Something We Should Think About As Parents

It’s not unusual to have some wild-eyed supporter of baby-killing attack me after they’ve read one of my columns speaking out against the murder of children.

Their ad hominem attacks are typically short, uninformed and pointless. Some being their attacks with feigned perfunctory platitudes before unleashing their diatribe that: “The trouble with you Republicans is that you only care about babies before they’re born – not after they’re born.”

They then slither back into cyberspace feeling proud of the bravery that comes from being an internet thug.

That said, in retrospect, albeit they possess ophidian characteristics they are partially correct. I do care about babies before they are born. But I also care about babies after they are born. I simply reject the mindset that argues upon the birth of a child, it becomes the government’s responsibility to co-care and co-provide for it. I believe it is just as negligent to have a child that another must be financially responsible for as it is to practice abortion as a method of birth control.

On some level, having children will always demand sacrifice. It is hubris and selfish expectation, which encourages a person(s) to have children because they know there are family members and/or taxpayer-funded outlets to care for their child.

Our son did not choose to be conceived or born. The choice was made in his absence.

Pro-choice is only pro-choice with respect to getting pregnant or to not getting pregnant. Pro-choice after one is pregnant is murder. But I digress.

He was planned for as a life-changing event. We believed our child to be singularly our responsibility, not one to be co-shared with a government agency.

Pro-choice for us was not the bloody legacy of Margaret Sanger’s eugenic philosophies and those of her progeny, Planned Parenthood. But I digress again.

It doesn’t matter which end of the financial spectrum you are at. I personally know brilliant, successful people who have chosen not to have children or to delay having children because they thought it unfair for their child to be nurtured by someone else as they pursued careers.

I oppose the murder of children under any circumstances and yes that includes rape and incest. But I unapologetically oppose the uncontrolled escalation of entitlements spending for taxpayers to provide for the irresponsible.

Practicing birth-control by killing your child is barbaric, it is murder, it is sin! Not getting pregnant is easier than learning to breath. Because as my late mother used to say: “Mychal, you can’t burn yourself if you don’t play with fire.”

Today men and women want to engage in behavior that God called sin and “fornication,” then have others shoulder the responsibility for their lack of self-restraint. Or, even more irresponsible the woman pays money to have her child murdered.

We are human beings created in the image of God; we are not animals incapable of controlling ourselves. But that is the message schools, television, theater, music, Hollywood, magazines, fashion, ad nauseum would have us believe.

There are consequences for behavior that was taught to be enjoyed between one man and one woman, not one man and however many women he can bed nor was said behavior intended to be about women sleeping with every man they meet.

There are consequences for bad behavior. And that is where America has lost its way with children/young people and not least of which is the church. America has changed the definition of words and the church has followed suit.

The secular world can always be expected to do what the secular world does. It is the Christian church that is supposed to set and example proper standards. But, the failure rate regarding Christ-centered behavior and clergy, church leaders and congregants is astronomical.

Young men and women think it is okay to sleep together because they are supposed in love and having sex is how that is shown or one of the worst possible rationales for young people having sex outside of marriage is the idea that their getting married.

God made us higher than the animals. He gave us standards for our own good including our health and spirituality.

Call me old school, call me out of touch, call me unrealistic. But do we want our young women to suffer the potential damning emotional effect of living their lives knowing they killed their child? And what does it say about our children if they have their baby killed and feel no remorse or emotional loss at all?

How do you tell your child that you’ve paid to have one, two, three or more of their brothers and/or sisters murdered?

Having a child killed because of parental irresponsibility is the ultimate act of selfishness. Our young people must be taught that there are consequences for sinful behavior. The church must put an end to going along with what the secular world promulgates.

I speak as one who knows what it is have disobeyed God by living part of my life in sin. But I also speak as one who knows the joy of forgiveness.


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