Communist Front Group or Evangelical Organization?

Dear Friends,

I will spend a great deal of time in 2020 addressing the issue of subversion. Our 17th annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend theme will be Subversion: How & Why the American Church is Being Targeted & Compromised for Infiltration by Spiritual & National Security Threats. You will find full details at On Sunday night, December 8th, 2019, I began a new, free Sunday night series entitled, Information Warfare and American Christians. 

The first art of war is to understand the enemy and their tactics and how to respond. In our Sunday night series we will examine the numerous parallels the Apostle Paul draws between the Christian life and military service, as well as warning of the enemy’s infiltration and subversion of the true Church.

These topics and discussions are very necessary because well known evangelicals are promoting what I call Marxianity. These religious change agents and dupes are setting up conservatives and Christians for persecution, be it knowingly or unknowingly. Either way, they are furthering the agenda of the Communists, just as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover warned in an article in Christianity Today on October 4th\, 1960. Read the warning from the former FBI Director and determine if it does not sound just like what we are facing today.

“Look”, the Communists are saying, “we are tolerant of religion, we do not want to attack your faith. Rather, let’s work together on issues in which we are both interested—peace, civil liberties, economic justice. We Communists are believers in love, justice, and the brotherhood of man. Let’s not fight but work together.

Here is the deadly “come along” of Communism, directed today at the Christian pulpit. This enables the Party to move close to unsuspecting ministers and laymen who see only the exterior verbiage and not the concealed danger. How does the Party work here? In many ways: encouraging churchmen to endorse, support and even participate in Communist-front groups…”

Indeed, there are many so-called evangelical groups that if they are not Communist front groups, they might as well be.

The defense of individual rights, including private property, must be portrayed as selfish, divisive, racist, and against the common good of a collectivist society if the civil war and attempted revolution now under way is to succeed. The Marxist message is that only through collective responsibility, collective ownership of property, and collective rights, can collective salvation be achieved.

The antithesis of this Marxist worldview is the Judeo-Christian worldview that is declared to be the source of all suffering and oppression which must be eradicated. The Marxists have been in favor of the mass importation of Islamic jihadis to serve as their junk yard dogs to de-Christianize the west and destroy our constitutionally based rule of law.

The Marxists and globalists, don’t want to wait another generation or two before the majority of Americans want socialism. Therefore, their plan is to convince a necessary percentage of Americans that what they are supporting when they vote for socialist candidates is not really socialism, but human rights, the common good, American charity, and social justice.

The Marxists hope that another necessary percentage of Americans can be convinced to surrender to socialist policies after they have thoroughly been worn down by constant chaos, social unrest, and the fear of ongoing violence.

Marxist Saul Alinsky, in his book Rules For Radicals, declared that the change comes from the conflict. The constant conflict is used to cause the opposition to finally throw up their arms and surrender to the demands of the revolutionaries if only to see normalization of society restored. This, my friends, is the final and fourth stage of the admitted Communist strategy.

My friend, the late John Stormer, wrote in his best-selling book None Dare Call it Treason about some very important history of which most Americans are completely oblivious. This forgotten history is in part, the blueprint on how the Communists did a dress rehearsal for how they would carry out future revolutions in various nations, including within America.

Stormer writes:

“In 1948, a relative handful of Czech Communists successfully pressured the Czech’s national legislative body to accept a “peaceful” transition to socialism. The Red success in Czechoslovakia has become the pattern for the conquest of more advanced industrialized countries, including the United States. Jan Kozak, historian of the Czech Communist Party, wrote a detailed account of how a small minority of communists manipulated the nation into “peacefully” accepting a Red takeover.

In December of 1961, the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities released Kozak’s report. However, the U.S. Congressional Committee released the report with this very important introduction.

‘From behind the Iron Curtain has come one of the most amazing Communist documents of our time. Brazen, boastful and amazingly frank, it is a detailed account of treachery and intrigue employed by the Reds during the three years preceding their 1948 conquest of Czechoslovakia. The document offers the case history of Czechoslovakia as a Communist blueprint for subversion and coercion in all free world nations.’”

But, do the Marxists in America need a majority of Americans to embrace socialism for their revolution to successful? Or do they just need a majority of Americans to be ignorant of Communist tactics, as well as distracted by sports, entertainment, social media, and the constant chaos that keeps Americans from noticing the revolutionary tactics being implemented within their own nation?

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee declared that the Red revolution in Czechoslovakia proved that a minority can indeed enslave a majority as long as the power centers of the nation were controlled and occupied by the Communists.

“…bold and deceitful Communist tactics can overcome strategical and numerical disadvantages when the non-Communist opposition fails to comprehend a threat to its existence until it is too late.”

Communist Party leader & head of the U.S.S.R. Vladimir Lenin declared:

“One of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes made by Communists is the idea that revolution can be made by revolutionaries alone. Without an alliance with non-Communists in the most diverse spheres of activity there can be no question of any successful Communist construction.”

Karl Marx echoed the sentiments of Lenin when Marx declared:

“…the Party cannot make the revolution alone. The concept of the united front is absolutely essential.”

