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Guest: John Loeffler speaks five languages and has been a conservative journalist & researcher for over 40 years. Topic: John will help us understand the psychological & information operation that has been carried out for many years on Americans through education & media that has created the extreme division in the thinking of Americans. For instance, nearly half of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism, & postmodernism is their worldview. What questions can you ask in order to break through to this generation that has been deceived? What is the delphi technique & how is it being used on all Americans? What psychological and information operations are being used to increase the persecution of American conservatives and Christians in the west? Why are we going to see more physical attacks on Christians and conservatives? Learn how those with traditional values are being identified, marginalized, vilified, and then how their persecution is being legalized and normalized. Why will Christians increasingly find themselves targeted for persecution by fake Christians that infiltrated the church? What lessons can we learn from history that will help us to understand why it is occurring and what is to come and how we should respond?

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