WVW Exclusive: Leftist Conspiracy Theory Crumbles: Riot Police Accused of Harming Elderly BLM Activist Martin Gugino Cleared of Wrongdoing

Another left-wing fantasy has been demolished as police officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe have been fully cleared of wrongdoing in an incident that gained international attention during the deadly George Floyd riots of 2020. Long-time anti-cop activist Martin Gugino was portrayed as a victim of police brutality after being shoved while disregarding officer orders during a Black Lives Matter protest in Buffalo, New York.

According to a local ABC affiliate, “a state arbitrator found the officers’ use of force justified,” and a “grand jury also decided not to indict the officers on criminal charges of felony assault.”

On June 4, 2020, police were evacuating Buffalo’s Niagara Square when Martin Gugino ignored their warnings and approached the officers, strangely waving his mobile phone. “Watch the old guy's right hand closely” observed “The Last Refuge” on social media at the time, “This was not innocuous. He's attempting to either record the police tactical belt, and/or skim the radio.”

An officer shoved the agitator out of his way. Gugino then stumbled backwards, hitting his head.




Reaction to Incident

The legacy media and left-wing politicians ignored due process, swiftly slandering Officers Torgalski and McCabe - and all police officers in general. NBC “Legal Analyst” and far left “racial justice” activist Maya Wiley said “So, police officers believe that they were ordered to violently shove a 75 yr old man who stopped to speak to them?” Twitter featured the exchange in a “moment”, lamenting that Gugino “cannot walk and has [sic] cracked skull”.

“Where was the threat?” lamented then-Governor Andrew Cuomo, “How can you walk by a person when there’s blood coming out of his head? It’s fundamentally inhumane & frightening.” Cuomo further accused the officers of “abuse.” “Let’s focus on the facts. What we saw on that video is abuse and we must put a stop to this kind of abuse. Enough is enough,” the disgraced former governor declared.



New York member of Congress Hakeem Jeffries dramatically declared: “Protect and Serve? More like Brutalize and Lie.”

Then-Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said in part:

“The incident we saw in front of #Buffalo City Hall is deeply disturbing. In no way was violence justified. Those officers must be held accountable for their actions.”

Rep. Brian Higgins jumped on the bandwagon, stating that the “completely unwarranted use of force by police in front of Buffalo City Hall last night is a call to action for our city and country.” Not to be outdone, State Attorney General Letitia James claimed that the incident “appears to be a horrific display of abuse and lack of concern for New Yorkers by the Buffalo Police Department.”

But President Donald Trump commented in part that Gugino “could be an Antifa provocateur,” which made the left lose their collective minds on social media. “I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?” the president speculated.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer responded: “Pres. Trump should go back to hiding in the bunker instead of tweeting baseless conspiracies about peaceful protestors and further dividing America.” “If Senate Republicans can’t call out the president for this or work for action on policing reform, then what are they doing here?” he continued.

Despite the leftist outcry, the accused officers were fully exonerated. The urge to use the video to smear police officers performing their duties was too great, unfortunately. Citizens must demand that the media and rabid politicians and activists respect the Constitutionally defined right of due process before exploiting situations for political gain.

The initial media reaction was reminiscent of the fake “whipping” of Haitians at the southern border used to smear border patrol agents, outrage over Kyle Rittenhouse protecting himself from unhinged Antifa activists during the August 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the pathetic reaction to then-high school student Nicholas Sandmann, who was lambasted after he was confronted by leftist activist Nathan Phillips at the 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Martin Gugino’s Radical History

Martin Gugino is a long-time activist associated with the communist Catholic Worker movement, which was founded in 1933 by radical leftists Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Day and Maurin wanted “a Communist society that would abolish the system of wage-labor and free enterprise and produce a classless society characterized by shared ownership of goods and communal child rearing.”

The Catholic Worker is behind the “Witness Against Torture” program, which was formed in 2005 to “build awareness about torture and indefinite detention, focusing on Guantanamo prisoners.” Martin Gugino was arrested while protesting the Guantanamo Detention Center in Cuba in 2012 with the Witness Against Torture program.

On June 3rd, 2020, the day before he confronted police, Gugino tweeted: “The Cops should not have clubs. And should not be in riot gear. The National Guard should arrest the police.” He also tweeted “f**k the police,” and used the Black Lives Matter / Antifa acronym “ACAB”, which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards”.


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