Does The Bible Describe a Euro-Centric World Government?


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Brannon Howse: Now, before we go to Dr. Andy Woods to talk about the European Commission helping be behind this and how it fits in with Bible prophecy and a Eurocentric world government. And you say, wait a minute, wait a minute. Where in the Bible does it talk about a Eurocentric world government? Can you tell me where that is? We're about to do that with Dr. Woods. But before we do, let me show you. We are brought to you by you. Check this out. We added some new items today. Oh, boy. I also found out today we will this fall be adding something that I've wanted to add to our store for a long time, but it has not passed our test, our efficiency test. So we've never carried this product. But I believe we now have a line on a product that a lot of you are going to be excited about. But we did add a couple of new things today. Here we go, nine cups, stainless steel, coffee pot. You know, I love coffee. I have to have it every day about four cups a day. And if the power goes out, I got to have my coffee. You know, I've already told you about the Franklin's finest coffee. That is instant coffee. Well, you need to have the instant coffee pot to go with it, Right? So today we added the instant coffee pot, stainless steel.

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Brannon Howse: Well, think of us as the conservative Judeo-Christian worldview alternative to NPR their listener supported along with your tax dollars, unfortunately. But we're also listener supported. If you would like to support us by going to and making a contribution of any size, you can even sign up to be a monthly contributor to what we're doing. As I push out the Worldview report right in-house Live Worldview Radio Worldview Weekend hour on Sunday nights, our Sunday night service that I've been teaching since 2015. If you appreciate all that we're doing and the fact that you can go watch it all for free at and we pay the $12,000 a month in bandwidth to give it away for free, We appreciate your support by going to Joining me now is Doctor Andy Woods. He's a pastor and an attorney. He's the pastor of Sugarland Bible Church in Sugarland, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Texas. He joins us tonight. Doctor Woods welcome back to the broadcast. Did you have a chance to hear what James Rogowsky and I were talking about with this digital passport of the W.H.O.? And they're uniting up with the European Commission, who seems to have got a lot seems to have a lot of this technology under development, and they want to add to it. Did you hear any of that conversation tonight, doc?

Andy Woods: Uh, yeah. Heard the whole thing from stem to stern.

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you for that. That'll make this conversation easier. Well, when I heard that the European Commission was doing this, is this the same group that, gosh, well over ten years ago? I have a screenshot where they were dividing the world into ten regions, which fits what you're about to talk about. And then we know that they're uniting up the European Commission with the W.H.O., which is the UN, to push out a technology to track us. Sounds like to me through the guise of health and pandemic, they're laying the foundation for the mark of the beast. I again, I'm not saying is the mark of the beast. It's laying the foundation for the mark of the beast. That led me to say, Hey, doc, if this is a Eurocentric world government the Bible talks about, isn't it interesting the European Commission is involved in this, which would lead some to say, Well, Brannon, where in the Bible does it talk about a one world government that is Eurocentric? That's definitely in your wheelhouse. You've written a lot of books on this. Can you help us with this, please?

Andy Woods: Yeah, well, you might take a look at that first slide I sent you. There's a giant statue there. Um, this is something that Nebuchadnezzar and then later Daniel saw back in the sixth century B.C. It basically is a parade of nations that would trample down Israel, beginning with the Babylonian captivity, and going right on through to the second coming of Christ. And so the head of gold would be Babylon that trampled Israel down from about 605 to 539in the chest and the arms of silver would be Persia from about six 539 to 331. Then the belly and thighs of bronze, and that would be Greece that trampled Israel down from about, oh, I don't know, three 3263 BC, and then you have the legs of iron. Legs of iron would represent Rome. Rome came into the land of Israel about 63 BC and pushed Israel out of their homeland about 40 years after the time of Christ. And then there's a big gap in that statue, the feet with the ten toes mixed with iron and clay, that's never been fulfilled. And that's basically a ten. King That's what the ten toes are confederation that I believe will start in Europe and ultimately subdue the whole earth.

