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Dear Friends,

2016 was a great year of global ministry outreach for our radio and television ministries as well as our free Worldview Weekend rallies. Please do not set this letter aside to read later, because you may not do so. I have some very important updates for you as we come to the end of the year! Please also take note of our NEW address above!

We continue to see a huge demand for our free Biblical radio and television programs on a global scale. One web-traffic rating organization has ranked us in the top 46,000 of all the websites in America alone. Our free app for iPhone and Android was updated in 2016 and is very popular. We also updated our free Roku channel, and we now have 20,679 families that have downloaded our free TV channel that features the 8 different television programs we produce from our Memphis, Tennessee television studios. Total minutes watched on our Roku TV Channel last 30 days is 88,997. 

Our broadcast partner, Justin Peters, has personally spoken of traveling around the world and hearing first hand from those that listen to and watch our broadcasts. He has reported such personal, face to face testimonies from those in Brazil, India, Canada, Great Britain, Philippines, Uganda, Norway, and Australia. That is so humbling and encouraging, for we know it’s only because of God’s grace and mercy that He chooses to use us in this way. God has providentially brought our ministry to the attention of people all over the world, and for this we are very thankful.

In November, we launched a new television program with Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim from Iran. Today, Shahram is one of the few voices that not only exposes the dangers of Islam, but he also shows us how to effectively refute the claims of Islam that twist and distort the Bible. Shahram desires that others be rescued from Islam with the message of the glorious gospel as he was.

We are now producing the free television programs of Shahram Hadian, Usama Dakdok, Mike Abendroth, Justin Peters, Tommy Ice, Mike Gendron, and of course, the Worldview Weekend Hour. That’s 7 television programs that are filmed in our Memphis, Tennessee studio, and we do not charge one dime to these hosts. We fly them in, cover their lodging and meals, film and produce their programs, and then distribute them as our ministry. We now have a huge television station in Milwaukee and Green Bay that has picked up six of these programs. 

As you know, we also have 15 different radio programs which we distribute on a daily or weekly basis. Our ladies Bible study with teacher Susan Heck continues to be one of our most popular programs.

We also co-produce the preaching of Pastor Jesse Johnson from his church in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. We put his preaching up on our app, Roku Channel, and website on Saturdays so people will have a solid Bible teaching sermon for Sunday. Many people are struggling to find a solid Bible teaching church, and thus we desire for our broadcasts to equip, edify, and encourage fellow believers as we defend and proclaim a Biblical worldview.

I wish you could fully understand the influence and impact we are having on the lives of many people in very key positions. We personally know of people that listen to our programs and watch our television programs who work in the Pentagon in Washington D.C., in national security jobs, for intelligence agencies, and in national law enforcement agencies. We have listeners who email to tell us how they and some of their fellow American soldiers listen to our broadcasts as they serve overseas. We have had soldiers tell us how they download our programs to take with them on their iPods right onto the front line. We also hear from missionaries in Japan, China, and other nations that write to us to tell us how our ministry ministers to them while they are away from America and working to fulfill the Great Commission. 

What a joy it is to use the technology of the day to reach so many people on a global scale that are from all walks of life and living all around the world.

I wish you could spend an evening with me going through a box I have that is filled to the top with testimonials from people all over the world. A common comment is the appreciation for our team of broadcast partners who are so diverse in our topics, but all founded in Biblical truth. Whether the issue is Islam, economics, national security, social issues, the cults, false teaching, global governance, public policy, history, or government, they know we are covering crucial issues that allow Christians to understand the times and know how God would have us respond and think about such issues as we use God’s Word as our foundation.

Never doubt for one minute that God is calling people unto Himself, and providentially placing Bible teachers in their path so they might be equipped and edified in Biblical truth through the teaching of His Word by those God has granted such an opportunity. We cannot boast in anything because we realize that God is the One doing the work, as He is the One that has providentially built the broadcast team we have. God brought Susan Heck, Mike Gendron, Mike Abendroth, Tommy Ice, Shahram Hadian, Justin Peters, Jimmy DeYoung, Jesse Johnson, Mike Riddle, Usama Dakdok, John Whitcomb, Chris Pinto, and John Loeffler to our attention. What is so amazing is how unified we are in our commitment to Biblical truth, love of God’s people, love for each other, and in our desire to use the gifts God has granted to us for His honor and glory. 

It was amazing when these broadcasters came together at our conferences and were introduced to each other for the first time. There was instant fellowship, and now there is on-going friendship among them. Only God could build this broadcast team that is so unified around the essentials of the faith. I know that I did not build this team! God providentially did this, and I am humbled I could play a small role in this broadcast ministry.  

I am compelled by the need to be faithful, uncompromising, and always striving to administrate and expand in good stewardship that which God has chosen to trust to me and our broadcast team.

In 2016 we held 10 Worldview Weekend Rallies in 10 cities, in 10 nights. We had to bring out more chairs in 9 out of 10 cities. In 2017, we have marked 23 cities in which we plan to host our free Worldview Weekend rallies that are recommended for ages 10 through 112. 

As we come to the end of the year, please know that broadcasting the free radio & television programs really requires your ongoing partnership to maintain and expand. We must continue to cover the flights and lodging of our broadcast partners as they come to Memphis to film the program they host. 

We must continue to cover the cost of updates on our free radio & television app, as well as our free Roku TV channel. Computer code must regularly be updated to maintain compliance with the standards of each distribution platform. We also have increasing tech needs as we fight off cyber attacks that seek to bring down our websites, apps, and Roku Channel. Sadly, this is becoming an ever increasing issue as people who clearly hate Christians and Biblical truth launch almost non-stop attacks on our broadcast platforms.

We also must continue to cover the bandwidth cost that comes with offering the free streaming of our radio and television programs to people all over the world through the various distribution platforms that we maintain.

In 2017, we hope to add an Apple-TV channel to our broadcast distribution platform. This Apple-TV channel would be free to anyone just like our radio & TV app, websites, and Roku-TV channel.

So as we approach the year’s end, will you please consider a tax deductible contribution by phone, online, or mail? About 30% of our budget comes in the last month of the year. If we do not finish the year strong by meeting our end of the year goal, we will have to eliminate any new programs in 2017 and we may have to cancel a few current programs. We would, for sure, have to cancel some of the 23, free Worldview Weekend rallies we have scheduled for 2017.

Please let us hear from you now, before you get distracted at this busy time of the year. Thank you for partnering with us now in these ministry projects by making a tax deductible contribution online, by phone, or by check. All the details are at www.wvwfoundation.com  

If you prefer to give over our secure donation line, the number is 901-853-8792. Please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number, credit card number, cvs number from the back of your card, and the amount of the donation. If you want us to call you back, please leave your name and number and my wife will call you back to take your contribution over the phone.

If you prefer to send a check, please use our NEW address above. If you prefer to give online on our secure website, then please go to www.wvwfoundation.com  Thank you for your support.


Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend
Worldview Weekend Foundation

P.S. We continue to work with a computer programmer to keep our list free of duplicates. Please forgive us if you received more than one mailing.


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