Software engineers report Dominion flipped ‘minimum of 138,000 votes’ from Trump to Biden in Michigan

A bombshell analysis of four counties in Michigan has been released by a team of mathematical experts led by an MIT-educated scientist that concludes tens of thousands of votes were transferred from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in that state.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a mathematician, scientist and Fulbright scholar, teamed up with software engineers Bennie Smith and Phil Evans to conduct an analysis of voting data in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and Kent counties in Michigan.

When officials detected a 6,000-vote switch from Trump to Biden in one sparsely populated Michigan county, Antrim County, they dismissed it as a “glitch.”

Smith debunked that excuse as a bureaucratic fabrication.

“First of all, there’s no such thing as a glitch. No compiled computer code can decide to change its mind,” he said.

The only reason Michigan caught the discrepancy was because someone went to look at the printed-out poll tapes – the raw numbers that come out of the voter machines – and when they compared those numbers to the tabulated results provided by the state, they discovered the numbers did not match up.

You can watch the entire video of Dr. Shiva, Smith and Evans below [at least until the thought police at YouTube take it down]:

As we reported earlier this week, most states abdicated their control over the final vote-tabulation process years ago when they chose to outsource that job to private software companies. verified with an independent software engineer that no “glitch” occurred in Michigan or any other state.

Rex Powell, a Minnesota-based professional with 20-plus years as a software engineer and whose skills include software product evaluation, said it’s a “huge problem” if a state does not have control of the “source code” for the software applications in use.

“Secondly, if the state does not have air-tight system security it is a huge problem. The source code can be down-loaded, modified, and recompiled by the programming staff, then uploaded without anyone knowing,” he said. “Or, a new version of the program uploaded, then taken down and replaced without anyone knowing.”

Recounts are useless

Powell said recounts will not provide any answers as to whether fraud occurred. If fraud did occur, a recount will merely verify the fraudulent numbers. He said only a total system audit has any chance of pinpointing fraud.

“It would not be difficult to determine how tightly controlled the source code has been since the programs were written for each and every state.”

Powell noted that while electronic “glitches” have been discovered, switching Trump votes to Biden, no such glitches were found to occur in Trump’s favor.

According to a report from Politico, a Georgia election official reported a “glitch” had stopped voting in two counties, caused by a vendor uploading a patch into their Dominion Voting system.

“A glitch is an error introduced into the coding process,” Powell explained. “Switching Trump votes to Biden repeatedly would most likely be an intended modification of the program by system personnel, not a glitch. When they talk about a ‘patch’ being added to the system that might include code to recalculate how the system tabulates program summary totals.”

In Georgia, multiple counties received a patch to add to their election software the day before the election.

“If the tabulation is skewed in the favor of a specific candidate through two or more processes, or if the perform statement for the calculations is incorrect…this does not happen by accident,” Powell said.

Strange voting patterns discovered in Michigan

Shiva said in his video presentation that his team discovered patterns in heavily Republican precincts in Oakland County that are too precise to have occurred organically. The graph line produced shows a pattern so precise that it was almost certainly created by a computer algorithm, he said.

“The algorithm moves Trump votes to Biden. The second thing is that as precincts increase with a higher percentage of Republicans, more votes are transferred to Biden,” he explained. “Another way to think about this is, the more a precinct is Republican, the more the percentage of Trump votes were transferred to Biden.”

In the graph below, each blue dot represents a precinct in Oakland County, Michigan, showing early voting trends doing a nosedive in near total unison, to the point where 40,000 votes went from Trump to Biden.

The ability to shift votes from one candidatge to another is called a “weighted race feature” and this feature is written into all four of the major elections software companies that are used across America, Smith said. It’s not limited to Dominion.

In the final analysis, a total of 93,000 votes combined for Oakland and Macomb counties got changed from Trump to Biden.

In Kent County, another heavily Republican county in the Grand Rapids area, the algorithm kicked in again and shifted an additional 45,000 votes from Trump to Biden.

“Even if you wanted to believe Republicans were just starting to hate Trump and although they still remain Republicans they voted for Biden, they wouldn’t do it in such a perfect line [across hundreds of precincts],” Shiva said.

Previous reports on this website suggested that a secretly commandeered program called the HAMMER/Scorecard may have been used to hack into voting systems and switch votes from Trump to Biden. While that program does exist and it could have been employed, the jury remains out on whether it was used.

What we do know is that HAMMER was not the only potential method of redirecting votes from Trump to Biden. This feature was written directly into the Dominion software program purchased by 28 states and, according to Smith, exists in the other systems as well.

“In three major counties [Oakland, Macomb and Kent] Trump’s margin was reduced by a minimum of 138,000 votes,” Shiva said, enough for Biden to claim victory. “This means Trump’s total was decreased by 69,000 and Biden’s increased by 69,000.

The phenomenon did not appear to be employed in the heavily Democrat Wayne County, which includes the city of Detroit.

“This transfer was done by a computer algorithm,” he said. “The number that got transferred to Biden, increased in Republican precincts and was less in non-Republican based precincts,” Shiva said.

‘Get educated or be enslaved’

“We live in a world right now of media companies which cherry pick what they want. They have an agenda. And it really comes down to us,” Shiva said, who described his team as non-partisan [Smith is a Democrat]. “We have election issues that people get excited about, but we need to take a step back and see what it means to be a citizen. The citizenry has been sleeping. We’ve outsourced our decision making to politicians who have their agenda, and we end up with voting systems with inputs and outputs that are unverifiable. But, most importantly, the key takeaway is that I think it’s time you get educated or be enslaved. If we want to truly be free citizens it requires some significant participation on our part.”

