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A Day that will "Love" in Infamy

A Day that will "Love" in Infamy

June 17 is a day that should be honored by all true patriots.  On this day in 1775, brave American citizens courageously stood their ground against the charging thousands of well-trained professional soldiers from the finest army the world had ever known, and cut them down like wheat.  The Battle of Bunker Hill marked the birth of the American army, and set our forefathers on the path to freedom.

Today, however, some 233 years later, we risk losing this hard-fought heritage.  June 17 may become better known for beds than battles, as hordes of same sex couples rush to California in desperate hopes of winning society's respect and approval for their unnatural and harmful relationships by getting married.  It won't work, of course. 

No amount of head-patting and official licenses and certificates can remove the stain of sin from their behavior.  Try as they might, the faint refrain, "Out, out, damn spot!" will always be audible.

Perhaps the date of June 17, 2008 is better compared to another ominous hour in our nation's history, when on this day in 1963 the U.S. Supreme Court banned the reading of Bibles at the opening of class in public schools.  The (d)evolution from banning Bibles to bedding homosexuals is far more logical than the regression from Bunker Hill to bunk beds.  Indeed, it can be argued that once we banned Bibles, the introduction of "gay" marriage was well-nigh inevitable.

If the church does not fall to its knees under the banner of Christ's love and mercy, we will soon see the white flag of surrender waving over this once-great nation.

Stephen M. Crampton, Esq.

Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Liberty Counsel

PO Box 11108

Lynchburg, VA  24506


P.S.  I reside in Tupelo, MS.  My e-mail address is [email protected].