Andy Woods: That's the future empire of the Antichrist that will be cataclysmically overthrown by the Kingdom of Jesus, which is the stone cut without human hands that shatters the base of the statue at the end of the vision in Daniel chapter two. So the bottom line is that I know this is going to sound really profound when I say it, but the toes. And the feet are connected to the legs. And so if the legs of iron, if the legs of iron represent ancient Rome, then the antichrist's empire of the future must arise initially out of the cultural inheritance of ancient Rome and then ultimately subdue the whole earth. So all this talk that we just heard about from James and others, you know, concerning this digital passport and the World Health Organization is behind it and ultimately the European Union is behind it, it's not surprising at all to those of us that have studied this prophecy in Daniel chapter two for years and years and years. And that's where you get a new world order that ultimately initially is Eurocentric. That's where it comes from in God's Word.

Brannon Howse: I absolutely 100% agree with you. And, you know, it's very interesting because you and I and others who were doing this long before you and I were doing this, we're a little we were little guys. A lot of them started doing this. Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, late great Planet Earth came out in the 70s. I went to the theater as a small child to see it. Um. They took a lot of ribbing. But yet at the same time, when that movie came out, it was really popular. The book came out. It came out. A lot of these guys were packing out conferences all over the country. Churches were eagerly teaching this, wanting to talk about it. And then there seemed to be a strain within evangelicalism that came along that started mocking this whole thing. And so here we find. Come here. Do you want to come here, then? Come here. Come here. I got you. All right, let's. Let's just have a little break. Someone just licked my leg. He's not usually in the studio, but tonight they let her into the studio. He came by and licked my leg. Hi. Yeah, Good to see you, too. This is my daughter, Libby's dog, Pearl. Anyway, sorry doesn't normally come in here.

Brannon Howse: She's not normally allowed in the studio, so I had to take advantage to show her off. But then there came a strain of people, Dr. Woods, that started mocking this whole view that you just shared. What's really interesting about that, Dr. Woods, is. That. Their eschatology isn't working out so well. They thought they were going to Christianize the whole world. They were going to have a bunch of children through the home-school movement. Not that all the homeschoolers buy into this, but a lot of the homeschoolers have bought into this replacement theology, dominion theology, the worldview of Gary, DeMar, Gary, North Rushdoony, and others. They were going to Christianize the whole world and have a passel of kids, which is nothing wrong with that. Kids, if that's what you want. There's nothing wrong with homeschooling them either, if that's what you want to do. We did it all in our family. We did. We. We tapped into private school homeschooling, all of it. But they thought, many of them, that they were going to take Dominion and their Dominion theology. They take the seven mountains and government and everything and Christianize the world. How's that working out for them?

Andy Woods: Well, it's not working out for them at all. And you'll notice what they have to do to that statue that we had up a little earlier. They interpret the whole thing literally. Until you get to the feet, the ten toes, and the stone cut without human hands. That immediately shatters the base of that statue. They have to argue that that's the kingdom of God in spiritual form. You know, gradually subduing the earth. And that's not what the prophecy says. Every other nation in that statue that we mentioned is a literal nation. You'll notice Brannon gave the Times that each of them lived. It's a literal nation that lived for a specific, you know, era of time. As you look at all of them on a map, you see that all of them had literal land. And so if that's true, why would it be any different for the ten toes? Why would it be any different for the stone cut without human hands at the very end of the vision? And so what these guys are doing is they're interpreting the ankles upward through one hermeneutical or interpretive lens, and then they get to the bottom of the statue, which is part of it that's yet future.