Indeed, there are many groups in America today that are, in reality or in philosophy, Communist front groups. One of those is the Democratic Party.

Gus Hall was the General Secretary of the Communist Party USA from 1959 until his death in the year 2000. Hall ran for President of the United States on the Communist Party ticket in 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1984.

Gus Hall claimed that the Democratic Party would become a front group of the Communist Party U.S.A. when he declared in 1972:

“This front must include Americans who are racially oppressed and discriminated against because of their nationality, the professionals, intellectuals, farmers, youth, women, senior citizens, small and medium-size business people…a mass wave that will mainly express itself through the Democratic Party and especially during primary campaigns.”

Have we not seen open Communists running for president during the democratic primaries the last few years? Many of them who have run for president know they cannot win, but they run in order to use the platform for the promotion of Communism.

Hall believed the advancement of Communism in America was dependent upon three groups that would make up what he described as a three-legged stool.

The first leg was the Communist Party USA. The second leg was the Democratic Party, and the third leg was what Hall called “forces of political independence.”

But what did Hall mean by forces of political independence? This would be any special interest group that is more committed to their cause than they are to any political party. These might be radical environmental groups, immigration amnesty groups, civil rights groups, the feminist movement, the LGBTQ movement, or groups opposed to capital punishment.

When the Democratic Party and Communist Party USA was combined with the “forces of political independence,” then these three groups would make up the three legged stool that would be used to stack the bureaucracy and political offices with their revolutionaries. Such a strategy makes a repeat of the 1948 Red revolution as was carried out in Czechoslovakia—a real possibility in America. Keep in mind that a former KGB general, who defected to America and was involved KGB operations in America, publicly declared that the Communist Party USA was under the total control of the KGB.

In 1972, Communist Party USA leader Gus Hall wrote:

“Our electoral policy has for some 25 years been expressed in the phrase ‘the three legs of a stool.’…The stool was constructed at a time when the Party was under sharp attack…the concept was built on the idea that when the two legs, namely, the Communist Party and ‘the forces of political independence,’ get strong enough, then and only then would the stool sit on three legs. But until that day comes, the one operation leg would be the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.”

Remember this was written in 1972. There is no longer a liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The entire Democratic Party is now fully contending for the philosophies and ideas embodied in the Communist Manifesto.

In 2017, some of my broadcast partners at WVW Broadcast Network and I began to produce radio, television, and articles warning about the dangers of interfaith dialogue. We were shocked by the savage attacks that were launched against us and largely from well-known evangelicals within the evangelical world. In fact, some of them went so far as to put my family’s personal security at risk, as discussed in our DocuMovie, Sabotage.

One thing I have learned over the years is that one of the greatest threats to America comes from so-called evangelicals. Whether they are neo-evangelicals, neo-Calvinists, or well-known Bible teachers who have been compromised, the fact is that one of the greatest threats facing America is useful idiots and dupes within the evangelical church in America.

I have told this story several times. However, it is a very important story because it really caused me to become even more resolute in the direction I deliberately steered WVW Broadcast network in as early as 2010. In November of 2018, I had two former CIA operations officers in my home for a meal. One was sitting on my right and one was sitting on my left.

As we discussed the clear and present national security threats facing America, I was shocked when both of them ardently encouraged me to not stop trying to awaken and warn evangelical Christians within America as to how America is under siege. I was frankly shocked, because neither one of these former CIA operations officers are self-described evangelicals.

When I pressed each of them as to why they felt our work at WVW Broadcast Network was so important, they did not hesitate in their response. The former CIA operations officer on my left declared that it was known that Muslim Brotherhood leaders had expressed that the last power center they needed to penetrate in order to bring down America was evangelicalism.

When you understand that the margin of victory for several republican presidents has been evangelicals, then one quickly understands why Marxists and Islamists are so eager to penetrate evangelicalism. In addition, conservative, evangelical broadcast outlets, publishing houses, and Christian colleges and universities have had a powerful influence in shaping and defending the Judeo-Christian worldview within America.

The former CIA operations officer sitting on my right chimed in that if evangelicals are lost, the country is lost because it is the Judeo-Christian worldview that is the underpinnings of our Constitutional Republic.

One of the ways the Red-Green axis has penetrated evangelicalism and America is through Interfaith Dialogue.

A 1986-1987 FBI report was released entitled, Soviet Active Measures in the United States. On December 9th, 1987, this report was published in the Congressional Record.

In the section titled, “The Soviet Campaign to Influence Religious Organizations,” the report stated:

“It is clear…that the Soviet Union is increasingly interested in influencing and/or manipulating American Churches, religious organizations, and their leaders within the United States.”

For numerous years I have warned that many within evangelicalism have not only become a spiritual threat to America, but they are, in many regards, promoting, defending, and giving credibility to that which is a national security threat to America.

Remember, my two friends who are former CIA operation officers warned me in January of 2019 that they strongly believed that American evangelicalism is the last line of defense in America, and if evangelicals compromise to the Red-Green axis, then America is finished.

