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By Jan Markell
I have never used this column for movie reviews but I feel some of the following comments appropriate in light of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Hollywood agenda.  Clearly it is not to glorify anything of righteousness or even truth.  While some films have value as they shape the culture, the "shaping" is usually in the wrong direction.
It is nothing new that Hollywood turns out one debauched film after another but one has to take notice when the worst of the worst get all the awards and kudos.  The now left of center magazine "Christianity Today" calls Steven Spielberg's film "Munich" the fifth most redeeming film of 2005.  What is redeeming about it?  It is the story of the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics and the "revenge" Israel perpetrated on the Black September terror group killers.  It's shame on Israel for perpetrating "the cycle of violence."  It slandered the brave Israeli volunteers who were ready to sacrifice their lives to seek justice and to risk orphaning their children in their assignment to hunt down the perpetrators.  Israel had to send a message: You cannot murder us with impunity and the perpetrators will not live to plot another one. 
Yet "Christianity Today" says that the film "explores the subject with fairness and balance."  It suggests the lead character who organized the "revenge" really was a man dynamically changed in his view of revenge because Jewish producer Steven Spielberg does not believe in violence and retribution.  Spielberg is making a plea for a "desperate prayer for peace."  The Middle East delusion simply has no bounds!
Up for best foreign language film is "Paradise Now," the first Academy Award nomination for the land of "Palestine."  Over the course of 27 hours, two young Palestinian men prepare themselves for a suicide bombing mission.  This must be terrific family entertainment as is the blockbuster, most likely to win all awards, gay cowboy movie, "Brokeback Mountain."  They don't get any more debauched than this movie as former homosexual Stephen Bennett stated on my radio show some weeks ago. Yet as he spoke out against it nationally in the media, he was put down for telling the truth in this politically correct generation.
I held out hope for the film "End of the Spear," the true story of the slaying of five missionaries in Ecuador in 1956.  But now Dan Kachikis, a family member of one of the victims, Roger Youderian, has spoken out.  It is no secret that the lead character is played by a homosexual, Chad Allen.  Kachikis says, "I'm sure Chad is a nice guy, but he wasn't the man for this role. Making the 'story of the star' and using the best secular means to tell it sounds like 'the end justifies the means.'  Would the Christian community be OK with doing 'The Billy Graham Story' with an atheist pedophile because he had the best audition? Would Franklin Graham, Dobson, and Falwell sit silent and say that it's the story that is important?"
"If we cannot respond to this firmly but in love, this is a sad day for the Christian church in the U.S.," he continues. "This film and its making have become a parable for the weakness of the American church.  Why did (the producers) take this liberty with our hearts and our heritage?  I will not consider it a part of my kids' heritage," said Kachikis.  He adds, "Will blessing come from the movie? Yes. God's plans are bigger than we are.  Many Christian groups will see it.  Some will glory in the testimony.  Others will wish that they had found out first that someone who doesn't represent what they want their kids to be plays the most important part in it."
All of these stories and many not listed here that are up for awards are but a sign of our declining culture, a prominent sign that precludes our Lord's return.  That is the good news!  Share your faith while there is yet time and do think twice before you continue to fund the "entertainment industry" who always seem to have the last laugh on righteousness and truth.  I highly recommend a DVD produced by my friend Caryl Matrisciana, co-founder of Jeremiah Films. The DVD is found on her Web site, and is titled, "The Gods of Entertainment: The Power of the Mass Media to Influence and Corrupt."  She is a frequent radio guest on "Understanding the Times."  Her commentaries are always from a biblical perspective.

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