Andy Woods: And they pretend it's not yet the future and they move to an allegorical, you know, spiritual form of interpretation. They argue that this is some sort of spiritual kingdom that Jesus set up in the first century, when what Jesus did in the first century doesn't fit the details, you know, of that particular statue. So they've bought into a method of interpretation, as smart as they all think they are. Where, you know, part of the Bible is literal. Other parts of the Bible are nonliteral because, Brannon, you and me, and others, we take the whole Bible literally. What we believe is there's a gap of time between the ankles and the feet. And we have to do that because we haven't seen this ten. King You know, ten toe confederation rise yet. It's developing in Europe, as we talked about earlier, and we've never seen it instantaneously and cataclysmically overthrown by Jesus, which is what will happen at the end of the tribulation period, albeit Revelation 19.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, well, you guys can see he's pretty brilliant on this. He's got a Ph.D. He's got a law degree. He's written a lot of books on this. And again, you ought to do your homework and study what he's putting out because he backs it all up with scripture and with history here. Let's go to this, Daniel. 241 to 43 in that you saw the feet and toes, partly of potters, clay, and partly of iron. It will be divided a divided kingdom, but it will have in it the toughness of iron inasmuch as you saw the iron mixed with common clay. What does that mean? The mixture of clay and iron? What does that mean? Doctor Woods?

Andy Woods: Well, there are a lot of different interpretations of it. My understanding is as you move down in that statue from head to toe, the metals become less valuable. You know, gold is the most valuable and then it paves the way to silver and then bronze and then iron to the point where you get to the bottom of it and it's just iron mixed with clay, meaning it's a sort of a foundation that's not laid correctly and it's just waiting to be overthrown by Jesus himself. And it's showing us that the world system that we're living in is a broken system. It's temporary, and it's yet to be overthrown by Jesus, who will bring in his real kingdom, you know, his eternal kingdom. By the way, if you want a global reset, Jesus is going to bring that in via the stone cut without human hands. What's being developed now is just kind of a, you know, paltry imitation of God's kingdom.

Brannon Howse: Mm. Then it goes on to say, as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of pottery. So some of the kingdom will be strong and part of it will be brittle. And in that, you saw the iron mixed with common clay. They will combine with one another in the seed of men, but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery. So it's not going to be a lasting kingdom, is it?

Andy Woods: No. Remember, Adolf Hitler told us his kingdom would last a thousand years. He didn't even get close. The Antichrist is going to get, if I'm understanding my Bible correctly, 42 months or three and a half years maximum. But that stone cut without human hands is going to last a thousand years. That's why it grows and grows and grows at the end of that vision until it fills the whole earth. And then even that thousand years. The Book of Revelation tells us, is going to pave the way ultimately to the last two chapters in the Bible, which is the eternal State.

Brannon Howse: So we do believe the kingdom of God is established on Earth. We just don't believe that we do it through our work. We believe, as Daniel two describes, God brings His kingdom. We don't build it, which is why we are involved in Christian activism and we believe Christians should be involved. But we're not trying to strive for some theocracy and Christians take over everything. So we do believe that Christians should be involved. We believe that God will have a kingdom. It just won't be built by us and good works and us somehow doing all these great things. It set a heaven-on-earth state that Christ comes back to. Which, of course, is what the progressive social gospel people like Walter Rauschenbusch were teaching, Correct?

Andy Woods: Yeah. Mean all of these people you know you mentioned Gary DeMar. Gary North I'll throw in another name. Don't know if I'm allowed to do this. Uh, Kirk Cameron. I just heard him speak at a homeschool convention where he told everybody here in Houston to get out there and bring in the kingdom and quit. You know, waiting for the rapture. I mean, all of these people, they're so confused. They think they're bringing in the kingdom without the king, which is an exercise in, you know, total futility. You know, not to mention arrogance. I'm not building any kingdom. I'm praying what the Lord told us to pray thy kingdom come. And in the interim, before Jesus sets up his kingdom and he's it will not be set up with human agency as the Daniel Two vision clearly says, God brings his kingdom. In the interim, I'm trying to win citizens of the coming kingdom by preaching the gospel so people can change their inheritance away from this kingdom of man that's mixed with iron and clay and failing, and want them to transfer their citizenship into a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Hebrews Chapter 12, verse 28, talks about that. So I'm out there preaching and teaching. I'm evangelizing and disciplining, and I'm winning citizens of the coming kingdom. I'm praying thy kingdom come. As you said before, we are the salt and light of the earth. So I vote in every election and I try to be a good spiritual influence wherever I go in the secular world.

