If Liberals Can Have Sanctuary Cities by Which to Break The Law Then Why Can Conservatives Not Have 1 Sanctuary State by Which to Defend The U.S. Constitution?

Guest: Chris Pinto. Topic: In 2006 Brannon laid out a plan that is now finally being embraced by a few conservative leaders in 2020,  after the Coronavirus reveals the great need to fight tyranny and the loss of our religious, economic, and political freedoms. Topic: Sadly, conservatives are notorious for being a day late and a dollar short and they  are known for reacting instead of planning ahead long term like the liberals. In 2006 Brannon talked to a few friends about the idea of calling conservatives from around America to move to a few of the more conservative southern states and to put up patriotic candidates who were fully vetted as understanding, supporting, defending, and practicing the principles of the U.S. Constitution at the local and state level. Based on the research for his 2005 book, One Nation Under Man, he saw then what is evident to many now in 2020. A few weeks ago, Brannon called and asked for the help of his friend Shahram Hadian and Chris Pinto, among others, in helping to launch what he calls the Liberty Movement. If liberals can have sanctuary cities by which to break the law, then why can conservatives not have a sanctuary state in which we defend Constitutional law? Brannon and Chris explain why Tennessee is a perfect state for conservatives to move to in order to secure our liberties by electing true patriots to offices across the state—be it a mayor of a small town, sheriff, the state  legislature or city council. Topic: Some seem to suggest that resistance to tyranny began with the American Revolution -- but that’s not really the case, is it? Topic: Who was Oliver Cromwell and why is he an important historical figure in the context of today’s conversation? Topic: We take your calls. 
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