WVW Broadcast Network Terminates The Programs of Two James White Defenders

Sadly, a couple of the men that broadcast on the WVW Broadcast Network compromised on the James White interfaith dialogue. A few of these men have given James White a pass they never gave Rick Warren or John Piper. In phone calls, texts, and letters, a couple of them have pressured us to sit down and compromise our Biblical convictions for the benefit of their friend and good ol' boy club. After weeks of prayer and seeking Godly counsel, we are at a point where we are tired of the nonstop pressure & double standard some of James White's friends are putting on this ministry. Perhaps James White will give them free air time and spend the thouands of dollars each year producing a television program for them. We have extended a great deal of grace and tolerated their badgering of us for weeks in hopes they would see the truth on this very black and white issue.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars giving these men free TV shows and free distribution to our audience through all our numerous platforms. And we paid for their airfare to and from Memphis and lodging. The associate pastor and co-host of one of our hosts went on social media a few weeks ago, and again this past week, and trashed this ministry for our reporting on the James White Interfaith Dialogue with a Jihadi Imam. This man gets free air time from our ministry and yet never bothered to e-mail, text, or call before slandering the network that carries his voice. We brought this to the attention of one of our hosts and the remarks were not removed and did not stop. We cannot justify spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year producing a TV program for a church and ministry that treats our ministry with such disrespect. WVW Broadcast Network doesn't belong to a good ol' boy club. People trust us to speak truth and this is one reason we have grown to the size we are today with over 175,000 people on our e-mail list and 22,000 families subscribing to our Roku TV Channel. We will not violate that trust! Most importantly we will not compromise the platform the Lord has entrusted to us. We will be adding new shows with men that are more carefully vetted going forward to ensure we do not find ourselves in this position in the future if at all possible.

We do not ask all our hosts to agree on every issue nor do we ask them to agree with the management of this network on all issues. We have broadcasters that do not agree on many non-salvific and side bar issues. Diversity on non-essentials is acceptable for a broadcast network. What we will not tolerate is people seeking to intimidate us into a group consensus of compromise for pragmatic and unprincipled reasons. This is not an issue of methodology but theology and we will not compromise on Biblical theology. Our supporters and our own conscience demand such fidelity.

We are coming to a day and age in which the hour is late and men can no longer sit in the tall grass for political and personal expediency and comfort. No one likes controversy but the Bible is clear that there must be divisions among us to know who is approved of God. Jesus Christ said that He did not come to bring peace but a sword. Christ even spoke of families that would be divided by truth so should we be surprised that broadcasters would find themselves divided as well? It would have been far easier to have yielded to the endless haranguing and to have gone along to get along. But that would not please God nor be a good example to our listening family. We must set the example by taking the hard stands even when it means we must separate from people for which we have much personal affection. Truth cannot be compromised for personal gratification. Unity at the expense of God’s truth is compromise and a sin for which we will be held account in this life and the next.

We are thankful for the new show of Dr. Andy Woods and the other men that will remain on our network. We have a few more men we are vetting now to ensure we only put men before our audience that we believe will not compromise on the vital issues of the day. Please pray for us that God will providentially bring such men to our attention. Thank you

Brannon Howse
WVW Broadcast Network



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