Recently, Tom Littleton and I broke the news on my national radio program that two former democratic strategists of President Obama had started an organization for the specific purpose of appealing to evangelical Christians.

The organization is called the ‘And Campaign.’ Their website declares they are simply promoting Biblical values AND social justice. However, when you read the goals of the And Campaign, you can quickly see that it’s nothing less than a democratic party front group that is pushing a cultural Marxist agenda wrapped in Christian masking terms.

The Democratic Party is attempting to attract evangelical voters, and they seem particularly interested in targeting evangelical Christians in the southern states. By appealing to evangelical voters in the south, the Democratic Party clearly hopes to gain seats in the House, Senate, governors’ mansions, and of course, to pick up electoral votes for the presidential elections.

Whether it is groups like the And Campaign or the Gospel Coalition, Marxianity is their agenda. But you might be asking, how will evangelicals be convinced to embrace Marxism? The answer is that Marxism will be repackaged by change agents as social justice, Christian charity, the Great Commission, evangelism, generosity, human flourishing, building the kingdom of God on earth, and any other religious phrase that can be hijacked to conceal Marxianity.

The change agents and front groups are also convincing American evangelicals to turn their churches into community organizations that will support and advance marxianity.

But be forewarned, those who resist the new-Christianity of today’s neo-Calvinists and neo-evangelicals will be accused of betraying the gospel.

I have invited almost every religious leader I have disagreed with to come on to my live radio program and defend their promotion of interfaith dialogue, white privilege, social justice, amnesty, or any numerous other cultural Marxist endeavors. Not one has taken me up on the offer even when we call their office and personally and politely invite them on to my live radio program. Why do they not want to debate the issues? Because they know they cannot refute the abundance of evidence from their own articles, books, conferences, radio and television programs which prove they are indeed promoting exactly what we accuse them of promoting.

Sadly, many of America’s pastors and Christian leaders are apparently more interested in group consensus and the good ol’ boy club than they are in standing alone. Virtually none of the leaders of the religious industrial complex ever publicly rebuke their own friends, despite the example set by the Apostle Paul as he confronted his friend Peter as documented in Galatians 2:11-21.

Sadly, many pastors and Christian leaders seem to be more driven by pragmatism than truth. Many pastors can stand in the pulpit and declare orthodoxy when unopposed, but as soon as the battle for truth in the real world gets personal and costly, they reveal their orthodoxy does not produce orthopraxy.

I believe that one of the greatest wars that has been waged on Americans for years is an information war. Information warfare involves fake news, fake history, fake solutions, fake leaders, fake conservatives, a false religiosity, and a false collectivism. I believe that the brainwashing of Americans through information warfare is such a serious national security issue that my next DocuMovie is set to be released in the spring of 2020, and is entitled, Brainwashed America.

After several years of research, I have come up with ten systemic steps that are used to brainwash a nation. I will prove factually and historically that these ten steps have been used by the Communists on the citizens of China after the 1949 Communist revolution, as well as on the American POWs during the Korean War. I will prove these ten steps that I have identified are even now being practiced on Americans every day through the power centers of media, education and religion.

One of the most important things we can do is to educate our children and grandchildren with truth as has been presented in this DocuMovie. Many in our military have sacrificed their lives in horrific ways to oppose Communists, Marxists, socialists, Nazis, and Islamists. Yet, cowards within America will not make non-life-threatening sacrifices to confront socialists when given the chance.

Countless young men—many of them teenagers or in their early twenties—had their whole lives before them; they looked forward to dating, getting married, and having children and grandchildren, yet they fought to the death the ideologies of Communism, socialism, Nazism, fascism, and Islamicism. Children who would have been theirs were never born.

Grandchildren who would have been theirs were never conceived because those men never came home from the battlefield. And some among us, who should stand for the same convictions today, do nothing.

When I watch films of young soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy, I think, “That is a suicide mission.” Yet the landing craft doors open and out they go, many of them knowing they are about to die. You don’t see them cowering in the corner or trying to appease the enemy. They are not looking for dialogue and common ground with the foe. Rather, they die so ideologies of the enemy will not capture the hearts, minds, and freedoms of nations like ours.

I have listened as my friend and Vietnam veteran, Udell Meyers, told of the horrors of Communism in Vietnam—of fighting one moment beside a buddy, only to be splattered with the friend’s brains the next. War is horrible, and I don’t know where such immense courage comes from. How do soldiers muster the courage to confront an enemy and die so horrifically? How do survivors continue to fight when day in and day out they are surrounded by the visions and stench of death? If the men of so many generations have been wiling to lay down their life, can we not be willing to lay down our reputation?

The cultural Marxists have picked their target. They seek to marginalize and vilify the target until they can legalize the persecution of the target. This will lead to the final stage of normalizing the open persecution of and violence toward the targeted group.

Unless you desire to live in a country where the middle class has been eliminated and where we are under the tyrannical thumb of a small group of cultural elitists who control every aspect of your life, then you had better speak up. Nothing is more powerful than the truth, nothing scares the elitists more than their worldview and agenda being exposed for what it really seeks to accomplish.

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