Andy Woods: But the truth of the matter is, I should never confuse that with bringing in God's kingdom. God alone is going to bring in that kingdom. By the way, Brannon, I have a whole 400-page book on this if people are interested. It's called The Coming Kingdom. The subtitle is How Kingdom. Now Theology, you know, alters the Purpose of the Church. So if you're attending, you know, homeschooling conventions where they're talking about bringing in the kingdom, what you're doing is you're putting on to the church a mission that God never gave the church, God never told the church to go out and bring in the kingdom. What he said is in this interim age, in between the ankles and the feet were to fulfill the Great Commission by winning citizens of the coming kingdom. So our focus ought to be proclamation and evangelism and not trying to, you know, always alter the structures of society because we think we're bringing in, you know, the kingdom of God and of course, social justice, theology, the social gospel that you mentioned before. Rauschenbusch They have the opposite design on this, where they actually believe that they're going to set up the kingdom of God. And then for a thousand years, if you can imagine this, and then Jesus is going to come back and find everything in apple-pie order. You know what? What a totally unbiblical and arrogant way to think.

Brannon Howse: Well, particularly when you got John D Rockefeller said, I wish you could see the vision as it unfolds before me. I literally see the church leading the way, as it should in all movements, literally establishing the kingdom of God on earth. That's John D Rockefeller and the Rockefeller family and these globalists who are doing all these things, who are not building the Kingdom of God. What they're doing is they're building the kingdom of the God of this world that first John calls Satan. And and we even have a former communist Bella Dodd in the 50s saying, as a former communist, she said, look out, the communist will take all the nice Christian words and hijack them. Don't you want to bring in the kingdom of God? Don't you want to build the Kingdom of God? And now you have all these pastors telling their congregations that's what they're to be doing physically here and now. And so they go, okay. And so the communists, under the guise of social justice, open borders, environmentalism, you know, redistribution of wealth. They get them to buy into a communist idea by hijacking words like the kingdom of God. And due to bad eschatology and doctrine and theology by their churches, their own sheep now are buying into communism under the guise of Christianity, which is why I wrote the book, as you know, Mark S.A. So we're involved in Christian activism, as you said because we believe we are to be salt and light. We're to occupy, to the Lord returns.

Brannon Howse: We want to be involved in evangelism. We want to use publishing and Christian schools and colleges and seminaries and radio and television. And we want to be able to raise our children according to the admonishment of the Lord, train up a child the way should go. And when he's old, he shall not depart from it. And I guarantee every time it's a proverb, but we want to be able to carry that out as parents. Well, if we don't get involved and stay involved, the government will become God and they're going to destroy the church or try to. But the gates of hell won't prevail. So we're involved for a totally different reason than the people like Kirk Cameron and others. And Kirk has stayed in my home. His sister Candace stayed and my wife and I were home and traveled to some of our conferences. Kirk spoke at a lot of our conferences, but somewhere along the way he got, I think, brainwashed into this and has become very hostile. I've heard him speak now and he gets kind of hostile toward people that hold to the eschatology that you and I do. And you said you heard him speak at a homeschool conference this weekend and in Houston and seemed to be a little hostile toward this view as well. But if he's so smart about it and so convicted about it, here's what I would say. Come on here and let's have a conversation.

