When Educators and Evangelicals Push The Marxist Worldview of White Privilege


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In this episode of the Worldview Weekend Hour, Brannon reveals why he believes the tweet, sermon, and interviews by so-called Pastor Matt Chandler on “white privilege” reveals this pastor of The Village Church is a village simpleton. Brannon explains, using in part the wisdom of black columnist Walter Williams, that the term white privilege is actually a masking term for social justice, socialism, Marxism, and reverse racism. See video clips from the 15th annual white privilege conference held in the spring of 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin that will shock you and make you angry if this is being taught to your children and grandchildren. This conference included 2,500 educators and students.  An Atlanta pastor claims that today’s system is designed to subvert the progress of an entire group of people. Why is this pastor wrong? Brannon shares documented facts that reveal how good America has been for all people groups. If you want your children and/or grandchildren to be inoculated from the lies of White Privilege propaganda; then have them watch this program.  Brannon explains why he believes neo-evangelicals like Chandler are not only playing into the hands of the Marxists, socialists, and agitators but actually making the race problems in America much worse. Brannon explains why Chandler is revealing his lack of knowledge when it comes to true American history and facts. 

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