Shiva said inputs and outputs from electronic voting machines “ought to be unambiguous.”

It shouldn’t take a software engineer to go back and decipher whether an election was free, fair and accurately tabulated.

“In the systems we have we don’t have voter registration cards, we don’t really have authentication [of the input], some places do, but we don’t have receipts to prove it was really you who voted in that voting booth.

Can you prove you voted at a given precinct?

“The other part is the output. We’re assuming the output reflects what actually happened in the booth.”

He said most of the systems do nothing of the sort.

The way they are designed, the voter does not get a valid receipt that proves they are who they say they are and that they voted for Candidate A or Candidate B. “You cannot prove it was really you that went into that booth and voted.

“The outcomes, as we shall see, can be manipulated, so the evidence is not really evidence.”

Sheva said it remains very ambiguous who is actually voting where in the U.S. electoral system. And once a vote is cast, the outputs can be manipulated.

“But we assume the inputs and outputs are clean.”

He said most ballots are machine counted.

“Your vote is converted to a ballot image and read by a machine. The ballot images are the ballots that are counted, but unfortunately many of the states are getting away without saving these ballot images.”

This is a violation of federal statute, which requires states to save all documents related to federal elections for 22 months.

Shiva said he filed a Freedom of Information Act request with his home state of Massachusetts to see the image of his actual ballot. He was denied.

The computer algorithm in question has been identified by the team as a “weighted case allocation method.” They believe it originated from the original software program written by Diebold Inc. and passed on to other companies through mergers and acquisitions.

“To get down to the heart of the real problem, we are all engineers, software engineers, we are not politicians. So the question is, why are more Trump votes transferred to Biden in precincts that have more Republicans?

Are both parties aware of these features in these voting systems?

Is it possible that these patterns are just normal, not any algorithm? We had a big discussion among our team on this because we know this is a big important issue for our entire country.

The trend line is in such a tight pattern as to be obvious, something Sheva called a “red flag.”

“It makes no sense, unless, a computer algorithm was in place to lower Trump’s votes as a function of percentage of Republicans in a precinct. That curve, boom, it goes down linearly. What we’re saying is that beautiful point where it’s nice and flat, Trump is actually doing well in Republican precincts and then it’s like a switch gets turned on and it goes down, linearly. Our position is, that could only be done by computer algorithm in such a precise way over so many precincts.”

Evans estimates the statistical chances of that happening naturally would be less than 1 percent.

“It’s begging the probability that it’s natural,” Smith said. “It’s artificial.”

Is a coup d’etat underway?

“Is a coup underway?” asked Sheva. “And, if so, who would be behind such a coup? Democrats or Republicans or both?

What cannot be denied is that the U.S. elections system is deeply flawed.

The ballot inputs and outputs are unverifiable – and maybe that’s the way certain powerful forces want them to remain, for obvious reasons.

The team recommends the following steps be taken to fix the broken U.S. system.

  1. Issue citizens a permanent voter registration card that includes a photograph.
  2. Require elections software vendors to use open-sourced software. “All these systems are owned by a few companies, and we can’t even go in and see what switches are turning on,” Sheva said. It should be open sourced and transparent.
  3. Use handmarked paper ballots. “This is such a viable solution to this because if at any point you want to remove the computers from the process, you can arrive at an output. The documented feature of a weighted election is such a bad idea.”
  4. Save ballot images pursuant to federal law and post them on the Internet for verification purposes. “Nobody counts the paper anymore, the machine counts that image,” Sheva said. “That ballot image is the ballot. So, as we know, those ballot images, many of the states are deleting them after the election. If you have the images, put them up on the Internet and we can all do an automatic recount.”
  5. Require automatic audits of every state’s voting system after every election. “You shouldn’t have to wait until there’s a problem,” Sheva said. “Public companies have to be audited on a quarterly basis but not state elections’ agencies? This is one of the most important things where counting is done, and in that process there is no audits.”
  6. Publish precinct-level data or “poll tapes” on election night. “All of those numbers should be published immediately. In the old days they had the town crier who would automatically go out and announce to the public, ‘Shiva got this many votes and his opponent got this many votes.’ Not anymore. Instead we wait until the poll data is transported somewhere else and that’s another place where the vote can be manipulated.”

Decentralize the system

When election night ends, each of the machines generates the actual results but we don’t get to see those results right away. As Sheva says, there’s no local town crier to keep people honest.

“It’s not decentralized like it used to be,” Shiva said. “When you centralize everything and give it to some company, that’s where manipulation can take place. You can reduce that significantly if, right when the data comes, you town-crier it out.”

This is not ‘voter fraud.’ It’s much worse

Smith said there’s a tendency to broadly frame the problem as “voter fraud,” but that only serves to downplay the severity of what amounts to a national crisis.

“Everyone is wanting to say it’s voters committing fraud. It’s not voter fraud. It’s election fraud,” he said. “It’s systemic.”

Sheva agrees.  He said “we the people” need to rise up and demand reforms that restore accountability to America’s election system.

“Those in power always try to flip it onto their constituency. I think most citizens would not have a problem getting a voter registration card,” he said. “I think some of these things are purposely done so you can deviate people’s attention onto something else and keep the real fraud continuing, in these systems.”

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