90 Minute Television Special to Bring Hope And Encouragement


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Brannon Howse: One of the things I did while I was on my little break from television, but I was still working, was spending a lot of time editing and post editing television, and we queue up the guys in the control room, the KD, the KD spot. This one's about a three-minute spot. I want to share this with you. This just this spot just got finished today. But, what we did is I spent, I spent a lot of time over the broken post editing the remaining songs so that you can go to WVWTVcom or look at this. You can even go over to YouTube.com, go to YouTube.com, type in Brannon Howse, and find my YouTube channel there. There it is. Find my YouTube channel and there you'll see this him sing a Brannon Howse he sings. And I don't promote this YouTube channel hardly ever but it's also over at WVWTV.com. If you go to WVWTV.com what we've done is we took that all those all those hymns that I've been working on with our piano player for six months and we produced it into a 90-minute TV special right there, took out all the talking. There's none of my telling the story of how the hymn was written. It's straight 90 minutes of nothing but music and beautiful scenery to help you relax and unwind. Now, one of the things that has shocked me is the number of guys, One of them, my friend who is a who is retired general over the weekend sent me a text saying I could watch this for hours.

Brannon Howse: This is so relaxing. And it's words we need to hear in America right now. Well, he's right. It is relaxing because that was the objective. So we went out, as you know, last over the New Year between the end of December and 1st of January, went out, bought a baby grand piano, spent six months producing this into a CD and then into TV specials. Well, now it is a 90-minute TV special you can watch. Free. Absolutely free as a ministry of WVWTV and WVW Foundation. 90 minutes. No talking beautiful scenery to help you unwind, relax and down gear. And that has been the common correspondence we're receiving. Wow. That helped me relax, and unwind. I literally, before I got on the air a while ago, got a text from some friends of mine that were husband and wife that were watching it and said, We're just down gearing. To your new 90-minute TV special. My wife said someone else text or emailed the office and said that her husband put it on while they were making dinner the other night. So apparently this is resonating with men, women, and people of all ages. So here's a little three-minute spot. It is. You can watch it all for free, but if you want a CD, we do have a CD. Now, here's a little taste of what we worked on and finished producing over the holiday break here. Watch this.

Brannon Howse (Singing): Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me.

Narrator: WVW broadcast network presents a Brannon House hymn Sing. Secure your two-CD set today of 20 traditional hymns, combining Brannon's trained vocals with piano. These two instruments help to create a captivating and soothing sound, inviting you to immerse yourself in the biblical lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Brannon Howse (Singing): Why should the shadows?

Brannon Howse (Singing): Whose small still be my vision o a ruler of war

Brannon Howse (Singing): Be still my soul. All right. Is on thy.

Narrator: Side. Let the music be a source of comfort, inspiration, and joy as you listen to these timeless classics that have touched the hearts of many generations. Secure Your two-CD set, featuring 20 world-famous hymns today by ordering a WVWWTVstore.com that's WVWTVstore.com or order by calling (901) 468-9357. That's (901) 468-9357.

Brannon Howse (Singing): Be so sweet to trust in Jesus on a hill far away stood an old rugged cross all lost.

Brannon Howse (Singing): And did my savior bleed?

Brannon Howse (Singing): Every Great is Thy faithfulness.

Brannon Howse (Singing): I surrender. You. Jesus made it home. How Great Thou art.

Narrator: Secure Your two-CD set featuring 20 world-famous hymns today by ordering a WVWTVstore.com. That's WVWTVstore.com or order by calling (901) 468-9357.

Brannon Howse: All right. There you go. So that's a little bit of what we got accomplished while we were off the air. Allowed us to catch up on a lot of post editing. And so there you go. But again, remember folks, if you want to get the CD, you can get it. WVWTVStore.com is two CDs, 22 CD sets 20 songs. But if you don't want to buy it, you can watch all that beautiful scenery and the music free at WVWTV.com Just go there. You can watch it for free. WVWTV.com. We also put it on YouTube. As I said, I think it's on Rumble. We just put it out there for free, you know? I mean, I don't know about you, but how many people put all their stuff out there for free? But that's partly what our foundation is for folks. So if you appreciate all we're doing and all we're pushing out for free, we appreciate your support. WVWfoundation.com WVWfoundation.com. That's what sponsors so much of my programming including the Worldview report and much more WVWfoundation.com.

Brannon Howse: But anyway if you want to get the CD the two CD set you can I mean people still want CDs and trust me when the power goes out and you still have a CD player hooked to your generator, you'll be thankful you still have a CD player. Same thing with the DVD player. I'm keeping my DVD player because I have a generator. When the power goes out, I can still watch all the John Wayne movies I have. Everybody else will be not watching anything because everything they have is in the cloud or on a phone or streaming somewhere. And that's all going to be down if the power goes out. But I still have my generator, my CD player, my DVD player. I'm not going to sit in the dark and do nothing. I'm going to I'm going to still go on with much as life as I can. So those of you that still want CDs, you can get them WVWTVStore.com or you can call that number and Libby will take your order. 901 4689357.

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