President Trump Attackers Now Beg For Unity

I made the observation on Twitter that: “It is always the most evil and corrupt who expect mercy after they’ve purposely set about to destroy a person.” My tweet was in response to a Twitter post by my good friends and colleagues Bob and Laura Parks.

They tweeted: “After 2 years, +/- $35 million, and half a million #FakeNews stories spread by the #FakeNewsMedia about @realDonaldTrump on the #RussiaCollusionHoax and how many lives ruined, @TheDemocrats and their media NOW want ‘unity’? Liberals, pu-leez. Your reckoning is long overdue!”

Bob and Laura’s spot on tweet was in response to the following: “Rather than appeal for unity and healing, Trump and his allies signaled plans to hammer at his accusers in the Democrat Party and the media, even suggesting that Mueller’s probe was an extralegal political effort to topple him” – Politico, 3/24/2019.

Such a crock of crapola; these people, engaged in a scorched earth assault that was based upon a fraudulent dossier, which we were told from the beginning was contrived by the Hillary Clinton campaign, with the late John McCain playing an invaluable part for President Trump haters, by disseminating the fictitious report.

These people viciously and knowingly participated in a fraudulent crusade to unseat the duly and constitutionally elected President of the United States. They engaged in nothing less than a coup attempt, and if we are to believe certain accounts, it was a coup attempt that allegedly entertained discussions of personal harm to President Trump.

These people destroyed lives, families, and exercised every ounce of intimidation they could exert to bully, defame and besmirch President Trump’s family and reputation.

The one thing these people overlooked in their satanic onslaught was my saying that, “the truth is its’ own defense.” The other thing they overlooked is that President Trump is a bareknuckle brawler from Queens, New York. For those who don’t understand what that means, I’ll let you ask someone from Queens to explain.

These people knowingly told lie after lie, their bureaus of agitprop, told dozens of lies per channel per day – day after day. It was endless vilification of a man who was guilty only of having the support of you and I; and with said support crushing the most villainous woman to ever occupy a government building much less a government position.

These people boasted of attacking those of us who support the President. They were captured on tape violently attacking and beating President Trump’s supporters. Speakers who spoke favorably of President Trump were refused speaking opportunities on college campuses.

Those who relentlessly attacked President Trump, his children, and his friends became the human equivalent of variola. Nothing was off base, nothing was too vulgar, and nothing was too untoward.

Washed-up grizzled old comediennes, whose careers were defined by the number of abortions they had and the number of sexually transmitted diseases they boasted, were able to receive applause, however feigned it may have been for their over-the-top attacks on the President’s family and children.

Bellicose simians with brains the size of walnuts, to paraphrase the line by Julia Roberts in the movie “Notting Hill,” revived their dismal careers by mocking President Trump. Albeit in the case of Alec Baldwin, I would be hard pressed not to believe his attacks were attempts to compensate for being a boorish Cro-Magnon sans the anatomical part Roberts’ referenced in her movie.

Michael Moore who has perfected the appearance of being boorish, unkempt and in dire need of a bath became the Hollywood empty sack that slandered the President and those of us who supported the President. Michael Avenatti has gone so far as to blame his arrest for (wink-wink) alleged bank fraud and wire fraud stemming from his alleged attempt to extort money from sneaker companies and (again wink-wink) his alleged stealing of settlement money from a client to further his own exorbitant lifestyle, is blaming President Trump for his arrest and charges. As if the President instructed him to steal, cheat and lie.

When the media and politicos thought Avenatti would be successful in smearing the President with lies from what some adjudged to be a third-rate pole-dancer turned sex movie harlot. However, those dreams quickly dissolved into more charges being brought against Avenatti for allegedly misrepresenting and stealing money from the accuser, Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti, it should be remembered was the person the media and politicians alike were pumping up as the Democrat Presidential contender in 2020.

But it was those in political positions and media positions who knowingly participated in lies and innuendo about President Trump who deserve the harshest condemnation.

Now that President Trump has been completely exonerated, the political gasbags must invent new reasons to continue their attempt to overthrow a legitimate Presidency. They are parsing words and they continue to spread scurrilous talking points the media is only to eager to claim as worthy of consideration and proof of President Trump’s guilt.

And these are the people Politico, itself known for its fair share of lies and distortions, is attacking President Trump for holding accountable for their diabolical actions to overthrow the Donald Trump Presidency.

I’ll tell you what. They deserve unity and it should be encouraged for them. The unity they deserve and we should encourage is for them all to be tried, found guilty and go to the gallows together. Now that’s what I define as unity when it comes to evil Erebusic marplots such as them.

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