Brannon Howse: Let's have a debate between Dr. Woods and Kirk Cameron. I don't think Dr. Woods will be joined by Kirk Cameron. I don't think Kirk will join him because, frankly, Dr. Woods, won't say it, but I will. He won quite a few awards at his seminary, a large seminary out of Texas because he is so good at knowing the Bible and debating and sticking it from the Bible. In fact, one of the leading theologians I interviewed for years and years and years. Who passed away? I think it was close to 100. Dr. John Whitcomb. You guys ought to look him up. Dr. John Whitcomb. He used to. Since he found out about his ministry, he started sending books to him and encouraging him to keep doing what he was doing. Dr. John Whitcomb was one of the foremost Christian writers, speakers, speakers, and Bible teachers in modern-day Christianity. And he recognized the brilliance that God has given to Dr. Wood. So I invite Kirk to come on and bring your Bible. But you're not going to defend this. Now, I'm not saying that to criticize Kurt, other than to say when we get our eschatology wrong, we can lead to bad theology. And then we have the church being hijacked by globalists, internationalists, fatalists, and statists, who want the borders open and try to use all this. Jesus would drive a Volkswagen bug and all this other garbage, and it's just setting up the church for being confused. Closing comment.

Andy Woods: Well, I just think it's a sad day when people like Kirk Cameron, you know, are our lead spokespersons in the area of theology. I mean, what is what are his credentials? I mean, he's like a he was like a childhood, you know, brat basically snarky kid on TV. I have no idea how he feels. He's qualified, you know, to pontificate about the rapture, his eschatology. And it's also kind of funny. I heard you laughing. There he was wasn't he in one of the Left Behind movies?

Brannon Howse: He was in the original Left Behind movie. Absolutely he was.

Andy Woods: And now what he's adopted and.

Brannon Howse: By the way and by the way, Kevin Kevin Sorbo's. Kevin Sorbo's latest version was far better than Kurt's. So he was better.

Andy Woods: Better acting, too. But Kirk, you know, he's basically involved with this preterism, which is the idea that the Book of Revelation was written in the 60s, which in the realm of New Testament academia is, is laughable. Nobody believes that, but they believe it was written in the 60s and it was a prophecy about what happened to the Jews in 8070. So they don't believe in a future Antichrist. They think the Antichrist or the beast was Nero Babylon, which we haven't had a chance to talk about tonight, they think was Jerusalem, you know, burning at the hands of Rome in ad 70. So there's a tinge of anti-Semitism in the air, I believe, with their belief system. And they have to radically allegorize the book of Revelation. And then they take the thousand years and they stretch it out like an accordion and make it look like we're bringing in the thousand-year kingdom right now. And then Jesus is going to come back at the end of the thousand-year kingdom and the world is going to be in apple pie order. Well, the last time I checked, Chapter 19 in Revelation comes before Chapter 20. Chapter 19 is the second advent of Christ.

Andy Woods: Chapter 20 is about the thousand-year reign of Gary, DeMar, Gary North, Kirk Cameron, and all of these misguided people. I would simply say you're never going to have the kingdom until Jesus comes and sets it up. And if you don't believe me, and if you don't believe God's word, just look at your headlines. You're losing the battle. It should be obvious that we are losing the culture war. And that's why we're told to pray thy kingdom come. Yes, let's act as a restraining influence while we're here. But let's not go through life with sort of a, you know, overly optimistic view of our own importance thinking we're actually going to do Christ's work for him. You know, we're going to set up Christ's kingdom for him. It's just a fanciful way of thinking, but it plays into the hands of the right and the left politically, because they want to fill the word kingdom with their own political definition, whatever it is. That's why they're so damn Brannon, like Kirk Cameron was at this conference on Bible Prophecy and the Rapture, because the Bible gets in the way of what they want to do.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Wow. Dr. Andy Woods, check out all of his many, many books on these topics, by the way, at Andy Woods, Andy Woods As always, thank you for all your hard work.

Andy Woods: Dr. Woods. Great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: And if you like his Bible teaching folks, he has a show every night. Every night he has a Bible teaching show on my channel every night. 10:00 Central. No. Nine Central. Nine Central every night. WVWTV.Com. And it's also archived. So if you want to catch it later, then you can catch it later. Archive. Bible teaching by Dr. Woods, pastor of Sugarland Bible Church in Sugarland, Texas, outside of Houston. And his church is now packed. They're filled to the rim and thousands and thousands watching online every Sunday because they can't find a pastor that can defend and exegete the scriptures just the way you heard done.

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