Humans, chimps almost a match?

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by Dr. Ron Carlson and Jason Carlson
Thursday, September 1, USA Today Newspaper in a front page article titled "Humans, chimps almost a match" announced that Chimps and Humans are 96% similar with only 40 Million genetic differences.  It's important to understand that:
A cloud is 96% water
A Jellyfish is 96% water
A Watermelon is 96% water
Does that mean that a cloud, a jellyfish, and a watermelon are closely related??
That 4% of 40 million genetic differences is HUGE! 
Second, the question should be, "how do you interpret the evidence?"  We all have the same evidence scientifically; the question is how you interpret the evidence.  It should not surprise us that if we have a common Designer, that we would have a common design.  Two hands, two feet, two eyes, two ears, one mouth, etc. is not evidence of common descent, but common design!  That 4% difference of 40 Million genetic differences is Huge and is what makes us Human and a unique Creation of an Intelligent Designer.
Sadly, in our public schools, students are not even allowed to consider all the options and possibilities of interpretation.  They are forced to accept only a "naturalistic worldview" that does not even recognize the possibility of common design by an Intelligent Designer.  True education allows students to examine and analyze the pros and cons of any theory that claims to be true.  Only in Biology is this not allowed in public schools.  This is not education, but indoctrination!
It's amazing that in every other academic discipline all sides are examined and explored.  In Economic Science, you do not just teach socialism and communism, but you also teach free enterprise and capitalism and examine the pros and cons for each.   In Political Science, you do not just teach the Democratic party, but you teach about the Republican party as well and discuss the pros and cons of both.  Only in Biological science do we say students are forbidden to consider all sides of an issue and discuss the pros and cons of each side.  You would think that if Evolution is so "Scientific", as it's proponents claim, that they would have nothing to fear by honest examination of the real scientific facts.
Public Schools today, dominated largely by teacher unions committed to a Naturalistic evolutionary worldview have been forced to redefine Science, due to a lack of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution.  People need to understand the "con game" now being played out in our schools and universities.  They have now defined Science to equal Evolution.  They say, Intelligent Design is not Evolution, therefore Intelligent Design is not Science.  By this false definition they have convinced the media and others that we cannot teach Intelligent Design because its not Science (based on their redefinition), but rather Faith.
But who has Faith.  Evolutionist must have Faith that "everything came from nothing!"  Evolutionists must have Faith that "Life came from Non-life!"  Evolutionist must have Faith that "Intelligence came from Non-Intelligence!"  If we are going to keep Faith out of the Science classroom, then its time to remove the Faith in Evolution!

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