Massive Security and Law Enforcement Failure Revealed as Muslim Man that Brandished Weapons and Threatened Worldview Weekend is Arrested 12 Days Latter with Weapons & Meth

Just Released: WVW-TV News: Massive Security & Law Enforcement Failure Revealed as Muslim Man that Brandished Weapons & Threatened Worldview Weekend is Arrested 12 Days Later with Weapons & Meth. After days of bringing international attention to what they believed was a miscarriage of justice, you will see how Brannon and Shahram respond when they find out as they are broadcasting that the Muslim man is finally charged with making a terroristic threat. You will also see how they respond as they learn while in the middle of the program that the Muslim man was arrested with Meth according to news reports. Brannon and Shahram also play shocking video clips of the police declaring the same week that the Muslim man had not made any threats or broken any laws. You will also see a news report by the liberal media allowing the Muslim man to explain his motives. Do you think that a so-called Christian that had done this at a Muslim conference would be given the same treatment by the liberal media? What can Americans learn from this huge security and law enforcement failure? Brannon also plays a video clip of a Muslim leader teaching at the Islamic Center in Sioux Falls in 2016 as he describes how Muslims can multiply and change Sioux Falls with their religion and converts. Sadly the tragedy and failure of leadership in Sioux Falls is an example of numerous such cities throughout America. How should Americans respond for the safety of their families, communities, and freedoms? 


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