very clever, he says, but an extremist minority is working to distort the meaning of religious freedom, to discriminate against those who identify or believe differently than they do. That is a satanic tactic that he used right there to accuse the righteous, accuse the brethren, as the Bible says, that Satan is the accuser of the brethren. And what this man is doing here is he's accusing us of what he and his group are guilty of in that one sentence, saying that we are trying to distort the meaning of religious freedom to discriminate, discriminate against those who identify or believe differently than they do. That's what they're doing to us. If we don't love the fact that everywhere we go, this LGBTQ ideology is being crammed down our throats, down our children's throats, putting gay porn in books and saying that those books must be distributed to school libraries.

Leo Hohmann: The Biden administration is doing that right now through the Department of Education. And so if we're not excited about this, if we don't want our children sexualized, if we don't want our children groomed by these perverts, then we are the haters. Brandon. We are the ones who, as he says, there, are trying to abuse our freedom of religion to discriminate against those who identify or believe differently than we do. That's what they're doing. They want us wiped out of society if we don't capitulate to this onslaught of perverted, disgusting filth. And now it's not enough to say that it's just out there among consenting adults. That's one thing. And there's a whole group of Americans, and I can sympathize with them who say, you know what? If there are two consenting adults in a in behind closed doors, I don't care what they do, that's their business. But now, because so many Americans have that live and let live attitude and are not we're not getting riled up about all of this LGBTQ stuff in it's in the movies, it's in the TV shows. It's all over. No, it still wasn't getting us riled up enough. It wasn't gaslighting enough for us. Now they're coming for your children. And if you don't like it, if you're not excited about having your child groomed, you're a hater.

Brannon Howse: Brandon Well, I did my whole show today on the fact that I'm very, very shocked and I'm hopeful and I'm shocked that the American people are waking up and pushing back like they are against Bud Light Target, Chick-fil-A and these other companies, because I just thought maybe they become so politically correct, they capitulated. And I theorize today that the kicker was this. They went after what you're saying. They went after the kids. That was like, okay, two consenting adults could go do what you want to do. But when they started shoving porn into the schools, masking them, mandating shots on them, drag queen, our, you know, porn in the schools if you look at it, it's porn, it's cartoons, but it's porn. It's teaching them how to sodomize each other. Same-sex sodomization has been the bridge too far. Now you're going to do puberty blockers hormone. Now you're going to go to Oregon and Washington State, California, and start taking kids from parents, taking the kids away from the parents because they don't want to encourage their transition or lifestyle. Kidnap the kids by the state. This is a bridge too far, but it's also part of that Hegelian dialectic to create more chaos so that they do get a reaction from conservative Christians so they can say, Oh, you see, we told you they were bigots, now they admit it.

Leo Hohmann: Yes, it is classic gaslighting. Exactly. Yep.

Brannon Howse: Yep. All right, People should check it out., as always. Leo, thank you for being with us and for your great breaking stories.

Leo Hohmann: Thank you, Brannon. Appreciate it.

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