Breaking News From 76th annual World Health Assembly on WHO Amendments to Steal America's Sovereignty


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Leo Hohmann: Hello, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Hello, Leo. Hello, James.

Leo Hohmann: Hi there. Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: Thanks for being had. All right. Let's go to let's go, James. That's a joke. Let's go to I've told that one before haven't I, Leo? Let's go to Michele Bachmann reports directly from W.H.O. World Assembly in Geneva. Quote No dissent registered by any nation thus far to proposed amendments nor the global pandemic treaty in quote. So we'll start with you. We'll look at that subtitle. James Rogowski also weighs in, quote, I can appreciate his skillfully crafted evil plan, and that's what I see, end quote. So, Leo, you've been talking to our mutual friend Michele Bachmann. She's over there and all the nations are falling dutifully in line with world Chinese Bill Gates-dominated W.H.O.

Leo Hohmann: Yeah. Surprise, surprise. Brandon. I mean, did we expect anything else? No, not.

Brannon Howse: Really.

Leo Hohmann: No. Why did we expect this? Because Klaus Schwab has already been writing about this for, what, three years or more? Saying how we need to digitize humanity. We need to get firmer control over the behaviors of humanity. And how are we going to do this? We're going to do it by implementing a global digital ID system for all people. And if they're successful, Brandon This will include your biometric data. It will include all sorts of personal information on your health status. Are you up to date on your shots? If not. When was the last time you were tested for COVID or whatever pandemic of the moment they may be pushing? Once you have as our guest here, James Rogowski pointed out in this article that I wrote and I thought it was brilliant. This doesn't just have to do with forcing vaccines on people and making sure you're up to date with your shots. Once you have this digital app on your phone, it could also be used to include more certificates of compliance. So maybe you haven't had the shot, but then they want to know and it could be any of the various shots here.

Leo Hohmann: We're not just talking about the COVID shot. They're already talking about a new pandemic and they've got a new bird flu vaccine waiting in the wings that they'd love to get into people's arms. But let's say you're one of those vaccine-hesitant types like you or you or me. We all know people during the last pandemic who did not succumb to the COVID vaccine, the forced vaccines, whatever mandated vaccines, whatever word you want to use. But they did submit themselves to rather a consistent testing, whether it was for their job. If they didn't get the shot, they had to get what was tested every week, sometimes even more frequently than that. Or you had to get tested to enter certain countries if you were an international traveler. Well. Line up for your digital ID and you can have that instantaneously added to the QR code on your app. So you won't have to get submitted to the COVID shot or the bird flu shot or whatever. But as James pointed out, you're still submitting to the digital ID.

Brannon Howse: Wow. What are your thoughts on all this, James?

James Rogowski: You know, Brannon, I'd like to ask you a question, if I may turn the tables on you. I've reported on some of the finances of the show, and so if you had $1 billion and you were working for the show and you had 8851 employees and you were able to pay them an average of $120,000 a year each, how much propaganda do you think you could produce?

Brannon Howse: Oh, man, I could produce so much. I mean, it would be mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. Okay.

James Rogowski: So that's what we're dealing with this week and continuously. Okay. This week is just the onslaught of an overwhelming amount of information. And so a lot of times what you see in the news, you know, not on your show but elsewhere, it's you know, it's the things that are meant to distract. And so what Leo was just talking about is the, you know, global digital health certificate network. Now, it's proposed in the amendments from the European Union, all the things that Leo mentioned, the vaccine certification, the prophylaxis certification, the testing certification, the recovery certification, none of these things are defined, but they're just busy building it out. They had a little tiny paragraph in one of the documents that referenced another document report. Oh, and you know, they just quietly say, oh, we're operationalizing the things that are being negotiated. They've also announced things like the hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence Ipsn They did an article a little while ago about the preparedness and resilience for emerging threats system. They have epidemic intelligence from the Open Sources system. They're working on the Paths Pathogen Access and benefits system. Um, it just goes on and on. They're just doing it. And the negotiations are going along. It's kind of like if somebody, you know, you wanted to build a house and you built a house and then you hired the architect to draw the drawings based on the house that was built.

