Topics for the November 3rd & 4th WVW Live-Streamed National, & Family Security Conference


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Is Self-Defense Biblical or are we to turn the other cheek? What about defending others? Our family? Ourselves? Have you considered some key elements necessary to keep yourself and possibly others safe when an active shooter or terroristic event unfolds?

When it comes to self-defense or the defense of others, there are a few things to consider ahead of time, that is, NOW, if you haven't already. Based on over 20 years of military experience and combining his training in both civil and military tactical aviation, as well as owning a firearms and tactical training business, in a two part talk, Jason will help you consider answers to the following questions:


Part 1: The Worst Case, Are you prepared? By Jason Pratt

What are the possible scenarios you must consider and prepare for with your family ahead of time? We'll discuss scenarios—at home guarding your family, at church, a public event, large gatherings, and even alone in that dark alley—how to discuss these things with your family and establishing a plan and code words to act upon when danger arises. What is the difference between concealment and cover and how can they save your life or buy precious time when every second counts? You'll learn how to scan an area and identify these potentially life-saving barriers to danger! What do you know about gaining situational awareness and developing an exit strategy? If you don't know what's happening, you can't know how to respond! What are the training resources you should consider?  You can seek out resources to learn more and better prepare yourself!


Part 2: The Bible—The Christian's Weapon of Choice, By Jason Pratt

What are the Scriptural implications, mandates, and guidances regarding self-defense and the defense of others? What do you think of when told to "submit to authority?” Who or what authority is that? What does the Bible say about whether a Christian can or should own a firearm for protection? What are the careful considerations and Biblical principles everyone MUST consider?


"America is Losing the War & Doesn't Even Know It,” by John Guandolo and Chris Gaubatz (John and Chris will each speak twice)

Understanding the Threat's (UTT) presenters, John Guandolo & Chris Gaubatz, will discuss the Global Islamic Movement, what they seek to accomplish, their US network, what is driving them, and how they have moved to the point of victory while US leaders remain catastrophically clueless.

Details of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, their doctrine (sharia), modus operandi, and how they have penetrated our American system at the local, state, and national level will be revealed and put into context of current events.

Why do the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all of the Islamic jihadis do what they do?  THEY say it is to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under Islamic Law (sharia).

What is the stated purpose of Islam?  To establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under Islamic Law (sharia).

UTT is the only organization in America giving citizens, law enforcement, and leaders tools to identify, map out, and dismantle the jihadi network in communities all over the nation.  UTT leadership has accurately assessed and predicted events that no one else in the nation accurately assessed and predicted because we assess threats based on the professional standard of evaluating the threat based on how the enemy identifies itself and why the enemy states it is fighting.


The Big Picture Concerning The National Security Threats Facing America (Part 1 & 2, by Brannon Howse)

Who are America’s external enemies and how are they threatening America from the outside? Who are America’s internal enemies and how are they sabotaging America from within? What are the tactics of the external and internal enemies of America? How should the average American respond and prepare for these threats?

These two presentations will include such topics as:

  • The history of Antifa
  • The Weather Underground of the 1960s and their influence on the revolutionaries of 2017.
  • Venezuela: How Iran has helped this nation build an intercontinental ballistic missile base just 1,364 miles, as the crow flies, from Miami.
  • Current CIA Director admits that Iran, Russia, Cuba and Hezbollah are all working in Venezuela.
  • Venezuela has 5,000 Russian-made MANPADS surface-to-air weapons.
  • Are U.S. domestic terrorists getting training in Venezuela?
  • Are Islamic Revolutionary Guard members already pre-stationed in America, & have they already attacked our critical infrastructure?
  • Black Lives Matter is flush with up to $100 million dollars.
  • What are some of the guerrilla warfare tactics the Marxists have called for that are being carried out in America?
  • How have many of America’s evangelical leaders become useful idiots for the Marxists & Muslims seeking to sabotage America?
  • The United Nations is dominated by the Marxists and Muslims, but do you know how they are using the power of the United Nations to sabotage your community?
  • How have America’s schools and universities been used to brainwash America’s young people into being Marxist and Muslim revolutionaries, and how can you protect your children and grandchildren from these lies?
  • How are the Marxists and Muslims working together to eliminate the U.S. Petrodollar and destroy the American economy, and how can you protect your assets?
  • What role does the deep state play in bringing down America and why?
  • Why are the globalists so committed to the destruction of America?
  • What balanced and common sense preparations can your family make to be prepared for the national security threats facing your family, community, and nation?

Escape, Evade and Fight, by Clint Clements

In this presentation you will learn what you need to know about escaping, evading, and fighting, and when to implement them.


When is Force the Answer? by Clint Clements

Force is usually not the answer, but when it is, it is the only answer.



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