Did Xi Jinping Intentionally Release the COVID-19 Virus?

“Our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.”


The Chinese Communist Party, and its allies around the world, have been operating under a plan. It is, as Chinese dictator Deng Xiaoping once said, “a united front strategy about which the Americans know nothing.”

Is it a coincidence that this viral outbreak occurred after China was forced to relinquish its unfair trade advantages by President Trump? Is it significant that the death squads in Hong Kong began their campaign of kidnapping and murder to coincide with an anticipated “People’s War,” which President Xi Jinping has declared in the wake of the pandemic?

In 1999 I asked Col. Stanislav Lunev, a defector from the Russian military, when China and Russia might launch a war against America. Lunev said, “When they can no longer get money from the West.”

The events of the last half year are coming together in a peculiar way. Answers to pressing questions are close at hand; especially the answer to the biggest question of all; — did Xi Jinping release the virus on purpose?

I assumed the release was an accident until Monday, when I received information that the Hong Kong legislature is preparing to enact Basic Law, Article 23, which defines treason and subversion as opposition to the CCP. Passage of this law would effectively eliminate all civil liberties in Hong Kong. If this law is passed under present circumstances, then it appears that China intended all along to break its solemn agreements regarding Hong Kong. In that event, China’s break with America was always inevitable. It was only a matter of timing. And oh what timing they had — on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

It appears that the Chinese communist provocations in Hong Kong were part of a carefully prepared operation. The objective was to root out enemies of the CCP. In this operation, Beijing didn’t care if the capitalist Pearl of the Orient was disrupted in the process. It also appears that the provocations were planned to coincide with a fundamental change in China’s relations with the West. And this change has everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I waited for evidence the CCP was liquidating young anticommunists. There was no evidence at first. Starting in December I received reports of large numbers of missing persons in Hong Kong. More recently, there have been unsolved murders — dead bodies washing up onshore, or scraped off pavements. The parents of murdered or missing youth have been threatened into silence. Some have been found dead, wrapped in plastic, thrown into dumpsters.

The situation is now perfectly clear. The Hong Kong protest was an operation to “clean up the city.” I am told the Communist secret police deployed 400 undercover officers to Hong Kong — as part of an extended death squad and kidnapping operation.

This is worse than Tiananmen Square. The CCP could never have gained by it, except if they had advanced knowledge of the viral pandemic. The world was about to change forever and Beijing no longer needed Hong Kong as a financial hub. Their false corporate fronts in the city could now be cashiered. China’s New Economic Policy (NEP) was coming to an end.

There are serious questions, related to the pandemic, that should be answered: Why did Beijing’s flunkies at the World Health Organization raise a cry of alarm about leaks and safety issues at the Wuhan virology lab? Everyone on China’s payroll is frightened of criticizing Beijing. In fact, this kind of thing is inconceivable unless Beijing ordered them to register the complaint — in order to lend credibility to Beijing’s alibi of “accidental” release.

There is also the story of doctor Li Wenliang, a witness who is “conveniently” dead. In late December he was ordered to say nothing about the outbreak of a SARS-like illness in Wuhan. He was threatened, forced to sign a confession, etc. The city health officials, who believe in total obedience to the bosses in Beijing, could not have taken such measures on their own initiative. The decision to enable the virus was made at the top.

When the Mayor of Wuhan wanted to cancel the New Year’s potluck, with its 40,000 attendees, the Beijing leadership forbade cancellation of the event — despite the presence of the illness.

However shocking it may seem, the release of the virus was intentional. The CCP wanted to kill off its own sick and elderly prior to starting a war they’ve been planning for decades.

My friend, Robert Buchar, who teaches at Columbia College in Chicago, recently reported an odd fact. He said there were Chinese students at his college, mostly from elite communist families. He said quite a few had dropped out in the fall semester, and all would be leaving for China in the spring.

There is a clear pattern here.

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