James Rogowski: What people are losing sight of? And this is going to get a little bit down into the nitty gritty of it. Um, way back in 1969, when the US government allowed the first version of the International Health Regulations to be adopted, that's when we didn't lose our sovereignty then. And want to be very clear about what we saw happen, but we weren't paying attention if people were even alive back then. Um, is Congress abdicated its authority to weigh in on all of these international agreements? And so here's where everybody gets confused. And I hope I can help everybody clarify. It wasn't a treaty that got us into the W.H.O. It was a congressional-executive agreement. Congress passed a resolution and President Truman signed it. And so Congress has failed to weigh in on the 1969 Ayers in 2005. And here's the thing I want everybody to pay attention to. Last year we talked about this already, but still, people don't want to pay attention to it. Last year, the World Health Assembly did adopt amendments to international health regulations, and Congress has completely failed to even speak about the fact that they should be representing the will of the people in opposition to those changes. We cannot allow unelected delegates to an international organization to change international law without Congress weighing in on it. And they have been silent. Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: Which is why what you've been doing is so important. Your substack is James Rogowsky, right? James?

James Rogowski: That is correct. And I want to point people to a very important article in there, which is Silence equals consent. Dot com just spelled all out because next month in June, everyone can participate. I encourage everyone in the United States to go to silence Equals Lo and behold maybe it's the pressure or you know who knows what. But the Office of Global Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services will be having two what they call listening sessions. And everyone can send an email, and apply for a spot to speak to them directly to the delegates. And you can also send in information in written format. Leo Send in your application. You know. Brandon send in yours. The point is, we as citizens must tell our public servants what we demand that they do If we don't do our job and tell them what we want, then you know it's our fault. But if we tell them very clearly what we want and they fail to do so, then it's their fault. And so I encourage everyone to speak up and a creative way of going about it is to go to stop the and get all of the information, all of the documents, the summary. I did sort of a Cliff Notes version of all of this. People can download that and get, you know, up to speed very quickly. Record a video, say what you want to say, and send that video to your congressperson. Let them have a piece of your mind and spread it all. Put it on, you know, whatever platform you want. If you're silent, they assume that you're consenting to whatever they're doing. So. All right.

Leo Hohmann: So I have a question. A question for James. Is it true, James, that the US Senate held a vote recently in this regard in terms of whether or not they wanted to have a say in this treaty?

James Rogowski: In a sense, there are bills both in the House and in the Senate. Senator Ron Johnson has, I think it's Senate Bill 444, but I believe he took that legislation and submitted it as an amendment to another piece of legislation, and it went down to defeat, 49 to 47. One Republican voted against the amendment, and otherwise it would have been a 48 to 48 tie. It shouldn't even be a question. All of the people who voted, would you say?

Leo Hohmann: Did it go down to defeat? When you say it went down to defeat, James, are you saying that they voted to opt out of performing their constitutional duty of consent over treaties? Advise and consent over treaties?

James Rogowski: In essence, that's correct. Leo, It was in the form of a vote on an amendment to another piece of legislation. And you know it. They've violated their oath of office to say that they don't want to weigh in the way the Senate is obligated to do so. Now, I want to be very, very clear, though. There's a separate process for a congressional-executive agreement, which is how we got into the show. And so all of Congress is supposed to weigh in on anything that's going on with the show. And, you know, changes to international law were adopted by the assembly last year. And I have not heard a single congressperson or senator say, boo, write about those changes last year.

Brannon Howse: Well, okay. Let me ask you this in closing. This is slated for May of 2024. So what you're saying is that they're writing all the amendments now, everybody's going along, and then it's just a matter of a formality for May of 2024. Are we going to see a pandemic, a pandemic between now and 2024 to soften up the population in here, smirking already, James To soften up the population and everybody before the vote, or are they going to wait till after the vote?

James Rogowski: I'll let Leo go first. Go ahead.

Leo Hohmann: Well, the timing does seem rather, uh, shall we say, coincidental that they're talking right now. All of the W.H.O. has come out. The CDC has come out talking about bird flu being a big danger and that it's going to be much more deadly potentially than the COVID virus was. And so, yeah, we could see the bird flu have become a pandemic between now and 2024, just in time for the US to give its sovereignty away to the W.H.O. Wow.

Brannon Howse: All right. Great work you're both doing. Brand new article. Both of you, thanks for being here. Thanks for all you're doing, for being ever vigilant and keeping us up to date. Thanks, Brannon. Thank you, guys.

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