Exchanging Truth for the Lie


By Dr. Peter Jones


Harry Reid, past Senate majority leader, when recently confronted with his bare-faced lie during the presidential debates affirming that Governor Mitt Romney never paid taxes, simply responded with a smirking self-justificatory: "He didn't win, did he?" Why are so many "progressive" causes these days finally revealed as lies.


It is devastating to realize that lying will inevitably become endemic to this utopian culture of "hope and change," because more and more, and this includes so-called conservatives, the pagan worship of creation rather than the God who created us (Romans 1:25) relativizes truth and falsehood. Thus the rising, Millennial generation has been sold a bunch of subtle lies by its Baby-boomer parents, as well as being trained by postmodern pagans to be suspicious of the very existence of truth.


The Sixties sexual revolution trumpeted the lie that unbridled sexual freedom was good for everyone. Of course, the father of the sexual revolution in the late 50s, Alfred Kinsey, was ultimately denounced as a sado-masochistic bi-sexual sex criminal who facilitated the sexual torture of infants and children to eek out deeply flawed data for his research. Alas, the resulting hook-up culture is in a royal mess.


Homosexuality was proposed as a harmless personal issue, and homosexual marriage would never disturb the majority culture of straight marriage. S. Bear Bergman, a Canadian activist was shockingly blunt the other day about his movement's true motives. "I am here to tell you (he said in 2015)...all that time I said I wasn't indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people, that was a lie." People have been lied to about the numbers, pretending that at least 10% even 25% or 30% of the population are homosexual. But it is a lie. The government's National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released on July 15, 2014, stated that only 1.6 percent of Americans identify as "gay" or "lesbian," while 0.7 percent identify as "bisexual."


Lies about abortion continue to be told. The "product of conception," that is, the baby, is merely unwanted fetal tissue, and abortion is a necessary part of women's health and self-expression. However, one honest psychologist states: "I have seen hundreds of patients in my office who have had abortions and were just lied to by the abortion counselor, assuring their client: "This is less painful than having a tooth removed. It is not a baby." The lying is compounded by the dishonest refusal to allow pictures of this socially-liberating procedure, namely, a dismembered human being. In fact, so many lives have been shattered by this blood thirsty practice. The truth only appears to many women later. After an abortion a women went into labor and gave birth to her baby's head!


Now, pretending to be a threatened powerless minority, denouncing "anti-discrimination," the massive homosexual lobby, supported by mega-companies like Apple, and Walmart, are about to pull off a massive cultural coup d'etat of total victory. These "moral" forces of change who do business with the most corrupt nations on the planet, now in attacking Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act seek to deny to religious objectors at home their one final place in the public square, their freedom of religious conscience. Anyone can see that the law not an attack on homosexuals but a simple protection for believers against punitive homosexual activism. In the words of Shakespeare, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." It is all an immoral hoax. On one side is the homosexual CEO of the world's largest company, Tim Cook, net worth $400m, who was baptized in a Evangelical church, who opposes religious freedom, and with him, a growing phalanx of Fortune 500 companies. On the other side is a 70-year-old grandma florist, standing to lose her business and her home, because she refuses to promote same sex marriage. Cook hypocritically denounces a "very dangerous wave of legislation" that will unleash on society "harmful" religious liberty and "could lead to separate water fountains for gays in Indiana." This hypocritical charade, of course, is a lie. What is really sought is not free water fountains but the removal of any limit on this insatiable lust for power, seeking not "social justice" but a total silencing of the truth.


In this world of lies and half-truths, what a priceless treasure it is to look into a person's face and know he or she is telling the truth! Pilate, embodying the mega-power of Rome, saw truth in the face of the emaciated prisoner, Jesus, who said, without apology: "I am the way, the truth and the life." Three days later resurrection life showed it was clearly true

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