John Whitcomb: June 16, 2020

Author and Biblical scholar Dr. John Whitcomb offered words of hope and anticipation to help us press forward during spiritually challenging times in this message, which focuses on Christ as “Alpha and Omega.”

With assistance from host Wayne Shepherd, Dr. Whitcomb drew from the broad sweep of Scripture in this message—giving Biblical reasons to persevere in our service to the Lord until the day of His return. Dr. Whitcomb went all the way back to creation to establish this theme.

This program truly embodies our mission on “Encounter God’s Truth,” which is to declare that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! In fact, Dr. Whitcomb encouraged us to be faithful to take all 66 books of the Bible seriously.

We trust that this broadcast—the first half of a short series—will be a great blessing to you. If it is, won’t you please consider sharing it with someone else as well?

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